The Power of Goal Setting: 8 Golden Rules For Success

What is the Power of goal setting?

Well, everything starts as an idea that then,
with the right amount of work, will materialize.
When we set goals, we are are designing the
future in advance, we are creating our destiny.

Your goals need to be so strong that you look forward
every morning to get out of bed and work on them.

There’s no right or wrong when setting your own goals
the only condition is that they HAVE TO inspire you,
they have to be compelling so that when things go hard
they motivate you to keep going and when you attain them
they help you grow and become a better person.

Your goals should be in alignment with your values and
are created specifically to transform your life and bring
it to the next level.


In order to set compelling and  inspiring goals, these are the
golden rules you need to follow:

Have Clear Goals and a Clear Plan of Action Wealthypreneurs

  1. CLARITY. Your goals need to be clear, detailed
    and as specific as you can make them. The detailed
    they are, the better. Also, you must have a specific
    plan of action for their attainment.
    In other words, HAVE A CLEAR VISION & A CLEAR PLAN.2
  2. KNOW YOUR WHY. This Step is VITAL because
    You can have all of the resources you need, the books,
    the information, the people, the support, everything
    you need to succeed with your goals BUT if you don’t
    know WHY you are doing it, if you don’t know WHY
    you are moving towards your goals, then it is rare that
    you are going to succeed.
    So ask yourself, WHY do I want to achieve this goals?
    What is the main reason I created them?
    You must be absolutely clear about your why,Know HOW, plan of action wealthypreneurs goal setting
  3. KNOW YOUR HOW. This step is as important as
    knowing your why. You MUST have a plan of action,
    know HOW you are going to make those goals happen.
    In order to know which direction you are going to take,
    you must know where you are at. So have a plan of action,
    a strategy, this doesn’t mean that once you develop your
    plan of action it will stay like that forever, no! You need
    to be flexible, and it is for sure that along the way some
    things will change, so leave room for improvement.believe and have faith goal setting wealthypreneurs
  4. BELIEVE & HAVE FAITH. Once you have a clear
    mental image of what your goals are,  the plan of action
    you are going to follow and you know why you are going
    to pursue this goals, you MUST have absolute total faith
    and trust that you WILL Do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
    not saying “all you need is believe, trust & pixie dust”
    but just know that YOU MUST Believe in Yourself, in Your
    goals, in that no matter what happens, you will succeed!.Think outside the box wealthypreneurs be creative goal setting
  5. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. I am sure that you have
    probably heard about the SMART goals. A lot of people
    talk about them. I like them, is a good foundation but I do
    not agree with them at all. WHY? This is Why…
    I don’t agree with the “Realistic” side of having Smart goals
    because when you think “realistically” you are limiting
    yourself and the endless possibilities in the universe.
    Because when you think “real” you are basing your future
    on past experiences and if you base your future based on
    the past you’re simply going to get anywhere.
    Just be creative when setting your goals, there are no limits.
    Be BOLD and create exciting, compelling goals.Keep a daily review journal goal setting wealthypreneurs
    Yes… keep a journal from moment zero, from
    the very very beginning. Do you remember that
    I  previously said everything starts with an idea?
    Well, a journal is going to be one of your most
    powerful tools to brainstorm and write more ideas
    down, your progress, what is working or not.
    Start by writing your goals there, map  out your
    plan of action.
    It doesn’t matter if it looks messy, it doesn’t matter
    if you write here and there, as long as YOU
    UNDERSTAND IT and you know
    what is there it is fine :)!
    Also, REVIEW YOUR GOALS DAILYHave a flexible approach be flexible goal setting wealthypreneurs anthony robbins tony
  7. BE FLEXIBLE, Be Adaptable. As Charles Darwin
    said: “It’s not the strongest of the species that
    survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that
    is most adaptable to CHANGE“. Things are always
    changing and a strategy what works today may not
    be working tomorrow. So be flexible, and ALWAYS
    leave room for improvement..
    Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in
    your approach” (Anthony Robbins).Be consistent goal setting wealthypreneurs anthony robbins robert kiyosaki
  8. BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is KEY. Nothing
    was ever achieved by merely luck or overnight and with
    no efforts. Every success requires an amount of effort
    and almost unreasonable consistency.
    It is the little steps what create the journey. It is those
    millions of water drops that shape the sea.
    You must also know that there are going to be moments
    when things will probably seem confusing or not as great
    as you want them to be. Understand that it is part of the
    game and no matter what you MUST remain CONSISTENT.
    This is why it is VITAL and INDISPENSABLE to know and
    understand your WHY. Your WHY is what is going to fire
    you up and give you the strength and motivation to continue.
    Finally remember what we’ve been talking about over the
    last days: Whatever you focus on CONSISTENTLY, you will
    experience in your life.

