The 17 keys to be successful in life and business

The 17 keys to be successful in life and business

How hard do you think it is to be successful in life and business?
better yet, do you really think is complicated to reach your goals?
What if I tell you that, it is not complex at all…

It might be challenging -yes- but if you do things on a certain way,
being successful in life and business can be easily achieved.

No, you do not have to google  “Hey google will I be successful in life?”
or leave it to astrology and search your daily horoscope on the magazines
(Yes, people DOES search for those terms)


It doesn’t matter if you’re a libra or a leo,
it doesn’t matter if you have just graduated college
or if you are a high school drop-out.

Unlike the status-quo wants you to believe, this factors might be
important but are not vital to determine your success in life and business.

Because the truth is: You have EVERYTHING within yourself
to be successful in life and business.

Now let’s get to the fruit & juice of this blogpost…

Amelí, what are the keys to success?

There are many factors involved and actually, when I think
about the ultimate tips to be successful in life and business
a lot of ideas and factors come to my mind.

But as promised I’ll give you now the 27 ultimate tips to reach your goals
and succeed not only in your life but also in your business.

So, the first 3 undeniable rules to success are:

Key to success #1 – Trust and Believe in Yourself

 All you need is within you now.

Do you realize that?

You have everything you need within yourself right now to be successful. Start today a journey of transformation, You have the chance to be successful in life and business to make your life completely different right now.

Believe in yourself - take back your power- wealthypreneurs

Key to success #2 – Learn to let go and move forward 

“Let today be the day you learn the grace of letting go and the power of moving on”
~Dr. Steve Maraboli

Let me be clear, it is not that there is something holding you back. But instead what you think it;s holding you back… most of the time the clouds in our minds don’t let us see things as they really are, and they are usually simpler than we think.
So relieve the load from the past, let go, keep moving forward and fill your book with new experiences :).

new chapter of your life wealthypreneurs let go

Keys to Success #3: Have a Vision, Be Unrealistic 

“Hold The vision, Trust the process”

Over the last posts we’ve been talking a bout this consistently. BELIEVE, have FAITH, and do whatever you need to do to make it happen.

Key to Success #4 – Dare to be Unrealistic

Or… think outside the box, Think BIG, set your goals base on what you really want. Because when you are
“realistic”you are basing your future based on past experiences. And if you create your future based on past experiences, you are not going to get anywhere. So Be Unrealisitic!. Ask yourself: “What do I really want?”

Key to Success #5 – Have a Plan, Get Directions.

It is vital to have a plan. You need to know where you are heading to and build your plan around it.

In here I’d like to quote Alice in Wonderland:

Chesshire Puss…Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
`I don’t much care where–‘ said Alice.
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.

So, know where you are, know where you are heading to and head in that direction. The direction of achieving your goals and making your dreams come true.

Key to Success #6 – Set Goals

This is the same as knowing where you are going to.
Your goals are like the steps you need to take to get to your “Neverland”.
We have already spoke about the power of goal setting and its 8 golden rules, if you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and read it 🙂

Oh and btw, when you set your goals also consider these:

  1. K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid.
    Seriously, just keep it simple. So instead of overcomplicating things. Break up your main big goal into smaller tasks, this will ensure you follow them step by step.
  2. S.M.A.R.T.S. =
    Be Specific with your goals, be as detailed as possible as to what you want to achieve, write it down and use all of your senses when describing them.
    Measure your goals: that is why is important that your goals are also specific so you can measure when you have accomplished them.
    Achievable: Be aware that sometimes, we set ourselves up with huge goals that we feel out of our reach at that moment. So Yes, be Unrealistic with your goals, but at the same time draw a line and push yourself to the maximum limit only IF you are committed to do so. This is what I call, taking a calculated, smart risk.
    Right & Relevant: To me is all about being true to yourself, we are talking about your life here! so make sure that when you are setting up your goals, do looking at the things that YOU REALLY want to do, give yourself that gift and for a moment think only about yourself, forget about please other people point of view, or following other people suggestions that don’t resonate with you, even if what they say sounds logical or “right” according to society. Just Be Truth to YOURSELF and ask yourself:  What do I really want to do with my life? What do I really want? How achieving “this” goal is going to influence and improve my life? Be honest.
    Time-bound:  Make sure that you set a time frame as to the specific time when you want your goals to be achieved. You are the only one who can do this. Now, I recommend doing this after you have already mapped your plan. Consider the things around your life at the time, but ultimately is all about HOW BAD do you really want to achieve them? You and only you have the answer and you and only you have the power to succeed.
    Simple: As I said before, Keep it Simple stupid :)!

