What this Doctor did will SHOCK YOU!

Ameli Antoinette Surgery Time
I was a career-focused, burnt out General Practitioner.

Burnt out because I worked endless shifts to a point where it felt like I was simply existing. I would wake up, go to work, head home late in the evening, if I was lucky I would get a few hours of sleep and then the cycle would begin all-over-again.

Although I loved my profession, I let it dictate my life. Spare time was a rare commodity and I lost out on spending special occasions with the people I love.

My biggest regret is that I could not be there when my Mom needed me the most. She was sick and after she suddenly passed away it was too late, I had no ability to recover that time, she was  already gone.

Don’t get me wrong though…..

Ameli Antoinette-and-Mom-Love-Wealthypreneurs
I don’t blame losing the last few months with my Mom on my patients or my career; because as crazy as it sounds, being a Doctor comes with taking many sacrifices to help others, sacrifices that sometimes we are not even aware of!

So while my caring nature would make the most of it’s time taking care of my patients. The sad reality is that I missed out on caring for the most important person in my life, which was my Mom!

Mom and I lived on our own and although  I know she was proud of me. I feel that Mom would have loved having me sit next to her reading her the newspaper, taking care of her, giving her back everything she gave me, instead my consuming career only paid her with the absence of her only daughter. A career where my main focus was worrying about emergency calls, my patients status, shifts or having those pesky last minute meeting calls.

I cannot help but feel that I have missed out on some of the best days that we could have spent together, like going on holidays, travelling, painting, going on food tours, taking pictures and relaxing with the people who are most important to us!

At this stage the image of my office, the hospital and the status quo of a conditioned society seemed to be engraved within me, making me mistakenly believe that experiencing my ‘WANTS’ were not possible.


But I could no longer handle that reality. We have total control of our lives and if I am in a particular situation it is because I put myself in that situation

I realized that there are more important things in life than just working to exist or living to work!.

I had to make a change!

So after Mom passed away, I decided to pursue one of my main desires. Since I was a little girl I wanted to move to New Zealand and now I was going to make it happen. I was no longer going to be a workaholic.

Once in New Zealand I accepted a position in plastic surgery.

3 months after mom was gone, on one of my daily work-routines at the operating theatre, we had a particular middle aged female patient who was having breast reconstructive surgery.

Seeing her laying in bed, I noticed the grey complexion of her skin and I knew that she had undergone chemotherapy treatment, I saw the scars on her chest, I saw her fragile hands and suddenly I was overwhelmed.

For a moment I saw my Mom laying in that bed and all of a sudden I felt like passing out! It was so overwhelming that my heart was racing and all I Wanted to do was to get out of the theatre and run! It was all too much pain to deal with.

It hit me. It was real. Mom was gone…

doctor stress depression ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs

After moving overseas, for three months I pretended that nothing ever happened. It was easier to continue like that than facing the tough reality. That day, it felt like my Mom was trying to remind me that emotions could not be forgotten. If ignored, emotions have a unique ability to present themselves!

sad depressed reflexive medical doctor surgeon train wealthypreneurs career change
Once I calmed down, on my way back home, I started evaluating my situation. Within a blink of an eye I was back to being a workaholic, back to the early mornings and the late nights with minimum amount of sleep.

I realized that I had fallen back into the same old routine that I had in Peru!

I guess I was just trying to keep myself busy, to avoid thinking, to avoid accepting that Mum was gone but my body was indicating how fragile my emotional state was and if I did not take care of myself I was going to burn out.

The next chapter of my life shocked me. It shocked my colleagues, it shocked my family, it shocked my friends,
It shocked people I met and even now it still shocks people who meet me.


I needed time for myself so I quit medicine -at least for the time being-. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to find a job with normal working hours.

I looked for alternative jobs in medicine and other industries where I could utilize my skills, but no one would employ me as I was over qualified.

Then, I finally got employed and the vision of my 9-5 job became a reality. At first, things were great! but the 9-5 lifestyle is definitely not as ordinary as it is made out to be.  I soon felt the leash of my boss tightening around me.

I went from an independent woman and medical professional to being controlled by bosses who were doing a fantastic job at running their company into the ground while taking their staff along with them.

I thought that perhaps it was time to go back to medicine. But, thinking about working back in the sterile walls of a hospital brought back sad memories, making me feel claustrophobic and nervous.

I felt between a Scylla and Charybdis and got extremely frustrated with this thought, until a switch flicked in my head….

I decided that I was going to live my life under my own terms. I am not going to let someone determine what my time is worth, nor decide at what time I can or cannot take lunch, etc.

Why should I work for someone if I can work just as hard for myself and create my own pay-check?

I have a burning desire to live in a world where I can take holidays whenever I want, enjoy life with friends and spend quality time with my those I love.

I totally believe in the law of attraction and when you really want something, with all the power in your heart, and you look for it, you will find it! So I asked the universe for a sign…

Then I met some awesome new friends at a Christmas BBQ. They both had just quit their jobs to travel the world and work part time online. Listening to them speak of their plans for their amazing year ahead certainly captured my attention. I started probing them for information, as it sounded so amazing that it was almost too good to be true.

