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As a Medical Doctor, I am passionate about teaching and helping people achieve optimum health through living a healthy lifestyle and having balanced -but fun- nutritional habits. The person who inspired me to be who I am and do everything I am doing today, was my Mother, Karmen Lidia. In a short paragraph, she was the most selfless, committed and compassionate human being that gave so much love, shared her wisdom and knowledge, saving and touching the life of many people. She was truly, a gift to the world. On top of that she also mastered the arts of Medicine, Nutrition, Coaching, Self-Development and Naturopathy. A complete combo, you might say! Although I am not as great as her, I was fortunate enough to learn from her, that knowledge combined with my Medical experience have given me the tools to Help YOU.

So with Omnia Revolution, I have made it my mission to show and provide you with the tools to develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Most of chronic diseases can be totally prevented just by making small, constant and improved changes in your lifestyle. So Omnia Revolution is here to help you become the better version of yourself you can be!

As a Medical Doctor, I am a fervient believer that real health is achieved by

  1. A Balanced Nutrition, a proper diet. To be clear, when I say “diet” I mean eating anything you want on the proportions that benefit You the most and that, the ‘perfect diet’ is the one that makes YOU feel better, the one you enjoy and can stick to effortlessly, the one that makes you happy.

  2. A healthy Lifestyle, eating well by itself is not enough. As beings of this world we are a system that is part of a system. And as that, we also need to keep physical activity and exercise. It can go from a simple walk around the park to the proper training routines.  As Juvenal said: Mens sana in corpore sano (A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body).  The benefits of consistent physical activity and exercise are amazing not only in your life but also in your business!

These factors play a substantial role in our systems, reflected in our hormones behaviours, bodies. Overall, they play a major role in our Lives… but this is something we will be talking about along this section.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health as

‘A state of COMPLETE PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL WELL-BEING and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’

And that is how ‘Omnia Revolution‘ came along…. Omnia means ‘everything’ in latin. Omnia Revolution then, means a revolution from within to bring back the sexy, healthy, strong person that lives inside you!

Me and my team are here to help you, educate you, encourage you and provide you the resources You need in order to achieve THAT great health & lifestyle that gives you more energy, strength, youth and happiness :).

We’ll give you the tools, you’ll put them into action.

So make sure to go through our articles, follow us and subscribe to our facebook page and of course, feel free to comment and share with us any questions you may have. We are totally open to feedback and we are looking forward to hear from You.

Cheers to a healthier, sexier, stronger You!

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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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