Key to Success #7 – Practice Successful Habits

Wherever you are right now is a result of the habits you have.
Developing good successful habits is key to achieve our goals and ultimately to have the life we want. For this you also need to have self-discipline. Wake up early, dedicate at least 30 min per day to read relevant books, listen to audios or study the information relevant to what you want to achieve. Practice healthy habits, take care of your health, exercise, etc…

Key to Success #8 – Establish your own ‘non-negotiable’ rules

Ok, the whole point of creating your own goals is because you really want to achieve them, your goals are so strong that they inspire you and motivate you to wake up every morning and work towards them they are also so strong that when things get a bit hard you will push through! So I want you to be honest with yourself right now, and the point of establishing your own ‘non- negotiable’rules is for example: When you know you want to do a post in your blog, or finish the research for your presentation, or studying for that big exam next week and some of your friends come and tell you to ‘take a break’, relax or just ‘leave it there’for a second you say NO, I want to finish this not because I”have-to” but because I want to. Now, I am not saying go neglect your life and forget you have a life. Not at all! All I’m saying is: Learn to say now and put your feet down in the break when necessary. Plus, it is always rewarding to do something fun after you know you’ve done something that is taking you closer to your goal :).

Key to Success #9 –  Be Flexible & Expect the Unexpected 

As I said previously in this post. Learn to BE FLEXIBLE. Review your current actions, see if they are working if not, be open to change and take new actions, be flexible with your rules as long as they take you CLOSER to your goal.

Key to Success #10 – Embrace Failure

You need to be willing to fail. There are moments when you are going to learn and in others you’ll learn.
Failing is part of the process, it is how you learn, how you improve and how you also implement new strategies.

Key to Success #11 –  Be Consistent & Comitted

Remember, CONSISTENCY is KEY. As long as your goals remain true to yourself, this step is actually easier.

Key to Success #12 – Find someone to be accountable with

Ask a friend, a partner, someone in your family if they can be accountable to you. Share with them how they can help you, tell them what you are trying to achieve and what are your rules. So if at any moment you feel like leaving something for later, or tempted to do other things. They will be there helping you to push through and reminding you why you should continue and do what you need to do:).

Key to Success #13 – Push your Limits & get out of your comfort zone

It’s not always going to be easy. But I’ll tell you what? It will always be rewarding. BE willing to push through, look for new ideas and get out of your comfort zone. That is the only way you’ll grow.

Key to Success #14 – Strive for Progress, not for perfection

If all of our lives and existence would be perfect everything will be freaking boring! So strive for progress, action beats inaction. You will improve and “perfectionate’as you go through but just DO!.

Key to Success #15 – Teach what you learn . Give something back

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – John Maxwell

To have knowledge is not enough,  the best way to learn is by teaching others and sharing what you know. So if you want to learn more, give and share more. Great leaders always inspire not only with what they do but with what they teach.

Key to Success #16 – Be Grateful

I can’t emphasize enough the importance and relevancy of being grateful. Be grateful for who you are, for what you have, for what you are doing, for waking up every morning  because every day is an opportunity to do things better, to improve your life and the life of others. Be grateful for your friends, for the people around you – whether you love them or whether they are not connected to you- because everything my friend… EVERYTHING happens for a reason and as long as you are learning, you are growing. So be grateful 🙂

Key to Success #17 –  Take Massive Action

To truly succeed one must be an action taker. There is no point on knowing all of these principles if you don’t take action.
Results come from action. And it is your results that speak better than anything you say. So take ACTION! Your life is awaiting 🙂

Finally, remember that the only difference between Successful People and unsuccessful people is Discipline, Consistency and Taking Action!

Now that you know the 17 keys to be successful in life and business, all you need is the right mindset and the right tools! If you’re looking for the right tools you can use some basic tools I share here . By implementing them and getting further education I have managed to live a life of financial and time freedom. So go ahead and take MASSIVE ACTION today!

