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Ameli Antoinette Surgery Time
I was a career-focused, burnt out General Practitioner.

Burnt out because I worked endless shifts to a point where it felt like I was simply existing. I would wake up, go to work, head home late in the evening, if I was lucky I would get a few hours of sleep and then the cycle would begin all-over-again.

Although I loved my profession, I let it dictate my life. Spare time was a rare commodity and I lost out on spending special occasions with the people I love.

My biggest regret is that I could not be there when my Mom needed me the most. She was sick and after she suddenly passed away it was too late, I had no ability to recover that time, she was  already gone.

Don’t get me wrong though…..

Ameli Antoinette-and-Mom-Love-Wealthypreneurs
I don’t blame losing the last few months with my Mom on my patients or my career; because as crazy as it sounds, being a Doctor comes with taking many sacrifices to help others, sacrifices that sometimes we are not even aware of!

So while my caring nature would make the most of it’s time taking care of my patients. The sad reality is that I missed out on caring for the most important person in my life, which was my Mom!

Mom and I lived on our own and although  I know she was proud of me. I feel that Mom would have loved having me sit next to her reading her the newspaper, taking care of her, giving her back everything she gave me, instead my consuming career only paid her with the absence of her only daughter. A career where my main focus was worrying about emergency calls, my patients status, shifts or having those pesky last minute meeting calls.

I cannot help but feel that I have missed out on some of the best days that we could have spent together, like going on holidays, travelling, painting, going on food tours, taking pictures and relaxing with the people who are most important to us!

At this stage the image of my office, the hospital and the status quo of a conditioned society seemed to be engraved within me, making me mistakenly believe that experiencing my ‘WANTS’ were not possible.


But I could no longer handle that reality. We have total control of our lives and if I am in a particular situation it is because I put myself in that situation

I realized that there are more important things in life than just working to exist or living to work!.

I had to make a change!

So after Mom passed away, I decided to pursue one of my main desires. Since I was a little girl I wanted to move to New Zealand and now I was going to make it happen. I was no longer going to be a workaholic.

Once in New Zealand I accepted a position in plastic surgery.

3 months after mom was gone, on one of my daily work-routines at the operating theatre, we had a particular middle aged female patient who was having breast reconstructive surgery.

Seeing her laying in bed, I noticed the grey complexion of her skin and I knew that she had undergone chemotherapy treatment, I saw the scars on her chest, I saw her fragile hands and suddenly I was overwhelmed.

For a moment I saw my Mom laying in that bed and all of a sudden I felt like passing out! It was so overwhelming that my heart was racing and all I Wanted to do was to get out of the theatre and run! It was all too much pain to deal with.

It hit me. It was real. Mom was gone…

doctor stress depression ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs

After moving overseas, for three months I pretended that nothing ever happened. It was easier to continue like that than facing the tough reality. That day, it felt like my Mom was trying to remind me that emotions could not be forgotten. If ignored, emotions have a unique ability to present themselves!

sad depressed reflexive medical doctor surgeon train wealthypreneurs career change
Once I calmed down, on my way back home, I started evaluating my situation. Within a blink of an eye I was back to being a workaholic, back to the early mornings and the late nights with minimum amount of sleep.

I realized that I had fallen back into the same old routine that I had in Peru!

I guess I was just trying to keep myself busy, to avoid thinking, to avoid accepting that Mum was gone but my body was indicating how fragile my emotional state was and if I did not take care of myself I was going to burn out.

The next chapter of my life shocked me. It shocked my colleagues, it shocked my family, it shocked my friends,
It shocked people I met and even now it still shocks people who meet me.


I needed time for myself so I quit medicine -at least for the time being-. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to find a job with normal working hours.

I looked for alternative jobs in medicine and other industries where I could utilize my skills, but no one would employ me as I was over qualified.

Then, I finally got employed and the vision of my 9-5 job became a reality. At first, things were great! but the 9-5 lifestyle is definitely not as ordinary as it is made out to be.  I soon felt the leash of my boss tightening around me.

I went from an independent woman and medical professional to being controlled by bosses who were doing a fantastic job at running their company into the ground while taking their staff along with them.

I thought that perhaps it was time to go back to medicine. But, thinking about working back in the sterile walls of a hospital brought back sad memories, making me feel claustrophobic and nervous.

I felt between a Scylla and Charybdis and got extremely frustrated with this thought, until a switch flicked in my head….

I decided that I was going to live my life under my own terms. I am not going to let someone determine what my time is worth, nor decide at what time I can or cannot take lunch, etc.

Why should I work for someone if I can work just as hard for myself and create my own pay-check?

I have a burning desire to live in a world where I can take holidays whenever I want, enjoy life with friends and spend quality time with my those I love.

I totally believe in the law of attraction and when you really want something, with all the power in your heart, and you look for it, you will find it! So I asked the universe for a sign…

Then I met some awesome new friends at a Christmas BBQ. They both had just quit their jobs to travel the world and work part time online. Listening to them speak of their plans for their amazing year ahead certainly captured my attention. I started probing them for information, as it sounded so amazing that it was almost too good to be true.

At first I was a little skeptical but I maintained an open mind. They told me that they will be teaching, mentoring and providing educational online tools to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their online or offline businesses.

However, my main concern was that I had no business, but I somehow realized that this was going to be my solution. They continued by explaining how I could leverage these same tools to create my own business and position myself in the niche of my choice.

It was at this point when I decided to postpone returning to medicine and made the smart decision to an online business.

Today, my life has now TRANSFORMED, those claustrophobic hospital walls are no longer leaning in on me anymore, instead they have been replaced by a beautiful blue sky, sea and nature

Ameli Antoinette Uluwatu

Ameli Antoinette Oz nature

I now have the freedom to live and breathe in a world I have create for myself, living the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

I now choose when to work, where to work and in which city of the world I want to work in.

More importantly, I can spend as much time as I want next to the people I love.

My heart is finally happy :).

Ameli-Antoinette-Bali-Yoga-Sunrise Love Heart

Despite the limited knowledge I had, the internet has given me the ability to produce an income. I started my online business part time and now I run it from the comfort of my home, or wherever I happen to be, as long as I have internet and my phone or my laptop. The internet never sleeps and is always there when you need it, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

The crazy thing is that everyday people are using the internet to create careers, products, etc. It is not the computer boffins, scientists or engineers; it is just regular people from every walk of life

And I’m so glad I challenged myself to take the chance and trust my inner feelings. Walking away from medicine was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made but it has taught me that I can be brave and try new experiences as this world won’t hurt me……..at all!

My world has changed, and my mission is now to help other people realize that their dreams ARE possible, even if you are not quite sure what that dream might be.

So if you are determined to change your situation but need some advice or guidance to get started then first, download my free ebook: “How to transition from employee to entrepreneur”, you can access it below this post. If you are ready to make that change now, then visit  my page here where I’ll introduce you to one of the persons who walked me through this process and helped build my business from the ground.

Remember, You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It is society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of those rules. The only limitations are those in your mind, get rid of them to create your own reality.

Looking forward to meet you on the beaches of the world

To your success! 🙂

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About Me - Ameli Antoinette

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