How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

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How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

The video below is an extract from the movie “Up in the air” from 2009.

Many of you may relate with Bob, I do – in a way–  although I am not on my 50’s, I paid attention to my  ‘wake up call’ and quit my career to start following my dreams…

So far it’s been 12 exciting months down the road… but first let ne ask YOU a question: Are you considering making a career change? Are you asking yourself if you should quit your job? Have you just been laid off? Have you just been redundant? Have you just been fired from your job? and now you don’t know what to do?

I know it is scary, specially if you’ve been in your career/profession/job for years. Somehow that office, that room, that place has become your ‘home’, a place you somehow hate but at the same time can’t live without, you’ve developed this love-hate relationship with your job because…. what can i do without it?

What can I do without my job??

What can I do if all I know is how to be a doctor…. a lawyer… an engineer… an architect… a designer… a chemist… a sales rep… a banker… a secretary… a personal assistant… a corporate woman/man… a flight attendant… a lecturer… a teacher… a chef… a plumber… a builder… a painter… etc… etc…etc…

If that’s what you think. That’s ok, I get it…. BUT the truth is YOU ARE WRONG!

See, that’s what I used to believe of myself when I quit my career as a doctor. I thought that all I knew was how to be a doctor. But I was wrong. It took me a fair bit to understand that I was waaaay more than just my career’s tittle.

In fact, your career’s tittle is only a portion of Who you really are.

So if you have just been laid off  your job or fired from your job, if you are considering quitting your job or if you have already quit your job. Then consider this your wake up call. 

So what is next?

Now it’s your time for Yourself, it is time to go deep inside you and Understanding who You really are… What is your life purpose? What are your dreams and aspirations?

See I believe that your life is much more than a regular 9 to 5 job, your life is much more than your degree or your career, your life is much more than your status. Your life is about what you make of it, of how you live it, how you inspire others, how you enjoy the simple things in life.

I believe we are all destined to live a life of joy and fulfillment and I believe that we all have the power to do it. You have the power to create a business and a lifestyle you love. All you need is the decision and commitment to do it and a mentor who will walk you through the transition.

I was there, exactly where you are right now, feeling lost and confused, back then I already made the decision that I was not going to work for anyone else, that I was going to become my own boss and run my own business. It took me a while to sort things out, at first I didn’t know what I was doing and how to do things in a simpler but effective way, until I find my mentor who showed me the way and was there waiting for me after I responded with a “Yes”to my wake up call.

I now mentor people like you, who want a new beginning and are determined to build a business around the things they love. I don’t this with everyone, but only with some because the truth is although 90% of people who is sick and tired of their job say that they want to make a change or that they want to start their own business, only 10% is willing to commit to their dreams, put the effort and keep persistent to create successful results.

If that sounds like you, then you can access my facebook community where I offer free advice and tips to change your career and create a business and a lifestyle you love. If you are determined to take a step forward, then send me a message and we can discuss your dreams and goals.

Remember, don’t let anyone pay you to give up on your dreams!

This is your life and it is time to live it YOUR way!

To your success,

~Ameli Antoinette.


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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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What Successful People Know About CHANGE??

This is the last post of this 21 day blogging challenge. Throughout my previous posts I have been teaching you about making a change in your life, in your career, the values you need to develop and how important it is to build yourself first, before building any business.

But my post for today is a little bit different… it is about CHANGE.

It has been a busy and fantastic weekend on my side of the world, movies, a wedding, beach and having fun. Actually these last 10 days have been Great…. ACTUALLY, ever since I decided to make a CHANGE, my life has just transformed and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!.

BUT all of these experiences didn’t happen overnight, the joy and freedom I am living now wasn’t just by “chance” or by “being lucky”. It was a matter of CHOICE. 

I CHOSE to leave my career as a Medical Doctor, to embark myself in the adventure to become a FreedomPreneur and thanks to the system that I follow  now I live the life I always wanted.

Over the past 3 days I have met amazing people that I haven’t seen for a while and this morning, on my way back home after finishing my early rise –updated– exercise routine. I met a friend who made me think about HOW IMPORTANT it is to make a change in your life!

Allow me to be a bit more clear….

  • Have you just left your Job and you are looking to do something different?
  • Are you changing paths in your career but not sure in which direction to go? – or, are you planning to do it- 
  • Are You planning to move from one place to the other? 
  • Have you just arrived in a new area?
  • Do you feel like you have to start over?
  • Do you feel like you are a bit lost or….. you are not sure what to do?