At first I was a little skeptical but I maintained an open mind. They told me that they will be teaching, mentoring and providing educational online tools to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their online or offline businesses.

However, my main concern was that I had no business, but I somehow realized that this was going to be my solution. They continued by explaining how I could leverage these same tools to create my own business and position myself in the niche of my choice.

It was at this point when I decided to postpone returning to medicine and made the smart decision to an online business.

Today, my life has now TRANSFORMED, those claustrophobic hospital walls are no longer leaning in on me anymore, instead they have been replaced by a beautiful blue sky, sea and nature

Ameli Antoinette Uluwatu

Ameli Antoinette Oz nature

I now have the freedom to live and breathe in a world I have create for myself, living the lifestyle I always dreamed of.

I now choose when to work, where to work and in which city of the world I want to work in.

More importantly, I can spend as much time as I want next to the people I love.

My heart is finally happy :).

Ameli-Antoinette-Bali-Yoga-Sunrise Love Heart

Despite the limited knowledge I had, the internet has given me the ability to produce an income. I started my online business part time and now I run it from the comfort of my home, or wherever I happen to be, as long as I have internet and my phone or my laptop. The internet never sleeps and is always there when you need it, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

The crazy thing is that everyday people are using the internet to create careers, products, etc. It is not the computer boffins, scientists or engineers; it is just regular people from every walk of life

And I’m so glad I challenged myself to take the chance and trust my inner feelings. Walking away from medicine was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made but it has taught me that I can be brave and try new experiences as this world won’t hurt me……..at all!

My world has changed, and my mission is now to help other people realize that their dreams ARE possible, even if you are not quite sure what that dream might be.

So if you are determined to change your situation but need some advice or guidance to get started then first, download my free ebook: “How to transition from employee to entrepreneur”, you can access it below this post. If you are ready to make that change now, then visit  my page here where I’ll introduce you to one of the persons who walked me through this process and helped build my business from the ground.

Remember, You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It is society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of those rules. The only limitations are those in your mind, get rid of them to create your own reality.

Looking forward to meet you on the beaches of the world

To your success! 🙂

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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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Are you controlling your life or is life controlling you?

Thats right… Are you controlling your life or is your life controlling you?

I’m going to start this post by asking You
What is that motivation that steers you to do certain things?
or perhaps that stops you from doing certain things

See, yesterday we spoke about the 4 Crucial Steps to take
back your personal power
, and  if you haven’t read it or
checked  the video yet, then I suggest you stop reading
RIGHT NOW and go ahead watch the video I posted
on facebook  >>click here to watch the video<<

Did you watch the video??

The reason why I am emphasizing on you watching the video
is because you need the previous information in order to understand
correctly what I am saying now. I’m not saying you are silly or
something like that but it just goes like this:

Would you understand to multiply, without knowing how to sum??
would you go run a marathon without doing any training?
would you invest any money on the stock market, without
understanding how does the stock market work?

No, because you obviously want to understand how things
work first before making a big decision. Right?

Well, the same principle applies here.
By reading this posts and watching my videos, you are filling
your mind with VALUABLE information. You are INVESTING
in yourself, but you want to do it in the correct way and that is
by starting from… The Beginning 🙂

So once again, here’s my video and post from yesterday
for you to take a look … 🙂
>> Ok Ameli, take me to yesterday’s video and post  <<


Alright, let’s carry on … Now that you know what is your
personal power and how you can take it back with 4 crucial steps
let’s go a bit deeper…


Let’s face it, there is a lot of people in the world that wants to be successful
(whatever success means to you) people who wants to make a lot of money,
or make money online, people who wants to get that promotion or, ask that
special person to go out on a date, or maybe just go on a diet to lose some kilos.

Now that You know what it needs to be done in order to achieve your goals,
it seems easy, right? I mean it’s all about 1. knowing what you want and having
a clear vision of your outcome, 2. Taking the necessary Action towards achieving
your outcome, 3. Paying attention to your actions so you know if what you are
doing  is taking you closer or further from your goal and 4. Being Flexible enough
to modify and improve those actions so ultimately you get closer and closer to
achieving your outcome!.


Know what you want, take action, know what is working out and
keep changing
until you have achieve the results you want.

Simple, Simple, simple!

But then if it is so simple why is it that a lot of people just can’t follow
through and stick to their goals? What is preventing them from taking action??


The answer is: FEAR, fear of failure, fear to being rejected,
fear of “being different”, fear of getting out of the norm,
or even fear of SUCCESS…

To make it clearer,

Our decisions and the way we do things are driven by:

  1. PAIN

These are the two controlling forces that are preventing you from
taking action. And you must have this clear in your mind:

EVERYTHING we do in life is based on our need to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

For example,

  • Let’s say that Jen is a very busy woman, she knows she’s been out
    of touch with her family and friends for a while. She knows that a simple
    call will solve it. But, one thing leads to the other and she gets caught up
    with work, emails, telephone calls, the gym, work, etc etc…
    She gets CAUGHT UP.

