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Kevin Biggar will Blow Your Mind…

Kevin is one of those  few people who will totally INSPIRE YOU to unleash your inner power. He embodies the meaning of personal power to defeat any limitation we think we have.

In a few words, Kevin is the one who made the impossible Possible!

I was fortunate enough to attend one of his conferences back in December. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to attend any conferences that day, but it is one of those things that just happen. I went there with zero expectations. To be honest, I didn’t even know who was the presenter and when I finally got there and heard the name, I still didn’t know who he was because…. I don’t watch any TV or News at all).

(Kevin if you’re reading this sorry about that but, it’s the truth :P)

As I was saying… I had no expectations for what was about to happen and perhaps that was one of the best things!

At first glance, Kevin looks like a typical Kiwi (New Zealander), tall athletic, nice blue eyes with a witty, professional look but at the same time, sort of … laid back. Giving his audience a sense of  “hey! he’s a normal guy like me!”. I can relate to that!

His presentation begun and as I was listening to what he had to say, watching his videos, laughing at his crack up personality and after having my mind blown away by his C-R-A-Z-Y stories. You realize that he is not just another KiwiJust as Sir Edmund Hillary who was ‘a former Bee-Keeper from Auckland, New Zealand and also the one who -alongside Tenzing Norgay -became the first climbers to conquer the summit of Mount Everest on May, 1953Kevin Biggar is also -on his own way- a Conqueror.

Once his presentation ended, I came out of the room feeling Empowered, Inspired, and knowing for a fact that I could conquer any of the goals I had. I just needed to re-evaluate my strategies and make them more efficient.

Kevin Biggar‘s presentation had a transformational affect on me. After his presentation, I approached him and asked him if I could interview him. Fortunately enough, Kevin agreed to our interview 🙂

So now I can share his story and excellent advice with YOU. ( Yes, You =) ).

See? I care about you my darling! The thing is, I KNOW that Kevin’s impressive stories can IMPACT you as much as it did me and his effect would be even more powerful if you attend some of his workshops.

Kevin Biggar will help you become better than what you already are and he will teach you how to set goals to Successfully ACHIEVE THEM in spite of how crazy you might think they seem to be!

Kevin will inspire you to UNLEASH Your Inner Power.

Now, you’ve got a couple of options here:

  1. Keep reading to find out more about him, and/or
  2. Listen to the interview by clicking the play button just below this paragraph, and/or
  3. Do both 🙂

Ok, let’s get started 🙂

Click the Play button to listen to Kevin Biggar’s interview


So… Who is Kevin Biggar?

From a professional man with an established career , holding a physics degree and a masters, transitioning then as a self-confessed couch potato, before he was transformed into a world record beating endurance athlete in 2003 winning a huge-endurance 5000 Km Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race.

Rowing for the first time in his life alongside a team partner, who he had only met 6 weeks before the race, they not only won, they set a New world record!

Kevin Biggar New Zealand Kiwi Ameli Antoinette Interview Wealthypreneurs

The pair then went on to achieve a much tougher challenge in 2007 – as the first ever kiwi team to complete an unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole – a 52 day, 1,200km journey on foot, each towing a 160 kilogram sled in temperatures as freezing as -40 degrees Celsius.

Kevin has written two books about his exploits, the award winning ‘Oarsome Adventures of a Fat Boy Rower’ and ‘Escape to the Pole’.

Alongside Jamie Fitzgerald, his rowing team partner,  they co host a TV Series ‘Intrepid NZ’ – recreating the adventures of pioneering NZ explorers.

oarsome adventures of a fatboy rower_kevin biggar ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs  Escape to the Pole Kevin Biggar Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs  Intrepid_NZ_DVD_Kevin-Bigar-Ameli-Antoinette-Wealthypreneurs

Kevin will entertain you with his adventures, and share with us what he has learnt about facing challenges from rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and Trekking to from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Check out a brief summary of my Interview with Kevin Biggar

Kevin, At what point did you decide to do something different? What was your why?

Kevin: I was going  through a quarter life crisis. I just turned 33 years old. I started to think about what I had and hadn’t achieve and what I was ever going to achieve. For the first time, it didn’t feel like I had all the time in the world to do everything and if I wanted to do something that I wanted to do, NOW was the time.

Would you mind sharing the story about your mum and your decision to take part of the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race?

Mom decided that the only way we would get a result (an agreement) was to ask to her favourite TV show and they will decided if I should go or not. Since then I’ve met all of them and I’ve individually thank all the members.