Well, I got your back. I asked myself each of these questions several times before.

  • After Mum passed away and I knew I had to do something different with my career.
  • My last day at the hospital and the exact moment when I look at it and said… This is it!
  • The time I wondered if moving to another country was the best thing to do.
  • The moment I arrived to NZ and I felt like an alien because I didn’t know anyone.
  • The few times I left other jobs in other industries because they weren’t what I was looking for.
  • The moment I was unfairly dismissed from a job where the owners were ridiculously neglecting.
  • The moment when I got sick and tired of everything and….. decided to MAKE A CHANGE.

YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE my friend… And I have GREAT News for YOU, wherever you are and however you are feeling.  It is OK! Everything is going to be OK!

Looking back now, I don’t regret a single decision in my life, because those experiences are the ones that make you stronger and…. wiser. 🙂

So keep moving, keep looking, keep asking and more importantly: TAKE ACTION!


I have not failed. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.

~Thomas Alva Edison


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (~ Thomas Alva Edison)

Now, Do you know what Change is?? Do You know what the word CHANGE stands for?. I made this up this morning and here is how YOU should always be looking for a Change 🙂


C hoose to

eal and

dvance through





Successful people sees CHANGE as an opportunity to grow, to progress, to improve and succeed in whatever goal they decide to accomplish.

There might be setbacks and times when things get hard. But YOU you have to keep trying. Believe in yourself and KEEP TRYING. Have you heard of the story ‘3 feet from Gold??’ It is in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

** You can also find the “Think and Grow Rich book in our WealthyPreneurs Success Library. If you are part of our WealthyPreneurs team then you already have received this book as part of a gift from Us **


CHOOSE to live the life you deserve, CHOOSE to go get your dreams. CHOOSE to be free and live a comfortably life by working on what you are passionate about.

If you focus towards your goals, take consistent and determined action. You will see your results coming and…. 


if you feel like you need a little help, I am here to help you, to teach you and inspire you.

I am here to help you become a better YOU if you are serious enough about it! And of course, to celebrate with you when you are finally living the Life you have always wanted 🙂

If you want to take a look at my previous posts, you can find them >>> HERE <<<:

 All the Best :),


5 Incredible Statistics That Will Make You Break Free From The Cubicle

Want to break free from the chains of your hypothetical cubicle?

Take a look at this 5 incredible statistics extracted from an õvibe infographic  that will make you break free from the cubicle to live the Freedompreneur lifestyle!

Growing Number Of Freedompreneurs

2_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursWhere do you want to be in 5 years from now?

By 2020, 40% of the workforce will be working from home & monetizing their passions. Living a more flexible lifestyle.

What are YOU waiting for?


 Healthier Living…

3_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursBreaking free from the cubicle, away from the stress of the office to work in a better setting, for example setting up your own cozy office from the comfort of your home has more initiatives to promote wellness.

Of course, when combined with a healthy nutritional habits and periods of exercise.

When you are healthier and happy, you are going to be more productive.


 Better Interactions…

7a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

When you are set up in the right environment, working at your own pace, focus on your own goals. Things change, suddenly your interactions with others improve.

Ideas flow to your mind easily, sometimes creativity flows and it is easy to brainstorm with coworkers and business like-minded people like you.


Warning: Higher Incomes Ahead.

11a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneurs

By working in a proper setting, by working on your passions, and by having the discipline and determination to achieve your goals.  You will take things seriously.

Something I have heard frequently: ” If you treat your business like a business, you will get business results but if you treat your business as a hobby....”


You Choose When To Work

12a_ 11 reasons to break free from the cubicle - wealthypreneursHaving the autonomy and flexibility to work whenever you feel more productive or whenever you want.

For the earlybirds: doing some work for a couple of hours in the morning and enjoying the rest of the day.

For the night-owls: Doing what you wanted to do on your day and then, working for a couple of hours before going to bed.

After all of the overnight shifts I have previously done I cam conclude that I work better at night time, but that is a habit, I am gradually changing this as it is not good for the hormonal balance of your body.


Now that you know these statistics, in which side do YOU want to be?

break the chain  - wealthypreneursThis is YOUR time to break the chain!

This is YOUR time to work on something that you are passionate about and can’t live without!

This is YOUR time to work whenever and wherever you want!

This is YOUR time to live the lifestyle you have always dreamt of!

Stop dreaming and start doing! Take Action NOW

How do you start? By following >>>THIS <<< simple formula


All the Best,

 ~ Ameli

Do You Need a Career Change?? You are not alone.

