well, once again my beautiful post is gone!. People, if you are gonna write any post please make sure you do it on word first, or be ready to loose it while typing on the keyboard….. I think screens should show somekind of “Red Bell” on screen everytime I come straight to the blog to write -that would be a great reminder!-. It is just UNsafe for the sake of my posts, my eyes and my brain haha.

It is almost midnight so by this time there is almost no synapses in my brain and half of me is like in the #ZombieMode begging to go to bed.

Today I wanted to talk about Sacred Geometry… See the picture below

sacred geometry - the flower of life

I was probably 14 or 15 when I draw this exact draw without even knowing what It was, I did always loved to do geometrical and perfectly armonic drawings, with the right measurements and fitting.See, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so like to check even the smallest detail. Anyway, I remember that while doing that, it was like I was in somekind of state and  a lot of ideas  about life and people and society came to my mind.  

Let’s be a bit more specific…. to me, while drawing this I saw it from another perspective. Like I was looking at a tree in the middle circle by being 5 meters above it and seeing how its branches connect with other trees branches around it. Somehow, I felt like we all are trees and our branches connect with other people branches at certain point of our lives. It might be relevant for us and “normal”for the other person or viceversa but it certainly is a very important moment in ones life.

See, you might not know the huge example. inspiration, motivation you can be to another person or…. on the other hand, the reason to “not to be like…”. Do you get what I mean??… What I am trying to say here is: Always, ALWAYS Give the Best of Yourself, at any times, in any places. Because you don’t know if what you are doing now can make a huge difference on someone else’s life, no matter how old they are. See the graphic? It can be just another moment in your life….. but It can be “touch the centre” of another person’s life, and viceversa – See the graphic with an open mind to understand it better :)-.

It wasn’t until 2 or 3 years ago that I actually realized this draw wasn’t just a product of my imagination and it is a Marvellous one and it is called the Flower of Life. I actually saw this flower of life, in one of my mum’s courses (Sacred geometry course) and I was shocked when she told me more about it… so many things come out from this draw. It doesn’t matter in which religion you are, it makes sense to all of them. Because at the end, to my point of view, we are all connected, regardless the religion a person follows and even he/she doesn’t. 

We are all connected_sacred geometry

Anyways, I was doing some research today and I found This fascinating Video. Whereas I suggest you to watch it from minute 49 when it talks about the DNA and our Health. I recommend you to open your mind, think outside the box and watch the entire video. This is a MUST Watch for everyone and those who are ready will understand it :). It is absolutely interesting, interactive and fun to watch 🙂

So… go get some healthy goodies and Enjoy the video! 


Did you watch it? What do you think about it? Please share it if you find it interesting and lets spread the love around the world! :). 

Much Love,

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