I see your 5’000 Km trans-Atlantic rowing race as the race across the ocean of life.
At some point in our lives, there we are in front of this vast ocean of life not knowing WHAT to do or HOW to do things. Some people follow the regular path society imposes whereas others like, Us the entrepreneurs, choose to do something different, something that others may call “crazy” or   “unreasonable”. In your case, you had no previous experience rowing but you TOOK ACTION…. HOW did you map out your plan of action?

Kevin Biggar: Just to clarify, I had no experience rowing when I had the Idea of getting to row, but that was 2 years before the race. So by the time it started out I was very strong.

I think that one of the most important things when you step out to do things you don’t normally do is to find somebody who is doing what you think you are gonna do. For me was a really powerful moment when I met somebody else who had row across the ocean. I met a guy called Rob Hamill , he was a kiwi guy who had won the first Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race and when I met him I saw he  was just a normal person. If he was a normal person and he could row across the ocean then I am a normal person too so I should be able to row across the ocean too and suddenly it doesn’t seem like something extraordinary, but like something that if you plan a method you can achieve.

Whatever people is going to do or think of doing, there is always a little sub-culture, a little sub-tribe of who is doing those things. And once you meet them it suddenly becomes more straightforward of how realistic it is to take on this challenges.

Holy cow! if that shmuck could achieve things from sitting on his mom’s couch, well think of how much I can do from where I am starting now. (Kevin Biggar)

If you really want to take on something brave. It’s not about having no fear, it is not about being really tough. It’s just about having a simple method and breaking down the tasks into little steps and  building up the momentum on taking on the tasks.

The first  thing to do is to meet people who have done similar things to what you want to achieve and start talking to them and getting a plan.

Now I teach people on my workshops that if you want to take on anything, then it is just a question of learning the skills and backing yourself up.

It’s all about the mindset…

Kevin Biggar: I don’t think it’s all about the mindset. I think that to take on any big challenge, it’s all just about having a process where you set little milestones early on. You meet the right people and you gradually get drawn into it. If you set up a system where you make the process towards what you want to achieve more fun. There is a little bit of discipline and willpower involved, but I don’t think a system to success should  be based on been hugely staunch.

Anyone can achieve a huge amount!

The only reason why they don’t try is that they believe they are lacking a certain mysterious ‘X-factor’ that successful people have but in fact it’s not quite how it works. All they are missing are the skills that can be learnt. Like ‘how to keep persistent’ or ‘how to deal with cravings, etc.  These are things that can be taught and I teach this things myself on my workshops.

What were the biggest challenges that you encounter?

Kevin Biggar: The biggest challenge that I encountered was getting to the ‘start’ line. Also, possibly in both cases another challenge was raising the money and finding the sponsorship. That was the hardest part and that’s when you are knocking on a lot of doors, getting rejected day after day. You are putting in your own money to keep things at float and at any time you could quit and it wouldn’t be a big deal. But when you are in the race, or when you are walking up to the south pole it is much harder to quit. (…) Kevin then explains some of the challenges he and his partner Jamie faced during their rowing race and while trekking Antarctica.

Making an analogy between someone who has decided to make a career change and start  new business with you at your Rowing race across the Atlantic or,  with your trek across the South Pole in Antarctica. You didn’t start it just for the sake of doing something different, You did it to WIN. Was that your major goal?

Yes, in the south pole, our major goal was to trek  unsupported and unresupplied. We put all of our own food and fuel from the start. Yes, we did it to WIN.

The key thing for people starting their own businesses it is having a mentor. Someone who  knows what are the odds if something pops out.(…) Someone to ask you what your business plan is, what your marketing plan is right at the very start before you invest lots of time and money.(…) There is a lot to be said by someone who is just a couple of years further on the road than you and see what they’ve learnt from the systems that they’ve put in place. I am big fan of getting in a group of people who is doing similar things.

Once you were in your race and things got tough. How did you get the motivation to keep going?

There’s a motivation in keeping your environment set up in such a way that it helps you. When  you are on a boat and all you  can do is row and if you don’t get up to do your shift then your team mate doesn’t get in to sleep. Then, it’s not so hard to get up. We didn’t have any other options. (…)Your life becomes simple and that’s what I do now in terms of motivation.(…) I met  with someone who is in a complete different business than me and all we do is we hold each other accountable for the goals that we set or we are going to set (…)That is massively motivating for me because I don’t want to let this guy down.

Do you think you can compare your situation in the ocean as a life-threatening situation?