If you feel like you are not in the right career, you are not alone. Listen to your Inner Call and Start Moving!

According to a research done by seek in Australia, Almost 50% of the people the interviewed, told them They feel They were not in the right career.

So if something inside you is telling You to Start Moving and try something different. Then this can be Your Best opportunity for a career change. Keep up the motivation as I’ll guide you through the main reasons why most of people is looking for a career change.

1_ career change statistics in australia


exclamationKeep an eye onto the warning signs you might be in the wrong career…

Despite what you think, wanting a career change is a common fact. People change their careers all the time for a lot of different reasons (personal reasons, financial reasons, #MyWorkDoesn’tFulfilledMe). Here are some of them:

02_ current career reasons australia wealthypreneurs

  • 41% – “I fell onto it”
    This would be like finishing School/Uni and a casual job is started. One thing takes to the other and all of a sudden you wind up 10 years working in the same career. Maybe it was cool at the beginning but It wasn’t really what you were looking for or what You really wanted but… you just landed there and…. It was a job, right?
  • 11.5% – ” It was what my friends, family,teachers, councelor and career tests told me to do”
    This is a classic one. There is always someone in our family who we are going to admire and becomes an influencial figure in our lives, and you strike to pursue and do the same things they did. But sometimes You forget to hear Your Own voice, your Inner Calling and wind up in a career that doesn’t really fulfill you. Sometimes you forget to look for other more alternatives.

For Example: Engineer Parent, Engineer Child.   Economist Parent, Economist Child.    MD Parent, MD Child.  Plumbing Parent, Plumbing Child and so on…

One thing You need to Understand You are not your family or your friends or your advisors or a test you fill on the web to see which career suits you better. You are YOU, a person with dreams, aspirations, skills, strengths and weaknesses that makes You Unique. And You can Succeed on any career you  Want as long as you Really Really Want It and put all of your effort and commitment in It.

This remindes me of Nathan, The kiwi kid that with only 23 years left his work as a Plumber -his dad was a plumber- to develop his own career and travel the world by using a simple system and following the steps you can see >>> Here <<<.

  • 12% – “Because it seemed to have good convenient working hours”

What are the reasons for a Career change??

3_ reasons for wanting a career change wealthypreneurs

  • Want to help others
    ou will get everything you want in life, if you just help other people get what they want”. ~Zig Ziglar
  • Undesirable relationship with the boss
    Having a bad relationship with your boss is an immediate turn-off at any job. It creates a tense environment, your productivity reduces, headaches show up and all you want is get out of there or finding an opportunity to Break Free and become Your Own Boss (like this one)
  • Endless long hours
    There is nothing more frustrating than missing an important party, family meeting, trip, dinner or just those extra 60 min of relax at the spa or chilling out in in your coach than having to stay Extra-Hours to finish a last minute Task the put on your desk just when you were excited to be leaving. -Ok, maybe sometimes it was something YOU left for the last minute- But my point Is: Is it really worth living to work instead of…. Working to make a living?


Get rid of that fear to change your career!

4_what is stopping you from a career change -wealthypreneurs It is not a crazy thing! –ok, maybe it is – But I can assure You that it is the MOST Exciting, Fulfilling , Rewarding and Worthwhile Crazy thing you’ll do in Your Life :)!.

 So… what is stopping most of people from making this life-changing decision?


5_what is stopping You from a career change 2 - wealthypreneurs

  •  Fear of the Unknown.
  • Being unsure of the right steps.
  • Fear of failure.

Yes, Fear… did you know that fear is what defeats more people than any other thing in the world?. It’s like a plague!!  So that kind of fear is not good. That kind of fear stands for:

F = False
E = Evidence
A = Appering
R = Real 

On the other hand, you can Use fear to your success, Remember:

The best things in life are out of your comfort zone.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~Dale Carnegie

 The best way to know what steps to take is by actually, taking them!. I remember what I did first was some research, then I found people who is living the life I want to be living. I started to following them and they became my mentors. Someone once told me:  The Best way to be in the business is, by Being in the business”. There is no such a thing as waiting for the perfect moment because while you wait and the years pass. Someone else is starting, learning and applying what they learn.

“You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great” ~Zig Ziglar.


Life is too short and doesn’t wait. Just give it a go!

There is no such thing as failure, there are only results. ~Anthony Robbins

Life doesn’t wait, and…

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say YES – then learn how to do it later!. ~Richard Branson   

6_reasons for  time out from work - wealthypreneurs


  • 27%Travel overseas
  • 15% Study
  • 16% Reevaluate their career and personal life.