Another example:

  • Jon, he is a guy who is overwheight, he knows he has to go on a diet
    and eat healthier. He loves chocolate, big cheesy hamburgers and coke.
    That’s his deal, he’s got no time to cook, so McDonalds, BK, Pizza Hut,
    KFC –you name it–  will work out.
    He know  he has to eat healthier, and it would be easier if he organizes
    some healthy food and drinks some water instead of soda but then again
    there’s too much work, staying late  at the office, answering
    emails, phonecalls, getting stuck in traffic and.. Jon gets CAUGHT UP.

And my final example,

  • Have you ever left something up until the very  end or somehow have you
    found ways to push away whatever you know you HAVE TO do immediately,
    but then you manage ways to distract with other things?
    Yes,  I am talking about PROCRASTINATION.But then again you just push things for so long that you get to a point
    where you say “What the heck??”!”I better get this sh* done before
    they get worse!  And in a blink of an eye you do whatever it is
    necessary (TAKE ACTION) to get things DONE.
    This is procrastination reversing itself.

I mean, have you ever been there??

Now, can you relate to any of these examples in any-way?
Or  do you know someone that  you can relate to?
Yes? No? Just be honest with yourself.
In fact, I’ll be honest with you: I have, a lot of times.

Do you see what do the people in these examples have in common?

YES, They get CAUGHT UP.
They allow circumstances to drive  and manage their lives
instead of them managing their own life by controlling how
they respond to circumstances around them.  They have lost
their  personal power and they NEED to take it back!

So WHY do we procrastinate?

Simple, because we have the wrong impression and/or
perspective, and we think that by not taking action we
will experience less pain than by taking action.

We have the wrong idea in our minds!

Subconsciously what you are really thinking is that the
idea of taking action now is going to be more painful
than actually getting things done and dusted.

Have you EVER feel like that??
Just think about it!

And WHY does this happen?? Because you haven’t learn
to control these two forces: Your motivating forces of pain and pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, it is in our human nature, it’s part of our
survival mechanism to avoid pain. And your brain is just going
to fight like crazy to prevent you from doing something that is
going to lead you to pain. BUT (yes, there’s always a but) it
is here when you need to shift your perception.

This is when you need to PAY ATTENTION to WHAT YOU
LINK the ideas of PAIN AND PLEASURE to.

Now you have clear that it is part of our nature to do things
that cause us less pain and more pleasure. But then if there
are 2 different circumstances that are going to cause pain and
you have to choose one, naturally, you are going to go for the
one that is less painful. Are you?

In conclusion:



Now that you know about these 2 principles of PAIN & PLEASURE
You need to create self-awareness and CONTROL what
you  link these 2 principles to.

CHANGE what you link pain and what you link pleasure to.

Let me give you a simple example:

  • It’s that time of the year when you need to file your taxes,
    You have known for a whole year that the time will come
    again  and you knew that if you had things ready it would
    be easier to file your taxes. But you didn’t, you got caught up
    with other stuff in your life like…
    “Oh m I’m too tired now, I’ll do it tomorrow, I still have some time anyway” or,
    “Ugh, I don’t like doing that stuff…. I’ll do it some time” bla bla blaAt the end of the day, the time has passed and have you started
    receiving notifications that if you do not file your taxes
    within the next week you’ll be in deep deep trouble, you’ll
    have to pay some fines, and things will just get worse…It is at this point when you decide to TAKE ACTION & GET THINGS DONE

But, it could have been WAY easier!

Do you see what happened here?

You though that getting things done, actually filling a simple
form online was “painful”,  you thought in the “present” moment,
with short term results. But eventually, procrastinating
about it and “leaving things for later” had even worse
consequences that caused you a lot more “PAIN” and it
was only then when you decided to get things done.

BUT, what if you have thought the other way around?

Like, “Ok yes, I need to file my taxes, I’ll fill out the form
quickly, It is all clear and understandable anyway so then I’ll
have free time to do the things I really enjoy, doing things NOW
is going to save  me from worries, from having to pay fines and
going through unnecesary stress”.

Final Example,

  • If you are going through some financial struggle, things
    seem to work out for a while, everything is going great!
    But then all of a sudden, something happens and you start
    sabotaging yourself, just when you were having some  momentum.

WHY did this happen?

Because somewhere in your mind, you have the wrong idea
the money is bad, or as the media wants to make us think:
rich people takes advantage of poor people, and you are a lovely
person, you don’t want to take advantage of anyone,
You just want to help, inspire and serve other people or,
rich people doesn’t have time to be with their family so you just
decide to be poor to be with your family because you love them
and you care about them.

First of, ok the main reason why you are self-sabotaging yourself
is because you Love your family and you want to protect them,
you want to spend time with them. And that is beautiful!

But then again, do you see how you are causing more pain to
yourself and your family by not taking action? By stopping you
from succeeding and by denying your family and the people
you love the right to live the life all of you deserve?