No, I felt safe… I felt safe up until the moment when I nearly died (laughs). I talked about that in the speech (…). Trekking to the south pole I felt more like we were gonna die. It was really easy for a little thing to snowball and  go wrong (…)

That reminds me of this  quote “When you want to succeed as hard as you want to breath, then you will succeed”

Kevin Biggar: Well that is exactly the kind of advice that I think is bad advice. I have rules of advice, I call them my laws of bullshit.

  1. If you hear something and the opposite is also true, then you know you are getting bad advice. (refer to audio for great examples)
  2. If the advice sounds correct but it requires me to be superhuman then that’s not good advice either. (refer to audio for great examples)


A Great tip that helped you keep yourself motivated…

Getting some coaches and a business mentor. The people who I took great attention of in the build-up  was my coach called Jon Ackland from Performance Lab and if anyone is thinking of doing an ultra-marathon adventure or some sort of extreme outdoor adventure then he would be a fantastic person to speak to because he understands performance and the athletic world. To get an hour with Jon is to get some very powerful lessons.

What are your favorite entrepreneurial books?


(Chip & Dan Heath)


(K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. McMillan & Al Switzler)


(Michael E. Berger)

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes are High The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About it


What do you think is the one thing that prevents most entrepreneurs from taking action & What advice can you give them?

Fear of the consequences, fear of what can get wrong. That is certainly what almost stopped me from taking part of the transatlantic rowing race. (…) The key thing is to make certain that there is a safety net underneath you so make sure  that you are not risking everything – unless you are  the sort of person that can find that particularly motivation or you are particularly young-. If you are 21 then you could go broke, but if you are 35 with 2 kids then that is not so appealing.

It’s about looking at the risks wide-eyed and making sure you’ve got the wort case scenario sorted. So if the worst case happens then you should be able to survive it. (…)and definitely HAVING A PLAN, even if you change the plan later, it is much better to start off with a plan and then change the plan as a result of the information you learn. I’m guilty myself of living day to day in the business and not thinking about where I want to be in a year’s time and working backwards from there.


If you are looking to make a career change, to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, these are the main points I’ve gotten from Kevin Biggar’s advice.

      1. Surround yourself with people who have done similar things to what you want to achieve.
      2. Get yourself a Mentor  or a Coach, someone who has been where you are at and it is exactly where you want to be.
      3. Learn the skills and methods necessary to succeed in your area of choice.
      4. Have a PLAN of Action from the beginning, know where you are going to and be flexible to change/adapt that plan according to circumstances that serve your purpose.

With these 4 things in place, You can achieve whatever you want to achieve. Remember, It is not about trying hard but about trying Smart.

If you want to know more about Kevin Biggar, get in touch with him, get his awesome books or TV Series, or if you are interested to attend one of his workshops, please visit his website at

Now I’ll leave you some videos of Kevin 🙂 but first, what piece of advice resonated more with you? make sure to leave your answer in the comments below and share this interview with those you know can also get valuable tips for their startups and lives from this Interview with Kevin Biggar

To your Success,
Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs Omnia Revolution Travelling Bliss


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About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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Should I quit my Job? Tips and Advice #2  – What is your Why? Finding your core motivations

What is your why? Why are you looking to quit your job? Why do you want to start your own business? What is your why, business owners?

By this time we have already spoken about embracing your current situation, accepting the present and moving onto your future by breaking the chains of your life-consuming  job saying “goodbye job. Today I leave you in the past” and starting your own business.

The next step now is understanding Your Why, your core motivations.

Some of you might have heard or read this question before and you probably know what your why is, or perhaps you may not even know what I actually mean when I ask you “what is your why?”.

what is your why your purpose ameli antoinette the most important days in your life mark twain

So let’s Start with Why

Why is a simple but yet, powerful word. I used to be the “why” little girl with an endless curiosity that questioned everything and everyone around me.

In fact, the word Why has had a powerful effect  on each stage of my life, from helping me understand things and people better, to helping me make decisions -sometimes big decisions- to also causing conflicts that made me wonder the true nature of human beings. For example, when I was 14, on my last year of high school, it was suggested (more mandatory than suggested but anyway) that we do the confirmation before we ended school. So I attended the “confirmation weekly meetings” at my school’s catholic church.

At a certain point we would read the bible,  there were so many things coming out of that book and so many things said (according to their own interpretation that it just did not resonated with my own beliefs, I could not comprehend WHY they were saying what they were saying, so I would ask questions out of genuine curiosity because I truthfully wanted to understand their Why)  This landed me being told that the devil was within me because I was asking too many why’s and I was sent to pray 12 ave maria’s & “holy father’s prayer.

