Who doesn’t Love Pizza?? I DO! but I also love eating healthy and if it’s eating healthy on a budget, even better!.  This is what I call, eating Smart 😀

Well well, before I go out on context with other subjects that I’m fascinated about!. I will share with you the recipe of this delicious low carb pizza crust!.  I am a Food Lover, so I was looking for different recipes, but I also love doing things My way so I used a bit from here and there to wind up with this delicious pizza!. 

I personally don’t like when pizzas come with the thick bread base,  i thnk it makes them chewy and it can ruin the magic of a perfect pizza, so I elaborated in this thin pizza crust Recipe, it’s  very very easy to make and if you have a juice extractor it will be even faster than what it already is. 

“Oh no, Ameli… I don’t have a juice extractor!” ….
Well, no worries at all!, ’cause I’ve made a video to show you the exact way on make this pizza without one  :)!

I’m not using flour at all, so it’s not like the classic flatbread pizza recipe you can find out there. I am actually using amazing ingredients instead of flour. Trust me, this is a really EASY pizza recipe and it is Waaaaay better than the conventional ones! (In All Sense).  So whether you are on a diet,  you are vegetarian, vegan or you just wanna learn how to eat smart! this is the perfect option for you. Are You Ready???… Here We Go :D!

Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe

The pizza ingredients we are going to use are:

For the BASE

550 gr of Broccoli (That’s about 1 – 1 1/2 broccoli’s)
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon of Olive oil
1/2 Cup of oats (ideally ground oats) – but in the video I used the normal ones.
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of Oregan
1 teaspoon of garlic
1/4 Cup of grated cheese (Optional)


*Be yourself here and choose your favourite toppings :)! – The Only condition, is to be healthy!

6 tablespoons of Tomato Paste (3 of each per base of pizza crust)1 cup of Grated Cheese (1/2 a cup per pizza crust base)   – Optional –
Green Olives
1/2 a Capsicum
Precooked seasoned chicken/turkey, Fish, etc   – Optional-
1 sliced tomato
Basil leaves



 Preheat oven to  200 C

With no Juice extractor :

  • Cut the broccoli into pieces and blend it, USE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR BROCCOLI, including the Stalks (just cut off the rough parts if necessary)
  • Put broccoli crumbs into a tea towel and squeeze as much liquid as possible.


With a juice extractor:

  • Same as above, except that you put the broccoli straight into your Juice extractor.
  • Tip: Put a clean bag in the large pulp container so once you’re done you just transfer the broccoli pulp to your bowl.

NOW, What You Need to DO is WATCH The Video below and Follow the simple steps  I will show you to make this delicious low carb pizza!.  :)!
To give you a hint, you have to start with somehing like this….

  1. Place the broccoli crumbs  into a large bowl. Add the eggs, olive oil, oats, salt & oregan. Mix Well.
  2. Line an…..

Oh gosh, I LOVE making this healthy recipes! and my mind is always trying to look for the best options,  this is my job and my passion :).   A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined being doing what I’m doing now, I am a Medical Doctor and I used to work 120 – 150 hrs a week,  7 days a week, doing overnight shifts every 2 days besides the 12 hr morning shifts .

 I had no time for my family, friends and the people I loved. Even though I really enjoyed practising  and my favourite times were in the surgeries I didn’t have a life and the worst of all, I didn’t have a healthy lifestyle!. I was always busy and a sandwich, and a bottle of water (or coke!) were my lunch!.  Does that sounds familiar to YOU?  So, how could I talk to my patients about being healthy if I wasn’t being healthy?

If You are having a super busy time at work too and have no time for your family, friends and the people you love then you can definitely understand me!,
I just want to share to you how I got where I am Today.

It wasn’t until my beloved mum passed away that I knew I NEEDED to make a change!.  Due to my job there were months I didn’t even see her and on her last months I wasn’t able to spend enough time with her because I was too busy working. My world crashed when she was gone and it was then when I decided I was not going to do the same thing ever again to any of the people I loved. 

I decided that from that day on I was going to spend time with my loved ones. The idea of having children and not being able to see them and raise them up as my Mum did with me was unacceptable. She was ALWAYS there for me so I can’t do less for my future children.  But at the same time I wanted to keep helping people!. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I DECIDED I was going to make it. It took me a while to figure out the exact way, I moved out of my country and tried setting up a business but I failed because I didn’t have the right information, I went through a hard period of ups and  downs and I felt terribly lost….

Until one day, I met a lovely Couple (my partner’s friends) who months later would become my mentors,  they inspired me and showed me the light I was looking for!  Soon I was introduced to an amazing group of people who went through the same road as me. They welcomed me and showed me The right way to do what I LOVE while being with the people I LOVE. Now, I help and educate other people from home. I don’t have to respond to last minute calls, I don’t miss any social meetings. I respond to my own schedule and I AM FREE to choose what I do with my time, I have a Healthy Life and I help other people change their lives too:). If you want to know how I did it, then click HERE and stop wasting more time towards your dreams!!

If you think I’m successful with my new lifestyle just because I’m a Doctor. You are Wrong! I had no previous training or knowledge about how to make a living from the internet or how to run a business online. I  did what they taught me to do  and I followed a very simple system –Anyone can do it –  that has help me create the lifestyle that I want. This system will help You create the lifestyle you wish to lead.

If you want to know how you can change your life and you’re interested about this system,  then take a look at this video by clicking HERE.

Much Love,

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