Do you see how painful it is not having enough money to buy
some food for your family? Having to work endless hours at
minimum wage only for survival? Limiting yourself and your
family by making them go through more pain? A pain that they
DO NOT deserve at all…. When instead, if you could make
more money, like running your own online business and doing
whatever it takes to take action, you’d have the power to change
their lives.

You’d be providing them the joy to eat healthier, to spend more
family time together. Because if you decide to take action
and for example, you decide to build your own online business,
your legacy, not only you will have the money to take them on
holidays and save for your children’s health or for university,
but you will also have the time-freedom to BE WITH THEM
AT ALL TIMES, to make them happy, to live that life of
fulfillment that YOU and your family deserve..

Did you see what happened here? You CHANGED the FOCUS
to a POSITIVE OUTCOME, to Gaining more PLEASURE by
avoiding the real pain.

So ALL you need to do is SHIFT YOUR PERCEPTION  and
direct your FOCUS onto how not doing something is going
to be MORE PAINFUL than having to do so.

In other words: ASSOCIATE not taking action to being more painful
than actually doing it. Don’t wait until you’re out of time and
there’s so much pressure that you have to do something.
Save yourself from painful situations and just take ACTION!

USE this pain and pleasure principles to control situations
around you instead of having them controlling your life.

These principles work in ANY area of your life, whether it is
your personal life or your business life, whether if you are
finding it difficult to keep a relationship or struggling financially.

If you are sabotaging yourself someway  or another is because
deep deep deep into you, you are linking pain and pleasure to the wrong ideas.

HOW do you link pain and pleasure to the right ideas??

Well, First of all CONGRATULATIONS, because if you are
asking yourself that , it means that you are now AWARE of it
and that my friend is the biggest and most importnat step.

Now, what is next?
#2 is Asking yourself WHAT is it going to mean TAKING
ACTION? What results are you going to get? What pains
and pleasures are you gonna get from it?

#3 Ask your self what is it going to mean not taking action?
What is it going to be the results in your life? What pains
and pleasures are you going to get? What extra pain are you
going to gain by not taking action?

#4 What would taking action mean to you emotionally, physically,
mentally, Spiritually? What pleasure are you going to gain?How are
you going to feel?  Happy, Proud, More Confident, Stronger, Recognized, Admired…


So decide to take control of your life now, choose what you FOCUS on,
and your behavior will steer in that direction, all by learning to
control pain and pleasure and what you choose to follow through.

What would you lose if you do not take action?
Are you preventing yourself from living an extraordinary life?

Do what is right for your life my friend, You deserve to live an
extraordinary life, you deserve a life of fulfillment so
shift your focus,decide to TAKE ACTION NOW, stop letting your
life controlling you and start controlling your life.

The World is YOUR OYSTER.

See you tomorrow on my next post,

Love & Light,


Wealthypreneurs controlling pain and pleasure to control your life success anthony robbins

Take Back Your Personal Power: The 4 Crucial Steps

What do you think it is Your Personal Power?

Your personal Power is your inner ability to
TAKE ACTION and produce results.

It is a power that lives within You and ignites
at certain times of your life, leading you to
achieve the results you want so bad.

See, we all have it within us but sometimes
for X reasons, it slips away of our hands
and we feel vulnerable, powerless.

Can you relate to that?
That overwhelming sensation we feel when
something doesn’t work out the way we expected it,
the way we wanted it to be.

Yes, it can be scary but the truth is, it is only temporary
and you can get back even more powerful from it if
you decide to do So.

Now, let’s get to the juice….

What you need to know if you want to take back your personal power

It all comes down to 2 words:

Success & Failure.

Failure is the result of failing to stay consistent and committed,
failing to follow through our goals and not giving our 110%

Success -on the other hand- is the result keeping consistent and
staying committed, following our goals and breaking through
the limits that used to stop us.

So if you really want to change things in your life,
YOU NEE TO TAKE ACTION. Because it is a combination of
these little successes what create the life you want, a life YOU OWN.

So, HOW do You Start? What Steps do you need to take?

Let’s see… yesterday we spoke about the 3 pillars to living an extraordinary life?
In there I mentioned that one of those those pillars is Your Attention, Your FOCUS


Your Personal power comes from FOCUSING on what you WANT to achieve
and taking DAILY ACTION towards it.  And it is a sum of those small steps,
of that “small” progress that adds up and can TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

A Journey of a Thousand miles begins with one single step wealthypreneurs lao tzu

To reinforce it again, ANYTHING YOU FOCUS on
a CONSISTENT BASIS – whatever it is- you will achieve,

So here, I’ll bring back again what type of Language are you using?
Are you using words on your favour or against yourself?

Remember, you have the ULTIMATE POWER to live the life you DESIRE.
Something powerful that I heard was:

“Instead of focusing on how to make a living, focus on how you can DESIGN the life you want.”

It is not about luck, or having the skills or talents.
Because some people can have all of the skills they need to succeed in a certain area
but they do not use them, they don’t work with them. They stay stagnant

Whereas for example, when I started working online, I had no “online skills”
and all I knew about the internet was how to do some research on my
favourite Medical Journals, send emails and facebook. I didn’t even know
what was instagram!

and develop the skills I Needed. And, as many of other successful online
entrepreneurs I know, I have become my own boss by  working online.