7_planning for a career break - Wealthypreneurs

 Plenty of people are changing careers!

8_career changes through life - Wealthypreneurs

Great News! A lot of people overcome their fears and decide to go for it!. So check this statistics to see some of the progress from changing careers:9_finding your true career calling in a career change- Wealthypreneurs



10_the right education for a career change- WealthypreneursDo you enjoy travelling? What IF you can make that time out of work,  Your normal work? 

What IF you can learn the tools and get the education to rock and succeed while working on the things you are passionate about?

What IF You can spend more time with the people you love or re-focus you career onto ways you never imagined? What IF you would have the freedom to do what you want and Live a Fulfilling Life and all you need to do is make a decision and commit to it. Would you do It? 

If your answer is YES, then you will click on the banner  that is at the right of this post, watch the video and get super excited for finally deciding on changing -not only your career- but Your whole Life!. –or maybe you just don’t because you don’t want to get out from the 9 to 5, or you don’t want to work on what you are passionate about- Or might as well, Click HERE

If You have any questions or comments, make sure you leave them down below,

All the best 🙂


Sick and tired of Your Job?? You are not the only one. 13 Disturbing statistics about employee engagement

Over the last years, these statistics have been increasing.
The average job, working from 9 to 5, >40 hours a week is going to be soon part of the history.

Why? check out this 13 facts and statistics about employee engagement.

No Passion for Work

passion for work wealthypreneursAlmost 90% of of people in the workforce admit that they don’t have a Passion for their current job/career.

Needless to say that having a Passion for Your Work is a vital factor to engage in it and work effectively.

But…. how could you  be passionate about something you don’t enjoy anymore?


ONLY 20% of senior managers are passionate about their job

3How come a Senior manager can inspire and lead his workers if he/she is not inspired by the work he/she does?

The environment, the pressure, long hours working, poor time management, poor time for themselves are factors that diminish the commitment and engagement for their jobs.
In order to improve, there should be a proper work environment that balances these factors.


 Employee disengagement is costing billions to the US!

4We do not need to be in the US to understand that when one is unhappy and unfocused, without having a real passion for the job one is doing. The interest and level of engagement developed would be more like a ZERO.
It’s like being a zombie going to “do the job” and that’s it. Fact that has a substantial $ cost, causing lost to the company.


 The Social Media Distraction!

5Or… The Social Media Escape? Almost 60% of interruptions at work are due to social media.

Social media ain’t a bad thing at all. And actually, social media -if used properly- can turn into a fantastic tool to promote a business and learn new things.  So I would question this fact as it does not specify the Use of social Media. Is it for pleasure or as a Work tool?….
I personally use social Media for work on a 90% of the times, but I am passionate about my job, I love it… So my work is almost like my pleasure 🙂


US Government Workers are totally disengaged!!

6I always thought that working for the government was fantastic. But when I had my taste of it. I didn’t enjoy it at all, a messed up management, crazy low payments, working overtime  without getting paid and their total lack of value and appreciation to the Medical Proffession was another factor why I decided to start my own business.

Have You or do you work for the government? What is Your experience by working for the government?


What happened to the Leadership?

7As a matter of fact, having Great Enthusiastic Leaders in a company is a powerful tool. As they can empower and motivate you. But if instead of a leader, there is a Boss who behaves like a Grumpy-negative person. What can it be expected from the whole work environment?

 Retention and engagement problems


80% of people in the workforce are disengaged from their jobs. If you are not passionate about your job anymore it is going to create disengagement and stress as you will also have to continue -or increase- the productivity of your labour. So why would you carry on being stressed, disengaged and unhappy if you have an Opportunity to Work in your passions and develop that fulfillment and engagement in the work you do because -also- you are not working for anybody but yourself.


Hiring and Attracting the Right People 

9Not only hiring and attracting but, Keeping the good leaders. A lack of good leaders, with the core values needed can be devastating for a company. Factors like a negative work environment, wrong core values and ethics, can cause these leaders to leave the average work, take with them, in some cases, their workforce. Sometimes these leaders venture themselves into Entrepreneur Opportunities that change their lives for the best .

  No employment Brand

compelling and engaging brand - wealthypreneurs

Only 17% feel like they have a compelling and employment brand.

And… let’s face it, what Is a business without a brand?… Nothing.


