Should I quit my Job? Tips and Advice #2  – What is your Why? Finding your core motivations

What is your why? Why are you looking to quit your job? Why do you want to start your own business? What is your why, business owners?

By this time we have already spoken about embracing your current situation, accepting the present and moving onto your future by breaking the chains of your life-consuming  job saying “goodbye job. Today I leave you in the past” and starting your own business.

The next step now is understanding Your Why, your core motivations.

Some of you might have heard or read this question before and you probably know what your why is, or perhaps you may not even know what I actually mean when I ask you “what is your why?”.

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So let’s Start with Why

Why is a simple but yet, powerful word. I used to be the “why” little girl with an endless curiosity that questioned everything and everyone around me.

In fact, the word Why has had a powerful effect  on each stage of my life, from helping me understand things and people better, to helping me make decisions -sometimes big decisions- to also causing conflicts that made me wonder the true nature of human beings. For example, when I was 14, on my last year of high school, it was suggested (more mandatory than suggested but anyway) that we do the confirmation before we ended school. So I attended the “confirmation weekly meetings” at my school’s catholic church.

At a certain point we would read the bible,  there were so many things coming out of that book and so many things said (according to their own interpretation that it just did not resonated with my own beliefs, I could not comprehend WHY they were saying what they were saying, so I would ask questions out of genuine curiosity because I truthfully wanted to understand their Why)  This landed me being told that the devil was within me because I was asking too many why’s and I was sent to pray 12 ave maria’s & “holy father’s prayer.

Maybe someone wiser would have been able to handle my questions smartly but anyway this has been a huge introduction so let’s keep things rolling…

When I ask you “what is your why?” what is the first thing that you think about? Is it maybe something like Why do I do what I do? Why am I here on this planet? Why do I want to quit my job? Why do I really want to start my own business?  Why did I create my company? Why do I wake up every morning? Why do I do what I do?


WHY  do I ask so many questions??

Because I am convinced that understanding Your Why is VITAL, crucial,  mandatory not only in your business, but in your life.

For example, Simon Sinek with his best seller Start with Why, verbalizes the principles of understanding you why, and provides you with examples of big companies that understand their why and are now SUCCEEDING in business (i.e.: apple). On the other hand, Anthony Robbins himself is the ‘Why man’. He is passionate about understanding the human behavior and Why we do what we do?,  if you have read any of his books or listened to any of his audios like “Get To The Edge and Live with Passion” you will perfectly understand what I mean.

Before starting or getting into business, one first must understand at heart what matters to people as human beings.


Because people are not business. Business is people and… people don’t follow what you do but WHY you do it.

Having a strong why, is like having a strong foundation for what it is that you want to build. Also because if you don’t have a strong reason WHY you are doing something, then why should you keep doing it?

Your why becomes your passion and when your enthusiasm is evident, people want a ticket to your happy train.  Understand your Why and you would have harnessed your passion.

Your Why is going to be your armour and your spade, making you invincible  when the time comes to face challenges.  Only when you find and understand your why you will find the courage to take risks, to take massive action and get ahead. On the other side, it is really easy to quit something when you don’t know why you are doing it.

As Frederick Nietzsche said:

what is your why he who has a why can endure anyhow ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs nietzsche

If something doesn’t matter, if something doesn’t have a powerful why, or that vision and essence within it. People will not be motivated to follow it. Remember, people operate on motivation.


How do I find my why?

As an entrepreneur and business owner your why MUST be something you totally believe in, something you are passionate about, something you love, something that inspires you or something you are willing to fight for, no matter what. Something that when you talk about, someone else can see the passion and the fire in your eyes. Something that gives you a sense of drive and purpose.

So please, ask yourself again “what is my why?” “Why do I want to start my own business?”.  Write your little own story and then ask yourself again “Why?” and answer it with “Because…”. Do this over and over again until you get to your main reason. Your core.  Your inspiration. Your heart. That moment when something hits you and your heart is pumping hard or tears start rolling down your face or you just can’t stop laughing. Just get there, get to your core and find your answers.

Yes, understanding your why is a journey within yourself. So you just need to let things flow, forget about being self-aware, just let it flow and take your time. Stop only when you know you have gotten to your core.

Trust me, You’ll know when you’ve gotten to your real why. You will feel it.

Now I’m going to do a short example with my own story. Replace my story with yours and then carry on with the exercise :)….

Here we go.