It is THE SAME with any other are of your life, I said before….

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”


If you look at the people who is the most successful in any area you choose,
they were either absolutely INSPIRED to succeed and thrive, to win that nobel prize,
to win the oscar, to win that race, to earn that promotion, to succeed in the
stock market, etc..etc..
Or, they were absolutely DESPERATE to get out of their current situation at that time,
they were sick and tired to struggle financially, sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck,
or depending upon others, being unable to provide to their families the life they deserve,
or maybe desperate to get out of that awful job with an stupid boss and totally desperate to
work from home, or travel the world…..

Did you notice something??

Either way, INSPIRED or DESPERATE, use both emotions as a MOTIVATION,
as a MOTOR to improve, to be better, to demand more from yourself that anyone
else could ever expect, to THRIVE.

So Get uncomfortable my friend and decide to make a change.

Another  tip that can help you as well is studying, self-education,
find a role model, fill your mind with useful knowledge and apply it.
Because, no matter what you have been through, no matter what
has happened to you in the past, no matter the mistakes you made


Remember, The past does not equal the future.


    The clearer you are into knowing exactly what you want,
    the clearer you get into knowing your outcome.
    You must get focus in what you want and the result you want from it.
    Once you have it, imagine it to detail, and FOCUS in it.
    Ask yourself,  What is the out come I want?
    How achieving this outcome is going to influence my life?
    What is useful about this? What is the use of this? how can I use it?
    Everyday, take the steps to move towards the achievement of your
    goals. START TODAY, because there is no other day than “Today”
    and your present actions. Someday in the future is the result of what you do TODAY,
    of what you are doing NOW.
    Make a decision that you are willing to push yourself to the next level,
    demand more from yourself than anybody would expect.

    If for any reason you feel fear, fear to not succeed well, guess what….
    fail harder robert kiyosaki wealthypreneurs

    Pay attention and notice what you  learn from the actions you take.
    Pay attention to what is working or not. Are those actions
    getting you closer or further from your goal?
    So this is what I mean when I say BE FLEXIBLE:   if after paying attention
    to your actions you see that they are not getting you closer to your goal,
    or they are not giving you the results you want, then CHANGE THINGS.
    Change your approach, Try something else, think outside the box and IMPROVE :)IF WHAT YOUR ARE DOING THAT NOT WORK, TRY SOMETHING ELSE. CHANGE YOUR APPROACH

Now you’ll probably  be wondering…. HOW Often do IT try?
The answer is…. UNTIL YOU SUCCEED.

losers quit winners fail until they succeed wealthypreneurs robert kiyosaki

To make a recap, To take back your PERSONAL POWER
you need to take these 4 crucial steps:

  1. Know your outcome and have it crystal clear in your mind.
  2. Take consistent action to achieve your outcome.
  3. Pay attention to your actions & learn from them and,
  4. Have the flexibility to change your actions when necessary in order to get you closer to achieving your outcome.


Remember, Your personal power is a result of the little achievements
or successes you have accomplished.

And if you don’t know where to start well…. Find a role model.
Someone who is exactly where you want to be,
learn about them, study their success, pay attention to the good
and the mistakes they made.

Once you start doing that, you will find a patternon their behaviour,
on their mindset. And it is then when you will follow those steps.
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and go through trial and error.
Save yourself some time and pains, wise people also learn from the experience of others.

Finally, failure can be your best friend. Actually, the greatest successful
people in the world are people who have been through so much success
and failure that it grow them into a whole new level of success.

LEARN from your mistakes, and take that step forward.
Train your mind to look for answers and solutions,
develop healthy habits, feed your mind with powerful knowledge and

Finally, before I wrap up this post, I propose an exercise for you
What are those 3 things that you have been pushing away over the last
couple of hours, days, weeks, months… even years.

What are they?
You know what they  are….
Perhaps is to start exercising, or finishing that homework
or stop smoking, or cleaning up your room.

No matter what is it, commit to do them and Start gaining
your personal power NOW.

That’s all for today folks, I’ll see you tomorrow and hey!
If you find this blogpost inspiring, if it resonates with you or
with anyone you know then share it with them and let’s spread the
word to help more people take back their personal power, their lives!

Love & Light,


Success result of good judgement, good judgement is result of experience, experience is result of bad judgement. (Anthony Robbins)


The 3 pillars to living an extraordinary life

The 3 pillars to living an extraordinary life – Countdown to Bali day 2


My heart is beating super fast…
You know that feeling you get when You KNOW
something EPIC is about to happen??

Well that’s exactly how I feel :D!

My trip to Bali is getting closer and closer each day,
and I just can’t be excited enough! I’m not there yet
and I feel like I’m already transforming…

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Now let me ask you a question, when was
the last time you felt Amazing?

When was the last time you felt like a Rockstar?

How about you could feel like that everyday,
at anytime, at any place, no matter What.

Want to know the Formula to an Extraordinary Life?