Maybe someone wiser would have been able to handle my questions smartly but anyway this has been a huge introduction so let’s keep things rolling…

When I ask you “what is your why?” what is the first thing that you think about? Is it maybe something like Why do I do what I do? Why am I here on this planet? Why do I want to quit my job? Why do I really want to start my own business?  Why did I create my company? Why do I wake up every morning? Why do I do what I do?


WHY  do I ask so many questions??

Because I am convinced that understanding Your Why is VITAL, crucial,  mandatory not only in your business, but in your life.

For example, Simon Sinek with his best seller Start with Why, verbalizes the principles of understanding you why, and provides you with examples of big companies that understand their why and are now SUCCEEDING in business (i.e.: apple). On the other hand, Anthony Robbins himself is the ‘Why man’. He is passionate about understanding the human behavior and Why we do what we do?,  if you have read any of his books or listened to any of his audios like “Get To The Edge and Live with Passion” you will perfectly understand what I mean.

Before starting or getting into business, one first must understand at heart what matters to people as human beings.


Because people are not business. Business is people and… people don’t follow what you do but WHY you do it.

Having a strong why, is like having a strong foundation for what it is that you want to build. Also because if you don’t have a strong reason WHY you are doing something, then why should you keep doing it?

Your why becomes your passion and when your enthusiasm is evident, people want a ticket to your happy train.  Understand your Why and you would have harnessed your passion.

Your Why is going to be your armour and your spade, making you invincible  when the time comes to face challenges.  Only when you find and understand your why you will find the courage to take risks, to take massive action and get ahead. On the other side, it is really easy to quit something when you don’t know why you are doing it.

As Frederick Nietzsche said:

what is your why he who has a why can endure anyhow ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs nietzsche

If something doesn’t matter, if something doesn’t have a powerful why, or that vision and essence within it. People will not be motivated to follow it. Remember, people operate on motivation.


How do I find my why?

As an entrepreneur and business owner your why MUST be something you totally believe in, something you are passionate about, something you love, something that inspires you or something you are willing to fight for, no matter what. Something that when you talk about, someone else can see the passion and the fire in your eyes. Something that gives you a sense of drive and purpose.

So please, ask yourself again “what is my why?” “Why do I want to start my own business?”.  Write your little own story and then ask yourself again “Why?” and answer it with “Because…”. Do this over and over again until you get to your main reason. Your core.  Your inspiration. Your heart. That moment when something hits you and your heart is pumping hard or tears start rolling down your face or you just can’t stop laughing. Just get there, get to your core and find your answers.

Yes, understanding your why is a journey within yourself. So you just need to let things flow, forget about being self-aware, just let it flow and take your time. Stop only when you know you have gotten to your core.

Trust me, You’ll know when you’ve gotten to your real why. You will feel it.

Now I’m going to do a short example with my own story. Replace my story with yours and then carry on with the exercise :)….

Here we go.

A brief summary of my story:

I inspire, motivate, and mentor people to take inspired action to become entrepreneurs  and create a business and a lifestyle they love. I mentor entrepreneurs to strategically manage their businesses  so they can have the time-freedom and the abundance to create a life they love next to their love ones.

  • Why?
    Because I have experienced the pain of working on a job that consumed my life and it didn’t give me the chance to spend valuable time with the most important person in the world, my mum.
  • Why?
    Because I’ve learnt through the loss of my mom -and my own self- that there are more important things in life than just a fancy job, a status and a great salary. So I use the skills I’ve gained and my experience as my platform.
  • Why?
    Because I care about people, their situations, their jobs and their professions and how they can improve their lives  and I wish everyone to be happy, what really matters to me is them and their lives even If I don’t know them. If I can do something to help them better their lives I am happy and at peace with myself.
  • Why?
    Because I was there once. I was scared, I wanted to do something different but I didn’t know what to do. I thought I only know so much and that my Doctor’s skills were limiting the possibilities of starting another career, let alone starting my own business. I felt lost and confused but I was too scared to ask and I wished someone guided me during those uncertain moments. So I am that person now, the older sister, the mentor, the soul spoken woman that walks them to create the business of their lives.
  • Why?
    Because I know EVERYONE has the skills and what is needed within themselves to create a business and a lifestyle they love, this is a world of endless possibilities that we all have access to, and I Believe anyone can do it if they have the right guidance.
  • Why?
    Because I come from that place where I was surrounded by the most beautiful love and care, where the perception of obstacles were seem as challenges to have fun with. Where, even when the doctors said I would be blind, deaf and with cognitive problems. I had a woman who walked me through all of the challenges imagined with the upmost strength. A woman who challenged the status quo and society when times were mean to single mothers. A woman who ran her own business and sat strong and lovingly in front of her patients only a couple of days before passing away, a woman who touched and changed many lives, a woman that with the power of her love and belief made me who I am now.
  • Why?
    Because it was with my mother that I learnt to believe in others and that there isn’t anything more powerful than genuine courageous love to help, to serve.
  • Why?
    Because to me this is more than just business, this is about the people and the lives I know I can impact to make a difference and help make this world a better place.
  • Why?
    Because that is where my heart is. It makes me feel happy and blessed. This is my purpose.