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun Wealthypreneurs Albert Einstein


Before ending this post, I would like an exercise for you,

  • 1. go grab a pen and paper
  • 2. Take 15 minutes to write down there all of the things
    you want to achieve. If it makes it easier take 5 minutes to
    write your personal goals, financial goals and business/career goals.
  • Once you finish doing that, take an extra 3 minutes to add
    a set  time for each goal like, the ones you want to achieve
    within the next 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years.

Remember, You are capable of achieving anything you want 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂

How to Manage Time Effectively for Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers

Are you desperately wanting to know how to manage your time effectively and get everything done with no hustle?

Well, you have just arrived to the right post :)!!

Why I love working online_wealthypreneursDoing what you Love and not having to go to the “office” on a wild rainy day because you work from your laptop is a great relief. I really enjoy Monday mornings drinking a cup of hot chocolate –with marshmallows on top please-, wearing my PJ’s and living the laptop lifestyle, it is just fantastically AWESOME.

OK, you get me! Working from my laptop in the online world is FUN.

BUT it is not only about doing what you love! Success is about doing it RIGHT and treating your BUSINESS with the respect, responsibility and professionalism it deserves.

 Success is knowing how to manage your time effectively while dealing with social media….like posting on your Facebook page, posting on Twitter, posting on Instagram… and don’t you ever forget about Pinterest ! #DarlingPlease

When I started working online, I would spend a lot of time on social media going through updates, or looking for graphics in the never-ending world-wide-web. Eventually, the hours were gone and my producing activities were less than 80%. 

Ok, let’s face it is 5 pm and you’ve only managed to accomplish about 40% of your MUST-DO-LIST.

At this stage, you might have read time management books, you might have signed up to a time management class. Like me you probably have the top 10 applications and alarms on your phone/ipad/tablet etc, etc…. and you are still not getting any progress…

 Ok, let’s stop fluffing, get to the point now….!



“What?! Amelí, are you crazy? Why do you want me to do that?”



YES!, it is more likely that you are thinking about how to manage your time in terms of a “CLOCK”,
but the truth is we live in “REAL TIME” and “REAL TIME”  can be really short, really long, or just the right length because “REAL TIME” is the one you create in “YOUR MIND”.

REAL TIME is the one you create in your mind

So from now on whenever you say “I have no time!” I want you to go and take an ice cold shower and delete that phrase from your mind and vocabulary.

As an entrepreneur, business owner and/or digital marketer, you spend all of your time in:

  1. Your Own thoughts
  2. Conversations and
  3. Actions

So you focus your attention on everything except the “1 Super” Important FACTOR of your business growth:


(because if you are not producing, you are losing)

Now, pay attention to this Infographic by Entrepreneur showing some interesting and effective time management strategies.

10 time management tips wealthypreneurs


So what do you think? Which of these techniques do you consider to be the one you should be doing more often? As one of these techniques could be the simply change you require to boost your productivity.  

Now that you are aware of how to manage time effectively, you are ready to implement these time management techniques. In my next post I’ll be giving you specific time management tips to organize your day, make the most out of it and produce results for your business!

Do you have any questions? Let me know on the comments below :)!


iPas2 Wealthypreneurs

Communication in Leadership – Failure to communicate – The 2 Ronnies

Communication in Leadership – Failure to communicate

From my observations about leadership, I have come across 4 main aspects of communication. If you remove one aspect it can quite easily lead to a failure to communicate.

Leaders have an uncanny ability to transfer a thought from their mind into the mind of the person/Audience with whom they are speaking. For some leaders this can be a natural ability that they have quite easily mastered over the years. For others it can take some time to gain clarity regarding the transfer of an idea to another person.

