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How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

The video below is an extract from the movie “Up in the air” from 2009.

Many of you may relate with Bob, I do – in a way–  although I am not on my 50’s, I paid attention to my  ‘wake up call’ and quit my career to start following my dreams…

So far it’s been 12 exciting months down the road… but first let ne ask YOU a question: Are you considering making a career change? Are you asking yourself if you should quit your job? Have you just been laid off? Have you just been redundant? Have you just been fired from your job? and now you don’t know what to do?

I know it is scary, specially if you’ve been in your career/profession/job for years. Somehow that office, that room, that place has become your ‘home’, a place you somehow hate but at the same time can’t live without, you’ve developed this love-hate relationship with your job because…. what can i do without it?

What can I do without my job??

What can I do if all I know is how to be a doctor…. a lawyer… an engineer… an architect… a designer… a chemist… a sales rep… a banker… a secretary… a personal assistant… a corporate woman/man… a flight attendant… a lecturer… a teacher… a chef… a plumber… a builder… a painter… etc… etc…etc…

If that’s what you think. That’s ok, I get it…. BUT the truth is YOU ARE WRONG!

See, that’s what I used to believe of myself when I quit my career as a doctor. I thought that all I knew was how to be a doctor. But I was wrong. It took me a fair bit to understand that I was waaaay more than just my career’s tittle.

In fact, your career’s tittle is only a portion of Who you really are.

So if you have just been laid off  your job or fired from your job, if you are considering quitting your job or if you have already quit your job. Then consider this your wake up call. 

So what is next?

Now it’s your time for Yourself, it is time to go deep inside you and Understanding who You really are… What is your life purpose? What are your dreams and aspirations?

See I believe that your life is much more than a regular 9 to 5 job, your life is much more than your degree or your career, your life is much more than your status. Your life is about what you make of it, of how you live it, how you inspire others, how you enjoy the simple things in life.

I believe we are all destined to live a life of joy and fulfillment and I believe that we all have the power to do it. You have the power to create a business and a lifestyle you love. All you need is the decision and commitment to do it and a mentor who will walk you through the transition.

I was there, exactly where you are right now, feeling lost and confused, back then I already made the decision that I was not going to work for anyone else, that I was going to become my own boss and run my own business. It took me a while to sort things out, at first I didn’t know what I was doing and how to do things in a simpler but effective way, until I find my mentor who showed me the way and was there waiting for me after I responded with a “Yes”to my wake up call.

I now mentor people like you, who want a new beginning and are determined to build a business around the things they love. I don’t this with everyone, but only with some because the truth is although 90% of people who is sick and tired of their job say that they want to make a change or that they want to start their own business, only 10% is willing to commit to their dreams, put the effort and keep persistent to create successful results.

If that sounds like you, then you can access my facebook community where I offer free advice and tips to change your career and create a business and a lifestyle you love. If you are determined to take a step forward, then send me a message and we can discuss your dreams and goals.

Remember, don’t let anyone pay you to give up on your dreams!

This is your life and it is time to live it YOUR way!

To your success,

~Ameli Antoinette.


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About Me - Ameli Antoinette

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