** If you’re asking yourself  “What is my purpose in life?”  Then read this Quick guide to finding your purpose in life in 5 minutes.**

If you continue without having this question answered  on at least 6 different levels  down, a couple of things can happen; either you find yourself hating what you’re doing or your life or, you will just quit when things get tough, or you will continue to pursue the next big deal.  There are more examples but in synthesis those are my examples.


Not sure what you are passionate about?

Asking why and understanding it will unveil the real you. It is the purpose behind everything you do. If you’re looking at some clues as to your whys then look over your old journals, your facebook statuses, fb posts, tweets, older blogs. Pay attention to conversation with your friends or family, to what you watch on TV, to the podcasts or radio stations you listen to, to the books you read.

Remember that box full of pictures and articles about the places you want to visit before you die?, or the notes from years ago where you wrote your dreams and potential business ideas. Poll your relatives, family and childhood and closest friends how you were when you were a child. Examine the challenges you have overcome and how you overcome them.


Because the better you know and understand yourself, the better and more successful you will be in business.

and well… why not?

You owe it to yourself to start doing what you really want to do, to start living the life you want to live, to create both a business and a lifestyle you love so get on your way! Start by understanding your why and your core motivations.

Love & Light,


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~ Maya Angelou

What this Doctor did will SHOCK YOU!

Ameli Antoinette Surgery Time
I was a career-focused, burnt out General Practitioner.

Burnt out because I worked endless shifts to a point where it felt like I was simply existing. I would wake up, go to work, head home late in the evening, if I was lucky I would get a few hours of sleep and then the cycle would begin all-over-again.

Although I loved my profession, I let it dictate my life. Spare time was a rare commodity and I lost out on spending special occasions with the people I love.

My biggest regret is that I could not be there when my Mom needed me the most. She was sick and after she suddenly passed away it was too late, I had no ability to recover that time, she was  already gone.

Don’t get me wrong though…..

Ameli Antoinette-and-Mom-Love-Wealthypreneurs
I don’t blame losing the last few months with my Mom on my patients or my career; because as crazy as it sounds, being a Doctor comes with taking many sacrifices to help others, sacrifices that sometimes we are not even aware of!

So while my caring nature would make the most of it’s time taking care of my patients. The sad reality is that I missed out on caring for the most important person in my life, which was my Mom!

Mom and I lived on our own and although  I know she was proud of me. I feel that Mom would have loved having me sit next to her reading her the newspaper, taking care of her, giving her back everything she gave me, instead my consuming career only paid her with the absence of her only daughter. A career where my main focus was worrying about emergency calls, my patients status, shifts or having those pesky last minute meeting calls.

I cannot help but feel that I have missed out on some of the best days that we could have spent together, like going on holidays, travelling, painting, going on food tours, taking pictures and relaxing with the people who are most important to us!

At this stage the image of my office, the hospital and the status quo of a conditioned society seemed to be engraved within me, making me mistakenly believe that experiencing my ‘WANTS’ were not possible.


But I could no longer handle that reality. We have total control of our lives and if I am in a particular situation it is because I put myself in that situation

I realized that there are more important things in life than just working to exist or living to work!.

I had to make a change!

So after Mom passed away, I decided to pursue one of my main desires. Since I was a little girl I wanted to move to New Zealand and now I was going to make it happen. I was no longer going to be a workaholic.

Once in New Zealand I accepted a position in plastic surgery.

3 months after mom was gone, on one of my daily work-routines at the operating theatre, we had a particular middle aged female patient who was having breast reconstructive surgery.

Seeing her laying in bed, I noticed the grey complexion of her skin and I knew that she had undergone chemotherapy treatment, I saw the scars on her chest, I saw her fragile hands and suddenly I was overwhelmed.

For a moment I saw my Mom laying in that bed and all of a sudden I felt like passing out! It was so overwhelming that my heart was racing and all I Wanted to do was to get out of the theatre and run! It was all too much pain to deal with.

