Creating Lifetime Results Through Neuro-Associative Conditioning. (NAC) 

Yesterday we mentioned the power of  Neuro-Associations
and how they shape your decisions.

By now I am sure that the concepts of pain and pleasure  and how
they are key on the way we associate things are both clear in your mind.

If not, please I encourage you to review my previous post first,
they are under the category #Unstoppable Transformation,
alternatively you can just >> click here<<

Now,  I want to be clear with one thing: No matter what the
problem is, You are only going to CHANGE or create a lifetime
result ONLY if You DECIDE to do so. It is only then when your
emotions, what you feel, and your behaviour starts working in
our favour to create us the LIFETIME RESULTS we want.

So, as promised yesterday, today we are going to learn…

HOW TO USE  Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) step-by-step.

There are 3 fundamental key-steps in the science of  Neuro-Associative
Conditioning (NAC), these are:

  1. Get Leverage on yourself.– This means that are at a point
    where you KNOW that something MUST change, that YOU
    MUST change IT and that YOU CAN change IT Right Now.
    And you get to the point where you feel that not changing
    would be terribly painful. and changing will give you pleasure.
  2. Interupts your limiting pattern of association. Every
    behaviour, belief, action, decision is linked or associated to
    either pain or pleasure. In this case, if it’s associated in a
    way that limits instead of helping you get closer to your goals.
    Do whatever it is necessary, whatever it takes to BAM!
    interrupt that association… In other words, Create a
    Pattern Interrupt, do something unexpected in order
    to create new results.
  3. Condition yourself to a new empowering association.
    Create a new association that empowers you.
    For example: What would the consequences of taking
    action meaan to you? What would be pleasure you’d gain?
    What consequences would you get withing the next 3,5 years,
    and howwould that change your life? How woiuld you feel
    emotionally, mentally, phisycally by knowing that you
    have achieved and succeeded in your goals?

Remember, repetition is KEY here and if you want to be successful,
You need to condition yourself for success each and every day,
by repetition until it is consistent, normal and part of your day to day.

Now, I know that, compared to my previous blogposts,  this is
a very brief one and very straight forwards. So, if you want to
understand this better or get some examples, I suggest visiting
the previous blogposts, go through the examples I Walk you
through, and use them, modify them, adapt them to suit your
own personal needs or experience.

See you on my next post :)!


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