Well the formula to have an extraordinary life is actually simple,
it goes like this:

An Extraordinary Life is a result of an extraordinary MINDSET and an extraordinary way of looking at the world.

The Key to an Extraordinary MINDSET

It all depends of your input andhow you see things happening around you,
whether  they seem to be positive o negative. See, we live in two worlds:

  • Our external world
  • Our internal world.

In Your External World, things happen, and sometimes there are things
that are out-of-your-control.

In Your Internal World, things happen and You control  your response to THOSE things.

In other words, it is not where you live physically, it’s where you live internally and how you CHOOSE to LIVE.

The Internal world -which you can control – is key to your extraordinary mindset, to your extraordinary life.


What do You need to “control” your internal world?

There are basically 3 pillars that are going to help you control your internal world
and handle the situations in your external world . These will lead you to totally

These pillars are:

  1. Your emotions & your physical body
  2. Your Focus & beliefs
  3. The language you use.


  • Your Emotions & Physical Body

Remember this: eMOTION comes from MOTION. YOU NEED TO MOVE

When you think about it, it’s actually common sense.
a. Remember those moments when you are SUPER HAPPY, EXCITED, PUMPED UP,
What is your posture? What’s your voice tone?
You speak louder, with more confidence, your physical posture is upright, with a straight back
Does the term: BODY LANGUAGE comes along?? Ding ding ding ding  😉

b. Now also remember this, what happens to those things that DON’T move.
Who are stagnant, quiet, rigid, inflexible? They are dead! or about to die.
So the less you move, the less you feel, the less alive you are.

To relate with an example, I remember when I was feeling down,
laying in bed, still, quiet… it was horrible! Even when sometimes
I was just reading I mean, reading is cool, I love it!
But if you don’t move, it just gets boring!

So I would jump out of bed, and go out for a walk, to take some sunshine
to enjoy the views, and feelimg greateful for the wonderful things around.

Exercising will get you on the right mood and mindset, it will lift you up
and actually thereis a hormonal game going on when you exercise and,
to make it simple your “happy”hormones LOVE it when you exercise 🙂

So know you get it??

Just  MOVE !  🙂

Movement = Positive Emotions = Better  Life.

“The Quality of our life is the quality of the consistent emotions
that you experience”

  • Your Focus & Beliefs

 Remember the saying “” Energy flows where attention goes”?
Attention = Focus

And whatever we focus on we tend to feel whether it is true or not.

Let me explain, Imagine you are at the movies, watching a horror movie,
it’s all dark and you are focused on teh screen, on what is going to happen next
and then, all of a sudden BOOM! this spooky monster shows up and makes you jump
out of your sit!. And for a fraction of a second you feel this fear!

On the other hand, imagine you are at one of those 3D roller coaster simulators.
You jump in, the music pumps you up, everyone is excited and having lots of
fun! And then, it comes the time to go through what I call it “the free fall”
and you feel that pressure in your stomach when you want to scream but you can’t,
you are having the time of your life and you are feeling incredibly happy.


Were any of those situation REAL?
Technically… NO
But they felt as REAL.

Because you FOCUSED on them, and whatever you focus on you are going to feel
because your brain can not tell teh difference between something you focus on
or vividly imagine vs something that you are actually -physically- experiencing.

In conclusion, you can change how you feel according on what YOU CHOOSE to Focus on.

For example, instead of focusing on a temporary setback or challenge (commonly known as problems),
Focus on the SOLUTION. ask yourself the right questions, and with that comes….

  • Your language

Use your words to YOUR ADVANTAGE. What we say has so much power over us
and most of people don’t even realize it!. Specially when we say phrases with
intensity and emotion –also known as INCANTATIONS–  we actually believe them,
our subconscious mind believes them.

There are 2 types of Incantations, Positive and Empowering ones and Negative or Disempowering ones.
Most of people has a tendency to repeat the Negative Ones,
but I know that from now on you will focus on the positive ones 🙂

For example, you can start replacing …

– “This is too much, I can’t hand find a solution” for:  “HOW CAN I solve this?”
– “I’m feeling stuck” for  “WHAT CAN I DO to make things better?”
– “I feel sad” for “I choose to feel better everyday”

I know it may sound silly or crazy, but YOU NEED TO SAY THIS THINGS as if they already happen, be and feel grateful for them as if they were already happening :)!

To make a quick RECAP

  1. BE AWARE of yourself and how you choose to react to certain circumstances around you.
  2. FOCUS on the positives, turn around negatives for Positives. There is always something to learn out of what happens to us and hey! everyone has problems, life would be super boring and lame if everything was perfect.
  3. TAKE SOME TIME TO YOURSELF, in order to combine the 3 pillars we have previously discussed, you need to dedicate some time for YOURSELF. You can start with 15 min a day, and then scale up to 30 min or even an hour a day and make it your hour of power!.

So now you know it:
MOVE, do some exercise; while you walk or run FOCUS on the positives, dedicate at least 5 min of your routine to feeling GRATEFUL for the things around you, for being alive; after you feel grateful take some time to visualize how you want your life to be, and once again feel grateful for it as if it would be happening and finally, do some INCANTATIONS while you run,
do it out loud or in your mind (although out loud works way better!)