It hit me. It was real. Mom was gone…

doctor stress depression ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs

After moving overseas, for three months I pretended that nothing ever happened. It was easier to continue like that than facing the tough reality. That day, it felt like my Mom was trying to remind me that emotions could not be forgotten. If ignored, emotions have a unique ability to present themselves!

sad depressed reflexive medical doctor surgeon train wealthypreneurs career change
Once I calmed down, on my way back home, I started evaluating my situation. Within a blink of an eye I was back to being a workaholic, back to the early mornings and the late nights with minimum amount of sleep.

I realized that I had fallen back into the same old routine that I had in Peru!

I guess I was just trying to keep myself busy, to avoid thinking, to avoid accepting that Mum was gone but my body was indicating how fragile my emotional state was and if I did not take care of myself I was going to burn out.

The next chapter of my life shocked me. It shocked my colleagues, it shocked my family, it shocked my friends,
It shocked people I met and even now it still shocks people who meet me.


I needed time for myself so I quit medicine -at least for the time being-. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to find a job with normal working hours.

I looked for alternative jobs in medicine and other industries where I could utilize my skills, but no one would employ me as I was over qualified.

Then, I finally got employed and the vision of my 9-5 job became a reality. At first, things were great! but the 9-5 lifestyle is definitely not as ordinary as it is made out to be.  I soon felt the leash of my boss tightening around me.

I went from an independent woman and medical professional to being controlled by bosses who were doing a fantastic job at running their company into the ground while taking their staff along with them.

I thought that perhaps it was time to go back to medicine. But, thinking about working back in the sterile walls of a hospital brought back sad memories, making me feel claustrophobic and nervous.

I felt between a Scylla and Charybdis and got extremely frustrated with this thought, until a switch flicked in my head….

I decided that I was going to live my life under my own terms. I am not going to let someone determine what my time is worth, nor decide at what time I can or cannot take lunch, etc.

Why should I work for someone if I can work just as hard for myself and create my own pay-check?

I have a burning desire to live in a world where I can take holidays whenever I want, enjoy life with friends and spend quality time with my those I love.

I totally believe in the law of attraction and when you really want something, with all the power in your heart, and you look for it, you will find it! So I asked the universe for a sign…

Then I met some awesome new friends at a Christmas BBQ. They both had just quit their jobs to travel the world and work part time online. Listening to them speak of their plans for their amazing year ahead certainly captured my attention. I started probing them for information, as it sounded so amazing that it was almost too good to be true.

At first I was a little skeptical but I maintained an open mind. They told me that they will be teaching, mentoring and providing educational online tools to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their online or offline businesses.

However, my main concern was that I had no business, but I somehow realized that this was going to be my solution. They continued by explaining how I could leverage these same tools to create my own business and position myself in the niche of my choice.

It was at this point when I decided to postpone returning to medicine and made the smart decision to an online business.

Today, my life has now TRANSFORMED, those claustrophobic hospital walls are no longer leaning in on me anymore, instead they have been replaced by a beautiful blue sky, sea and nature

Ameli Antoinette Uluwatu

Ameli Antoinette Oz nature

I now have the freedom to live and breathe in a world I have create for myself, living the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

I now choose when to work, where to work and in which city of the world I want to work in.

More importantly, I can spend as much time as I want next to the people I love.

My heart is finally happy :).

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Despite the limited knowledge I had, the internet has given me the ability to produce an income. I started my online business part time and now I run it from the comfort of my home, or wherever I happen to be, as long as I have internet and my phone or my laptop. The internet never sleeps and is always there when you need it, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

The crazy thing is that everyday people are using the internet to create careers, products, etc. It is not the computer boffins, scientists or engineers; it is just regular people from every walk of life

And I’m so glad I challenged myself to take the chance and trust my inner feelings. Walking away from medicine was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made but it has taught me that I can be brave and try new experiences as this world won’t hurt me…… all!

My world has changed, and my mission is now to help other people realize that their dreams ARE possible, even if you are not quite sure what that dream might be.

So if you are determined to change your situation but need some advice or guidance to get started then first, download my free ebook: “How to transition from employee to entrepreneur”, you can access it below this post. If you are ready to make that change now, then visit  my page here where I’ll introduce you to one of the persons who walked me through this process and helped build my business from the ground.

Remember, You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It is society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of those rules. The only limitations are those in your mind, get rid of them to create your own reality.

Looking forward to meet you on the beaches of the world

To your success! 🙂

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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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I Want To Quit My Job To Work From Home And Make Money Online

I Want To Quit My Job To Work From Home And Make Money Online To Live A Lifestyle Of Freedom And Flexibility.