A brief summary of my story:

I inspire, motivate, and mentor people to take inspired action to become entrepreneurs  and create a business and a lifestyle they love. I mentor entrepreneurs to strategically manage their businesses  so they can have the time-freedom and the abundance to create a life they love next to their love ones.

  • Why?
    Because I have experienced the pain of working on a job that consumed my life and it didn’t give me the chance to spend valuable time with the most important person in the world, my mum.
  • Why?
    Because I’ve learnt through the loss of my mom -and my own self- that there are more important things in life than just a fancy job, a status and a great salary. So I use the skills I’ve gained and my experience as my platform.
  • Why?
    Because I care about people, their situations, their jobs and their professions and how they can improve their lives  and I wish everyone to be happy, what really matters to me is them and their lives even If I don’t know them. If I can do something to help them better their lives I am happy and at peace with myself.
  • Why?
    Because I was there once. I was scared, I wanted to do something different but I didn’t know what to do. I thought I only know so much and that my Doctor’s skills were limiting the possibilities of starting another career, let alone starting my own business. I felt lost and confused but I was too scared to ask and I wished someone guided me during those uncertain moments. So I am that person now, the older sister, the mentor, the soul spoken woman that walks them to create the business of their lives.
  • Why?
    Because I know EVERYONE has the skills and what is needed within themselves to create a business and a lifestyle they love, this is a world of endless possibilities that we all have access to, and I Believe anyone can do it if they have the right guidance.
  • Why?
    Because I come from that place where I was surrounded by the most beautiful love and care, where the perception of obstacles were seem as challenges to have fun with. Where, even when the doctors said I would be blind, deaf and with cognitive problems. I had a woman who walked me through all of the challenges imagined with the upmost strength. A woman who challenged the status quo and society when times were mean to single mothers. A woman who ran her own business and sat strong and lovingly in front of her patients only a couple of days before passing away, a woman who touched and changed many lives, a woman that with the power of her love and belief made me who I am now.
  • Why?
    Because it was with my mother that I learnt to believe in others and that there isn’t anything more powerful than genuine courageous love to help, to serve.
  • Why?
    Because to me this is more than just business, this is about the people and the lives I know I can impact to make a difference and help make this world a better place.
  • Why?
    Because that is where my heart is. It makes me feel happy and blessed. This is my purpose.

** If you’re asking yourself  “What is my purpose in life?”  Then read this Quick guide to finding your purpose in life in 5 minutes.**

If you continue without having this question answered  on at least 6 different levels  down, a couple of things can happen; either you find yourself hating what you’re doing or your life or, you will just quit when things get tough, or you will continue to pursue the next big deal.  There are more examples but in synthesis those are my examples.


Not sure what you are passionate about?

Asking why and understanding it will unveil the real you. It is the purpose behind everything you do. If you’re looking at some clues as to your whys then look over your old journals, your facebook statuses, fb posts, tweets, older blogs. Pay attention to conversation with your friends or family, to what you watch on TV, to the podcasts or radio stations you listen to, to the books you read.

Remember that box full of pictures and articles about the places you want to visit before you die?, or the notes from years ago where you wrote your dreams and potential business ideas. Poll your relatives, family and childhood and closest friends how you were when you were a child. Examine the challenges you have overcome and how you overcome them.


Because the better you know and understand yourself, the better and more successful you will be in business.

and well… why not?

You owe it to yourself to start doing what you really want to do, to start living the life you want to live, to create both a business and a lifestyle you love so get on your way! Start by understanding your why and your core motivations.

Love & Light,


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Should I Quit My Job? – Tips & Advice Before Quitting Your Job. Tip #1

Tip & Advice Before Quitting Your Job. Tip #1: Embrace Your Situation

Have you ever find yourself asking yourself “Should I Quit My Job?”, should I -perhaps- change careers? Should I do something different to what I am already doing?

If you’re here reading this right now, you have obviously had. In fact, that was me on those mornings when I would woke up bright and early to go to work.  I loved my career, but there was something missing. It wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

Something within myself was saying –screaming sometimes- STOP IT! This is not what you want to be doing for the rest of your life! You weren’t born for this! You were born for so much more than being stuck at work 15+ hours a day. Of course this doesn’t include the commuting time which fluctuated between 1 -3 hours a day.

According to some statistics gathered by business insider if we add up all of the time the average person spends working, it would make 90’000 HOURS of WORK over their lifetime.