The 4 aspects to consider when communicating are:

1) The Idea

2) Delivery (Concise/clear)

3) Interpretation

4) Understanding

Watch the video with the 2 Ronnie’s, sometimes even I feel like this with my partner and I bet we all do at times! The deeper and more intermit you get to know a person the less direct you need to be when communicating with that person. Humans have a bond, developed by interaction, that allows us to subconsciously learn one another’s habits and over time we are able to predict certain reactions and thought patterns. As good as we might be, at times, even myself and my partner wonder if we are talking to one another or talking to a wall.

When dealing with people who you do not have a strong bond or friendship with one needs to follow the 4 aspects of communication as listed.


The 1st aspect of communication that develops good communication in leadership.

1) The Idea.

An Idea is a result of joint work of both hemispheres of the brain that affect the connections between the afferent (senses) with the components of the thalamus , the cerebral cortex and the frontal region. Ideas often arrive unexpectedly, when you least expect it.

An idea is the fundamental starting point of communication, make sure that you process and think about your idea before jumping in and delivering it. An idea that is easy to explain will be easily received by those with whom you are communicating. Over complicating an idea can often lead to confusion and misunderstanding.


2) Delivery

This is delivery of your idea. Building upon your idea that ‘you’ now understand and ‘you’ feel that is easy to explain needs to be verbalised in a manner that leads to interpretation and subsequently understanding.

Successful delivery of an idea is determined by 2 important factors in oral communication. They are Concise and Clear. Most people can easily understand their own concepts and thoughts but transferring that thought to another can be difficult.

This is where KISS can help.

K – Keep
I – It
S – Simple
S – Stupid

Decide what the definite points are that you need to get across in your explanation. Once this is done then think about how you would deliver it to a child. If you can deliver your idea in a manner that a child can understand then your major definite points will be captured by the person/people who you are transferring your ideas to. From here you can elaborate, as your audience already grasp the concept and major points of your idea.


3) Interpretation

Interpretation is simply based on how effective you are at the delivery of your idea. If you have followed the points listed in the Idea and delivery, the interpretation of your audience will be what you are expecting.


4) Understanding

Understanding is the final part of the 4 main aspects of communication. Just because you were able to deliver your idea in a simply format it does not necessarily mean that it was properly received.

How do you gauge your audiences understanding?

This is quite simple really. It is through Questioning!

Questions is what ties together aspects 3 and 4 and ensures that the idea that you have delivered has been understood to your satisfaction.

Questions should not be closed questions – Yes/No

Questions should be open to be able to extract the answer that is derived from the understanding of your idea.

These questions do not need to be over complicated, they should serve as assurance that the idea that you have transferred has been received.

The Importance of Exercising and its influence in your business

Empower Network Vlogging Challenge

 Vlooogging  Challenge day1 🙂

 I am so happy that today is Day1 in our Vlogging Challenge, and this one comes with a slight variation: VIDEOS…

In today’s video, I am talking about the importance of exercising and how exercise can influence Your Business…

Let’s watch it now….
(and then you can read more… 🙂 )

Some of the General benefits of Exercising are:

1. Exercise makes You Happy

When we exercise, a series of biochemical processes boost. In this process it’s included the secretion of hormones called Endorphins. Endorphins are known as the “Happiness hormons” for it’s physiological analgesic effect in making us feel relaxed  and…. Happy :)!


2. Regular Exercise helps you prevent chronic diseases.

Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, it lowers blood pressure, increases the levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein, commonly known as the “good cholesterol”and so, exercise protects against a wide range of health conditions/problems including the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and certain types of cancer. 

How does it happen?? Well, exercising includes a huge synchrony from our beautiful body, like keeping blood flowing smoothly through our body, exercising our heart, dicreasesing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.   


3. Exercise controls Weight

Regualr exercise helps prevent weight gain, or help mantain weight loss.
Well, let’s make it simple… We all are  ENERGY, right?
In this case, The physical manifestation of our energy is in our cells, in the Mass of our body. Ideally, our body mass must be in balance. Not too much, not too little… We all know that nothing in excess is benefitial, right??

Let’s say that when we have too much energy –ergo body mass– Our energy stops flowing as it should do and it gets stuck. Our bodies are like recipients so.. what happens when this energy keeps coming and getting stuck??… IT OVERFLOWS. Which we can traduce in different ways, including slower motion patterns and severe difficulties. The more we accumulte, the worse it can be.
On the other hand, when we have too little “energy – ergo skinny body mass- The demand of our body is bigger than the supply. And if you don’t get enough resources to your body, what happens?
Your “body resources” minimize which in extreme causes can cause several diseases as well.