That is exactly what I told myself when I realized I needed to make a change in my life.

In the video below, I’m gonna show You How I DID IT.

Once You Have Watched This Video


 I have shared a bit of my story with You,

Now, if you are serious to make a change in your life,

If you are sick and tired of your current job and you also tell yourself

“I want to quit my job to work from home and make money online,
to spend valuable time with my family
to stay at home with my children
to do the things I love and live the life I have always wanted.

and if you have any questions,
Feel free to leave a comment, send me a message and get in touch with me
or alternatively watch this video to understand how it works.,

I am here to help You.

Have Beautiful Day :)!!



P.S.: YES, I am a real person, just like You 😉

5 Incredible Statistics That Will Make You Break Free From The Cubicle

Want to break free from the chains of your hypothetical cubicle?

Take a look at this 5 incredible statistics extracted from an õvibe infographic  that will make you break free from the cubicle to live the Freedompreneur lifestyle!

Growing Number Of Freedompreneurs

2_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursWhere do you want to be in 5 years from now?

By 2020, 40% of the workforce will be working from home & monetizing their passions. Living a more flexible lifestyle.

What are YOU waiting for?


 Healthier Living…

3_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursBreaking free from the cubicle, away from the stress of the office to work in a better setting, for example setting up your own cozy office from the comfort of your home has more initiatives to promote wellness.

Of course, when combined with a healthy nutritional habits and periods of exercise.

When you are healthier and happy, you are going to be more productive.


 Better Interactions…

7a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

When you are set up in the right environment, working at your own pace, focus on your own goals. Things change, suddenly your interactions with others improve.

Ideas flow to your mind easily, sometimes creativity flows and it is easy to brainstorm with coworkers and business like-minded people like you.


Warning: Higher Incomes Ahead.

11a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

By working in a proper setting, by working on your passions, and by having the discipline and determination to achieve your goals.  You will take things seriously.

Something I have heard frequently: ” If you treat your business like a business, you will get business results but if you treat your business as a hobby....”


You Choose When To Work

12a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursHaving the autonomy and flexibility to work whenever you feel more productive or whenever you want.

For the earlybirds: doing some work for a couple of hours in the morning and enjoying the rest of the day.

For the night-owls: Doing what you wanted to do on your day and then, working for a couple of hours before going to bed.

After all of the overnight shifts I have previously done I cam conclude that I work better at night time, but that is a habit, I am gradually changing this as it is not good for the hormonal balance of your body.


Now that you know these statistics, in which side do YOU want to be?

break the chain  - wealthypreneursThis is YOUR time to break the chain!

This is YOUR time to work on something that you are passionate about and can’t live without!

This is YOUR time to work whenever and wherever you want!

This is YOUR time to live the lifestyle you have always dreamt of!

Stop dreaming and start doing! Take Action NOW

How do you start? By following >>>THIS <<< simple formula


All the Best,

 ~ Ameli

How to transition from Employee to Entrepreneur successfully in 5 easy steps

Previously, we talked about what is an Entrepreneur? – You can check that post here – 

We also talked about The 13 Disturbing statistics about employee engagement mostly because one gets sick and tired of the working routine. If you feel identified in one of those 13  facts, then bear with me. 

I have been through that process before and everything started with 1 Question: Do You Need a Career Change??…  You are not alone my friend. You can also go through my personal advice and tips to evaluate yourself in terms of making a career change on our Career Change Tab at the top of this page or -alternatively- here 🙂. Some of your questions and doubts have been answered there.

So NOW, have YOU decided to MAKE that CHANGE…

And you are ready to start!

Well first of all, this is what you need to know to make a successful transition from Employee to Entrepreneur* -I mean – to FREEDOMPRENEUR 😀 .

*From now on, when You read the word Entrepreneur, I am referring to a FREEDOMPRENEUR*

  • Is This Career For You?

We have already spoken about this before but I will refresh your mind.

Entrepreneurship is a Career, a PROfession and a Lifestyle choice.
If you want to become an entrepreneur* for the solely purpose of making money or getting power then you are starting with the wrong foot and it will not lead you to the successful results you are looking for. –Or it may be, but it will also be your 1 way ticket to failure

What are the reasons to become an Entrepreneur?

  1. You are PASSIONATE about something. (We will refer to this passion as your Niche)
  2. You have the KNOWLEDGE to talk/teach/help/educate others about what you are passionate about.
  3. Your passion SOLVES A PROBLEM.
  4. You want to CHANGE THE WORLD.

What questions you should ask yourself?