Yes, you read that correctly: Ninety thousand hours of non-stop work during your lifetime. That is 3’750 DAYS which makes 10.3 YEARS of Your life working.

10.3 Years!!

Imagine yourself working for over a decade of your life, non stop, with no breaks from dawn to dawn, just  like robots.

It sounds more like a sci-fi movie and it may be hard to imagine it happening in the real world but unfortunately, that is the reality for most of people except that instead of working for over a decade non-stop, they work with breaks in between, with a 7-10 day holiday a year, where they don’t even get to rest so, eventually,  they spend most of their lifetime working, ending up stressed, overloaded, unfulfilled.

Oh but this is only the beginning my dear because on top of that, the reality in numbers goes like this:

  • 80% of people is dissatisfied with their current job. (source: Business Insider- Deloitte shift index survey)

  • 25% of employees say work is their main source of stress and 40% say their job is “very or extremely stressful (CDC statistics)

  • 64% of Americans canceled vacations last year. One-third did it for work-related reasons even though most felt they were more in need of a vacation than the year before

  • You spend 90% of your lifetime, INDOORS, most of it at work . That’s 71 out of 79 years.

Do you get the picture? This stuff is real. So it is of no wonder why SOME people like You and I fall in to the realization that there definitely is SOMETHING MORE, something better and more meaningful to do with your life. Something fulfilling that gives you the joy to do what you love, with whom you love, wherever you choose to be while still generating an income.

It is of no wonder why some of Us, then, wake up and start asking ourselves: Should I quit my job? Should I make a career change? Should I start my own business?.


That’s why I decided to create this video training series: “Should I Quit My Job? Tips and Advice You Should Consider before quitting Your Job.

So within the following days/weeks I will be giving you – excuse the redundancy- the tips & advice you need to consider before quitting your job. Today we are starting with Tip#1 and that is, “Embrace Your Situation”. Of course there is more to just embracing your situation, but that is something you’ll learn in the video. So… here it is 🙂

To watch the video on my facebook page, click here. Feel free to like, share and leave some comments.

See you tomorrow for Tip# 2 that you should consider before quitting your job.





5 Incredible Statistics That Will Make You Break Free From The Cubicle

Want to break free from the chains of your hypothetical cubicle?

Take a look at this 5 incredible statistics extracted from an õvibe infographic  that will make you break free from the cubicle to live the Freedompreneur lifestyle!

Growing Number Of Freedompreneurs

2_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursWhere do you want to be in 5 years from now?

By 2020, 40% of the workforce will be working from home & monetizing their passions. Living a more flexible lifestyle.

What are YOU waiting for?


 Healthier Living…

3_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursBreaking free from the cubicle, away from the stress of the office to work in a better setting, for example setting up your own cozy office from the comfort of your home has more initiatives to promote wellness.

Of course, when combined with a healthy nutritional habits and periods of exercise.

When you are healthier and happy, you are going to be more productive.


 Better Interactions…

7a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

When you are set up in the right environment, working at your own pace, focus on your own goals. Things change, suddenly your interactions with others improve.

Ideas flow to your mind easily, sometimes creativity flows and it is easy to brainstorm with coworkers and business like-minded people like you.


Warning: Higher Incomes Ahead.

11a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

By working in a proper setting, by working on your passions, and by having the discipline and determination to achieve your goals.  You will take things seriously.

Something I have heard frequently: ” If you treat your business like a business, you will get business results but if you treat your business as a hobby....”


You Choose When To Work

12a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursHaving the autonomy and flexibility to work whenever you feel more productive or whenever you want.

For the earlybirds: doing some work for a couple of hours in the morning and enjoying the rest of the day.

For the night-owls: Doing what you wanted to do on your day and then, working for a couple of hours before going to bed.

After all of the overnight shifts I have previously done I cam conclude that I work better at night time, but that is a habit, I am gradually changing this as it is not good for the hormonal balance of your body.


Now that you know these statistics, in which side do YOU want to be?

break the chain  - wealthypreneursThis is YOUR time to break the chain!

This is YOUR time to work on something that you are passionate about and can’t live without!

This is YOUR time to work whenever and wherever you want!

This is YOUR time to live the lifestyle you have always dreamt of!

Stop dreaming and start doing! Take Action NOW

How do you start? By following >>>THIS <<< simple formula


All the Best,

 ~ Ameli

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