What does exercise do here?
It keeps everything flowing properly and at the right pace :).
Exercise burn calories. And the more intense you exercise the more you burn.
BUT you want to burn calories smartly and gradually. Which means engage in regular activites like going out for a fast walk/run for 20 -30 min a day and increase the activity along time.

4. Exercise Boost your energy levels.

Regular physical activity improves your muscle strength and boost your endurance.  When we exercise, we breath faster and our heart beats faster so our delivery rate of oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells & tissues Increases. Helping our system work more efficiently.
In this process, we have a rock star, and organelle called mitochondria, which lives in most of the cells of our body and is the one in charge of providing chemical energy to our cells. Regular exercise improves the function of this beautiful organelle 🙂

5. Exercise Boost Your Immune System 😉

Yes!. Regular Exercise promotes good circulation, allowing the cells and substances of our immune system to move freely throughout our body and do their job efficiently. 

So… How does exercise improves my business??

We have seen the benefits of exercising in our body. Exercise makes you happier, stronger and provides more oxygen to your brain. With these in balance you are more likely to have fresh ideas, think properly, have better management skills and therefore benefit directly the way you manage your business. 
A real successful business grows is a reflection of the people/persons who manage it and work in it. So Before worrying about making things look great in your business, work in yourself first and the rest will come naturally.

Last but not the least…

As well as exercising regularly, it is important to keep a healthy nutrition and a healthy mindset.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
(Healthy mind in a Healthy body)
~ Juvenal

Muuch Love!,



High Performers and the Importance of creating good Habits.

What is the first thing you do in the morning after waking up?
What are YOUR habits?….
Or do you wake up like a zombie, shower,
dress up watch the news go to work and…
listen to more news while driving?

Well… let me tell you what,
It’s time for you to Stop being a zombie… or a robot
It’s time for you to START Living!

Why? because every action,
taken on a daily basis, becomes a habit
an your habits are the key to your success
or your failure…
Yep… it is noone else’s responsibility
It is only YOURS

So…In which group do YOU want to be?

Great. I knew it 🙂
Now, I want you to watch this video
which will give you an idea
of what you need to do
to start creating a great day!


Now that you have watch the video,

Let’s play a winning game for you,
I challenge you to ask yourself
EVERY MORNING after waking up is…
What is my purpose for today??
And no matter what, achieve your goal
do not even think on going to bed if you haven’t

Have a fantastic day my friend :)!

Much Love,


Above and Below the Line Leadership Training – How to improve my leadership to become a good leader

Above and Below the Line Leadership Training


A common phrase that gets referrd to a lot in leadership training is




How does this saying relate to leadership?



The line represents a gauge of leadership for any given situation. If you wish to focus on becoming a leader do not dwell below the line. If you do people will very quickly recognise that you are only able to look after your own needs and not the needs of others.



Simply Explained     –      Needs of Team
                                           Needs of Self



Dwelling below the line has no benefit besides directly for your own perceived advancement. People with this trait are generally quickly identified within the team. All individuals at some time or another feel the need to dip below the line, it is an easy way to mitigate responsibility and place it onto others.


Why this model works so well in the training environment is that it shows a definite point where leadership is lost and self preservation occurs, it is easy to relate to by virtually any age group.


The important take away point from this post is to try catching yourself when you feel the need to dip below the line! Ask yourself, ‘am I actually being any benefit to the team or myself?’


About the author,

I progressed through my schooling with terrible spelling and grammar. Who needed to learn to read and write when you were going to be a sports star anyway! Well this was the thought of a primary school boy who enjoyed nothing more than leaving books and words for the girls and geeks. Well well, look at me today. When I was in my early 20’s, frequent emails with a friend made me realise that I was terrible at putting my ideas and thoughts onto paper. This was where I needed to make a change and so I did! I am a very strong willed individual that hates being told he cannot accomplish a task or goal. So I picked up a pen and paper and taught myself how to transcribe my thoughts onto paper. Voilá, nowadays I get to write about thoughts, hobbies and opinions, and best of all make some extra money. If you have an interest in blogging or simply want to know how one can generate time to do this then feel free to contact me.




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