Some of the ones I Use are:
“All I need is within me now”

“Everyday in everyway I’m getting stronger and stronger”
“Everyday in everyway I’m feeling happier and happier”

And when I’m running an uphill and d feel like quitting
“every day and on every step I’m feeling stronger and stronger”
“ever day and with every breath I getting leaner and leaner”
“All the strenght I need is within me now”
“All the power I need is within me now”

All of these steps are part of my daily routine now, and I can tell you
my life is transforming, not only mine but my relationships and
everything in my life is getting better and better 🙂

You choose your words, apply these techniques with constance,
commit to them as if you were training for a competition,
studying for a big exam or preparing for a presentation and
I can GUARANTEE you that You will have an EXTAORDINARY LIFE!


So…How do you choose to feel today??  🙂

Love & Light,


decide to live an extraordinary-life

PS: After following this tips on a daily basis, a main factor that is also allowing me to live an extraordinary Life is the ability to run my own business online. To know exactly how I do it and , then just >> click this link<< and meet me there 🙂

99% of online businesses fail, here’s how you can be in the 1%

Someone told me this morning “If you want to succeed you have to put in the effort”.

We all want to be successful, we all want to achieve our ultimate dreams,
99% of those people is willing to take determined action and put the right effort into it, and that road only leads to one place: FAILURE CITY.

So the question here is HOW BAD do You really want it??
What are you willing to do to achieve even your craziest goal??

I have to be honest here, for different reasons, I haven’t been blogging as much as I should these last days.  I would point out exactly the reasons why I couldn’t, but in that pack there are also some excuses and as the saying goes…..

If your excuses are bigger than your dreams, then your dream is not big enough!

So I figured, I better get back into blogging! -on the other hand, I also miss it!-

So WHY do 99% of businesses fail?? and…. How can YOU be in that not-ordinary 1%??. Easy!, This is what you should NOT be doing:


    When you work for yourself,  when you are your own boss, when you work from home -or no home- NOONE is going to sit next to you and tell you.
    “Ok ABC, this is what you need to do while handling you a list -from 1 to 10- of things you need to do”.
    So You can choose to…


  • You have already ORGANIZED your productive activities for the next day the night before.
  • You PRIORITIZE the important or harder tasks first time and the easiest ones to the end.
  • You Wake Up Early and at the same time everyday (you’re actually doing a favour to your brain and those neurons :)! )


  • The lazy bum, gets out of bed after 9+ am.
  • Waste the whole morning on facebook (the BIGGEST data & waste social media if used in a non-productive way),
  • Maybe spend some time on your bum watching TV and eating some chips.
  • There’s no productive/smart Organization of your day.

To be a clear here, YES, there is anyone pushing you an forcing you to do some work. But if you want your business to succeed, you need to treat it like a business, be responsible and get things done ON TIME. Only your effort, your commitment and the passion you put into your work will get you the results that you want. And something super important is: You Need to DO what you LOVE and what motivates you. Because that love and that motivation is going to be your strength when you feel down, because… yes my dear. There are going to be times  where you’ll fill exhausted and down. Life is not perfect!, there are always up and downs.  And here is when your core motivation comes to the rescue, to boost you up with a huge those of motivation, inspiration & strenght :).



    A lot of people would think this is not important. As long as they know where they’ve left their “stuff” that’s alright. Meanwhile their desks look more like a recycling collection place with heaps documents/papers/books/receipts/ magazines/ newspapers/big notes/ little notes/ post-it’s/ fake post-it’s etc etc… all mixed up with pens, pencils, cables, plates and anything random you can imagine. (You get the picture).

Well.. guess what?? That’s a NO NO NO. AVOID IT AT ALL PRICES!!!
Why?… Because

  • You are making it harder for your brain to focus, and provide you with the ideas/inspiration & resources you need!. A messy environment is only going to fill your mind with the same sh**t you’ve got around you.
  • Your desk is your personal area, your area of work. If it is all dirty and messy. It is only a subconscious reflection of what you have inside.
  • What you have inside will reflect in the way you manage your business. Yes, it is a cycle.



    If you study successful people, you will realize the they all have ONE thing in common. They are all CONSISTENT no matter what!.

Once you have a vision and you set your goal, create a plan and strategize to achieve that goal. Every single day is an opportunity to grow, and every single day you need to take massive determined action, CONSISTENTLY.

As Neil Patel said today in our webcast, when he was blogging consistently, he was getting leads and results every single day. He stopped for a period of time and it took him about 3 months to recover the amount of visitors and leads he was previously getting.

In my personal experience, previously I have been blogging consistently up until the last blogging challenge. I was getting heaps of traffic, comments,  visitors, people emailing me and subscribing to my list. There was action and it felt good!. After a couple of days I got some people asking about my posts. It is going to be 2 weeks now and guess how many visitors I get daily now??? Yeah…. not so many….