  1. WHY do you want to be an ENTREPRENEUR??
    What is your WHY? What is your CORE MOTIVATION?
  2. What is YOUR definition of SUCCESS?? –
    Do You want to be Successful or Significant, What’s the difference? It’s all here)
  3. What if you “fail”? Can You handle “failure”?
    *I quote “failure” because I believe that there is no such thing as failure but only LESSONS. Are you training your mind ? Follow this exercises for a positive mindset
  4. Are you ready to commit? –
    Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Building and Owning your own business require your DEDICATION, COMMITMENT and WORK. You can choose to do the same thing by working for others or giving 1000% to build up YOUR DREAMS.


  • Pinpoint Your Talents

We all are good at something, especially when we are PASSIONATE about THAT Something. Yes, the keyword here is PASSION, PASSION, PASSION!. 

Entrepreneurial Traits

  1. Are you a problem solver?
  2. Are you coachable and willing to learn?
  3. Are you open to new experiences?
  4. You don’t need to “see it to believe in it”, you need to “Believe in it to See it”.
  5. How SERIOUS are you about this?
    What are your habits? Do you have the habits of successful people and if not, are you ready to learn them and apply them?. See…. more than working hard you will need to work SMART.
    It is often said that experience is a vital factor. But, I wouldn’t say that. I know a lot of people who had no previous experience on working online and now they are nailing it and rockin’! YES, it does help to have some kind of experience on your niche, but it is all about being passionate and determined to succeed. For example, when I begun I knew nothing about writing blogs like this but I was hungry to learn I am still learning and my reason to be here is to help YOU and show YOU that YOU can do this too and succeed.

What questions should you ask yourself?

  1. What entrepreneurial traits do you have?
    Are you curious? What are you good at? Make a list of your abilities, your hobbies, your strengths.
  2. What are your strengths?
    A better way to identify this is by asking your friends or the people closer to you.
  3. Where do your passions lie? How can any it be translated into a business?


  • Brainstorming & Launching Your “Project”

Do some brainstorming, write down all of the ideas that jump into your mind.
Then, put them in order, in the order you believe is more convenient to build up a plan.
Start up a disposable “project” and write out different variations of it.

Yes, I know one can get excited with this first step, once you have your first draft. But don’t get too excited. Instead look for reasons to dismiss it – Sounds crazy, right? – But it is the true, because you will be finding the possible weaknesses which will lead you to a better plan!. So…. think outside the box 🙂

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

What do the BEST start-up ideas have in common?

    Start by solving ONE problem at the time, one big idea at the time. This will help you identify your customer, your audience.
    Having a clear revenue is mandatory for your business model. Actually, having a well defined revenue model is key because it identifies what product or service you are going to create/provide in order for it to be sold. This will also help you identify and target your audience and build up more plans to develop your business.
  • It’s time to do some research…

When working online, or working from your laptop or working from home or working from no-home or however you want to call it. You definitely need to do some research, this includes:

  • Analyze the market and competition.
  • Look for people who are succeeding doing the same thing that you want to do.
  • Educate yourself about IT, attend events, subscribe to courses, newsletters and literate yourself, surround yourself with contacts or people who KNOW about it. You can do that by subscribing to different sites, having an email waiting for you everyday with different kinds of information that sometimes is useless and a waste of time or, you can choose to subscribe to only 1 master source which is home of the most Savvy people in the Online World and will be there to walk you through and help you along the way. This is the one I use, it teaches you the steps-by-step blueprint and it holds endless resources to your success.
  • Study your potential audience. What do they need? What crucial problems do they need to be solved? How can YOU help them?


  • Are You Ready?

Did you enjoy this process and the science behind it? It might seem long but trust me if you REAL, PASSIONATE and DETERMINED towards your goal, it is a fun and wonderful process where you will learn more from yourself and your strengths than you have ever imagined. Being an entrepreneur is not only about building a business but mostly about building and developing yourself.

Now, Answer YES or NO.

NO:  If you didn’t like the process, then you need to be honest to yourself and analyze carefully whether entrepreneurship is the right path for You right now.

YES: Congratulations!!!!, continue with the steps mentioned above, get feedback from other entrepreneurs, start looking for mentors and begin to build your life, your business!… Also, do not get too distracted with the theory because the BEST way to learn is by practice!…. Or, did you learn to walk by reading books? ;). You can start by following the same bluebrint I followed and as you have taken the time to read all the way through this post, I have this little gift for You :),  A FREE video Series that it will give you a sneak peek of the things I have learnt and you can access it by clicking HERE.

Finally, let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you out with :).

Wish you all the Best!,


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