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If you’ve been looking for some SEO tips and tricks, look no more! because you have just arrived to the right place!

I hosted a hangout with the Krazy K.I.T. where I taught the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). During the hangout I went over the 3 killer strategies for majestic seo with blogging and vlogging I started with some seo basics and then we dig onto more elaborated seo settings.

The main SEO basic points we went over were:

  1. Deciding your content and to structure your Keywords in relation to it.
  2. How to find your keywords and what tools to use.
  3. How to organize your Keywords along your post.

As for Vlogging (Video Blogging):

  1. Relevance and association of keywords when vlogging
  2. SEO process for Vlogging, etc…

I also gave some extra golden nuggets that you’ll find along the video 🙂

So whether you are new or you’ve been in this for a while, make sure to first: grab a pen and paper and watch the complete hangout.


To watch the hangout on youtube, just click here.

So what do you think about this quick SEO tutorial and the 3 killer strategies for majestic SEO with blogging and Vlogging?

Also, if you have any questions, make sure to post it on the comments below or just send me a message.

By the way if you’re looking to get started with your blog, or want to use the exact blogging platform I use for my business and get some exclusive training then go ahead and grab the best blogging platform in the market here.

See you soon!,


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