 Managing Performance

11- managing performance wealthypreneurs

Seriously??? If your employee can’t recognize you for your abilities, values, strengths and weaknesses then… WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THAT JOB???
Why would someone insist working on something that makes them unhappy. If you have a wide range of opportunities to work on the things you are passionate about and make a generous income out of it. If you have survived months/years working in job that doesn’t fulfilled you, then you can have success working on your own business, from the comfort of your home, with your laptop and while enjoying more free time to dedicate to yourself and your loved ones.

  Overwhelming Work & Stress

12 2/3 of people working  feel overwhelmed.
This is often a consequence of an increased work load and being underpaid.

 Also, evidence shows that by 2020 40% of the workforce will be working on their own or as entrepreneurs. What are you waiting for?



13 working overtime - wealthypreneurs

50% of adults work more than 40 hours per week.

The 40 hour workweek turned into a 60-70-80-100 hours of work.

What does this mean??

STRESS, STRESS, STRESS… Health Issues, Unhappiness.

 So STOP that load, be fair to yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that are showing in front of You like THIS ONE!


 Working Hard vs Working Smart


Of Course!, as human beings we want to work the less amount of hours as possible. But to get to this point, You need to first learn how to Work SMART, this means being more productive, in the less time possible and achieving the same or better results.

By the way, have You read The 4 hour work Week?. You can check books like this one and more in Our WealthyPreneurs Success Library.


In summary, If you are feeling burned out, overworked, underpaid for the amount of work you do and in general Unsatisfied with your current job. It is a sign that You Need to Make a Change.

If you are willing to take an Opportunity to Build Your Own Business, become your Own Boss, and if You are willing to Learn and apply solid knowledge to Succeed in Your goals to Monetize your Passions and live a Life of Freedom and Flexibility, then this is your chance to make THAT change.

All it that it takes is a click and your determination to Succeed. Let me Show You the steps I used to become my own boss and succeed by working online in this Free Video-Series. Fire Your Boss Now!.

 Let me know what You think in the comments below,

All the Best,


The Secret to Find Your Purpose in Life

What is the secret to Find Your Purpose in Life?

Can you picture yourself as that 5 or 6 year old child saying ” when I grow up I want to be a…..” 

Then, by your 12’s or 13’s –when you start having a tiny sneak peek of the world– maybe you have a different Idea of what You want to Be.

Let’s say that when you were 6, you wanted to be an astronaut. By Your 12, maybe you still wanted to be an astronaut but this time a Scientist-Astronaut (If You Get What I Mean) or MAYBE, You realize that being an astronaut is not your thing so now you want to be a Doctor/Lawyer?

And then by the time you finished high school, You are in between 2-3-4 different careers but you have to make a decision. Because you have-to- go- to – university – or – study – something …..  I mean that’s the way most of us have been raised up, right?.

It is a Big Deal, because it is at this time when You start questioning about Your Life and where you want to be 10 years from “that point”.

I remember that,  at my 12’s I knew I wanted to Be a Doctor… But I also loved Business, Designing  & Arts.

On my last year of high-school I was SO Confused. I had great grades in all of my Science Subjects, my final designing project was a total success, and I was doing little businesses that were giving me more money than an average 15 year old would get :P.

On Top of That, I got Accepted at Med School and at the Arts & Design School at the same time! so while my Science teacher was encouraging me to” Go to Med!”, my Literature teacher said: “Go to Arts!”.  At the end, as it is very clear in my story, I ended up in Med School, became a MD and I was almost ready to do my Specialty in Plastic Surgery (combining Medicine & Arts). 

Until I noticed that I was being consumed by my career, I barely had time to do anything with my family/friends/myself. I was living to work, and I wasted valuable time that I could have spent with my mother. It wasn’t until she passed away that I said: “Ameli , things need to change”. And the process to my career change begun.

If you are planning to make a career change or want to know how to make a career change, FIRST you need to prepare yourself and ask yourself THAT vital question that will give you a Clear overview of what you really have to do.

Obviously, the question is:



I am revealing these Secrets  to you in the video below 🙂 – So Go grab a pen and paper and be ready to take notes!

Make that list and answer it, Be honest with yourself because the BEST way to find your purpose in life is by being True to YOURSELF.

The purpose of life by William Shakespeare Wealthypreneurs

After going through this same transition and having things clear, I was able to follow a blueprint that taught me how to combine those different careers to now work on my Passions: I do Businesses, I put my heART in everything I Do and I am grateful for having found my purpose in Life….   and YOU can also learn how find your purpose in life in 5 easy steps here


To Your Success.

~ Ameli.


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