Is it Clear??? BE CONSISTENT and No Matter WHAT BE CONSISTENT!. The little steps from today will pay you back in the future. And once you look back you’ll see how FAR you have gotten. You will know more than what you know today and eventually you’ll just be a better person, maybe a totally different person :)!


Unsuccessful people, believe that they can do it all on their own. They do not delegate and they believe they already know it all, that’s why hey do not take advice of other people, they do not listen to others and that is also why… they are not successful.

Successful people, look to connect with like-minded people. They join together often to brainstorm and change ideas. Like exactly what we do in our amazing masterminds. They care and support each other to build up their own business. They understand that the key of success lays in joining a community and working as a team, being accountable while respecting your own independence. It is like a relationship!!

If your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife tells you to do everything their own way, and you have to be next to them 24/7 as if you were a teddy bear and you have no voice whatsoever. Where is that relationship going to end?? FAILING!.

On the other hand if within the relationship, each of you respect your own differences and actually use those differences to grow, communicate, understand each other and even push each other. Things are going to be so much better! And that relationship will SUCCEED :).


    Successful People,is continuously educating themselves, whether they chose to go to a training, a seminar, an update, study & read the new trends. Successful people is always looking to learn more, to innovate. Want examples??: Search the most successful Gurus, Leaders & Entrepreneurs in the world: Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Hiro Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, etc etc.

    Unsuccessful people, think that learning new things is a waste of time, their ego makes them so blind and dumb that they can not see the world changes continuously. They believe they already know it all but with that attitude they actually know nothing. They are not coachable and unwilling to learn. Therefore they get stuck in bumps they have created to themselves along their way.

So these are the tips you need to apply to be part of the 1% and have a successful business. It may sound easy, it may sound simple and you can say right now “bah… easy-peacy”. If that’s you, nice! Then challenge yourself to follow them and applying them on a DAILY basis NO-MATTER-WHAT.
And a great way for you to start is by blogging consecutively for 21 days. Why 21 days??. Because it takes 21 days of consistent action to develop a habit.

So get your things sorted and start working to your success!!


Tomorrow I’ll continue with My Website Series 🙂

See you on my next post.



ps: If this post helped you, you enjoy it or you just love my tanned skin & happy face :D,  then go ahead and share this post and its value with the rest of the world :D!

How to Grow a successful online business

On the previous blogging challenge, we’ve been talking pretty much about YOU, about your own personal development and the importance of building a successful mindset before starting a business online -or any other business- . These steps are FUNDAMENTAL to start your online business with the right foot. So if you haven’t read those posts yet and before you learn how to grow a successful online business, I highly recommend you to do so and follow the exercises assigned there.

Wealthypreneurs_3 Pillars of starting a successful online business

3 pillars of starting a successful online business

Because the truth is that whatever is happening around you, somehow is a direct reflection of how things are inside you. Therefore you need to master yourself, learn to control your thoughts and utilize the power of your subconscious mind first before pretending to master anything else.

Here are some of them:

  1. What is an entrepreneur?
  2. What is holding you back? Breakthrough the barriers of your mind in 3 easy steps
  3. How to overcome prejudice successfully
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking
  5. Life hack to a successful career
  6. How to be more positive and happy in 3 easy steps
  7. The 6 reasons why you are still struggling to keep a positive mindset and how to fix it.
  8. The Secret To Find Your Purpose In Life.
  9. What is the law of attraction and how to use it to your success
  10. Do you need a career change? Listen to your inner calling.
  11. How to transition form employee to entrepreneur in 5 easy steps
  12. What is a freedompreneur?

your business will fall like a demolished house of cards_wealthypreneursI am going to assume you have check each of those topics and follow the exercises there. Because yes, you can go straight to the “golden nuggets” but it would be pretty much as pretending to build a house with a weak, wobbly foundation.

It doesn’t matter how pretty you make it look, if the foundation is weak and unstable your house will fall apart as a house of cards with a soft breeze and at the first setback in your business, you will be freaking out trying to understand the “why’s”. So to save you all that unnecessary worry, hassle, waste of time & money. Just Go READ & APPLY the exercises in the articles above.

Are we clear now? Great  :).

Now let’s move forward.

Considering today is Day 5 in this 21 day blogging challenge, over the next 16 days I Will be educating you with a bit more technical and practical knowledge to teach you how to grow a successful online business.

On yesterday’s live free training I gave you an insight of the most important 7 steps to build a successful online business. You can access this training for free by clicking here :).

7 steps to build successful online business_wealthypreneurs

Tomorrow, to guide you on how to grow an online business and how to succeed in business, we will be talking about “The Basic Steps To Have An Appealing, High Converting  and Responsive Website/ Blog” to promote your business and increase customer engagement.

So you can be on the right track when starting an online business… stay tuned! :)!

Oh btw, just before I finish this post and go off to the beach, if you have ANY questions related to this, and if there is anything you would like to understand and learn. Feel free to ask them in the comments below or get in touch with me through any of the social media sites in the box with my picture in it, right after this post!. I’d love to hear from you.

Make it an awesome day!,

Amelí :).

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