Your Christmas Call…

This video really touched me.



Today I’m not sharing about business strategies or tips and tricks before quitting your job. Today is about the people around you, the people you love.

I’ve said it before and I will always do: Life is much more than just a business or a high end career/job. Life is about spending valuable time doing what you love and/or next to the people that You love.

Please, please, please do not wait until your mom, dad, granny or your most loved relative passes away to realize the time you wasted, or to regret the time you “could have spend” next to him/her.

There is not such thing as “If only I…” or “could have”.Instead focus on what you CAN do today and DO IT!
You have a gift, and that gift is TODAY.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life. Go for a coffee with that special one, take ‘m out to their favourite place, cook them their favourite meal, read them their favourite book. Make the most of every second with them, enjoy, give joy, appreciate it, be grateful.

Life…. life is so precious my dear, make the most of it, be grateful for every breath you take, for the opportunity you have at every second to simply….. do what you love and be next to those you love.

If you are far, then grab the phone and give that special one a call. If you’re not that far then go visit! and if that person is on the same house then… what are you waiting for??? Just go right now and tell them how much you love them.

And if, like me, that person is now part of other dimension then, forgive yourself, think of them and send them your love and your appreciation for everything that especial person did for you. Close your eyes and imagine he/she is there with you, right now. Because, you know what? She/He IS with you, loving you, guiding you and taking care of you.

Forgive, and give love.

Make the most of this December and prepare yourself for a fantastic 2016. You’ve got the power! You can do it! It is Your time to create a lifestyle and a business you love. Do it for yourself and for the life you KNOW you and those around you deserve.

I Believe in You.

With Love,

~Amelí Antoinette

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