See you tomorrow!

Love & Light,


A Quick Guide To Finding Your Purpose in Life in 5 Minutes

Have you ever asked yourself “What is my life purpose?”,
or “how do I find my purpose in life?”. I bet you have….

I have, and it has been a whole transition to finally
meet and understand my life purpose. It can be confusing
at times, specially when you really love helping people
but what you want to do does not align with what -at that
certain moment- you know. Does that make sense to you?

Let me explain: As a Medical Doctor, I LOVED taking care
of my patients, I am a nurturing person by nature BUT
by doing this I was leaving behind other areas of my life
like, my family. Specifically, my Mum.

Also, I was leaving behind my own freedom. Which to
me meant having the ability to travel and visit new places,
or just taking my mum out for dinner without worrying about
my schedules. Instead, I spent most of my time on my shifts,
day ant night, sometimes without even seeing my mum or
dedicating some time to myself. See, everything needs to be
in balance.

Eventually -if you know my story- my mother passed away
and everything happened very quickly. Within 21 days.
Sometimes life hits us HARD, but sometimes WE NEED
those hits to make us get out of our own “dope cycle”,
the “rat race” – you name it-.

So I decided to do something different, I didn’t know what
but I knew I Had to…. long story short and fast forwarding
I became an Online Entrepreneur. My business aligns
to my Life Purpose which is: Helping others transform
their lives, creating a life of Total Fulfillment.


It is actually very easy to find your life purpose, in fact,
it is easier than we think. But as adults we tend  to look
for the complicated and intricated things that we wind
up making everything unnecessarily complex.

Yes, it is good to examine your life and see how things
are going every certain time BUT, if you spend most of
your time examining your life, then you are not living!
And… what’s the point of that??

Life is meant to be LIVEDLife-is-meant-to-be-lived-wealthypreneurs.

A Quick Guide To Finding Your Purpose in Life in 5 Minutes

This is how you can know your life purpose in the next 5 minutes:

finding your life purpose in 5 minutes wealthypreneurs



Take some time and ask yourself:  Who am I? 


What do you LOVE to do? What is that ONE THING that
right now, when you think of it you feel empowered, motivated
and qualified to teach others.


In other words, Who are you trying to help?
What problem are you trying to solve?


Or… What Problem are YOU solving by teaching them
the things you know?
How does it benefit THEM  what you have to offer?
What is it that THEY WANT and you can help them achieve it?


What is the result of it? How do they change or transform as
a result of what You give them/teach them/offer them?



The Power of Goal Setting: 8 Golden Rules For Success

What is the Power of goal setting?

Well, everything starts as an idea that then,
with the right amount of work, will materialize.
When we set goals, we are are designing the
future in advance, we are creating our destiny.

Your goals need to be so strong that you look forward
every morning to get out of bed and work on them.

There’s no right or wrong when setting your own goals
the only condition is that they HAVE TO inspire you,
they have to be compelling so that when things go hard
they motivate you to keep going and when you attain them
they help you grow and become a better person.

Your goals should be in alignment with your values and
are created specifically to transform your life and bring
it to the next level.


In order to set compelling and  inspiring goals, these are the
golden rules you need to follow:

Have Clear Goals and a Clear Plan of Action Wealthypreneurs

  1. CLARITY. Your goals need to be clear, detailed
    and as specific as you can make them. The detailed
    they are, the better. Also, you must have a specific
    plan of action for their attainment.
    In other words, HAVE A CLEAR VISION & A CLEAR PLAN.2
  2. KNOW YOUR WHY. This Step is VITAL because
    You can have all of the resources you need, the books,
    the information, the people, the support, everything
    you need to succeed with your goals BUT if you don’t
    know WHY you are doing it, if you don’t know WHY
    you are moving towards your goals, then it is rare that
    you are going to succeed.
    So ask yourself, WHY do I want to achieve this goals?
    What is the main reason I created them?
    You must be absolutely clear about your why,Know HOW, plan of action wealthypreneurs goal setting
  3. KNOW YOUR HOW. This step is as important as
    knowing your why. You MUST have a plan of action,
    know HOW you are going to make those goals happen.
    In order to know which direction you are going to take,
    you must know where you are at. So have a plan of action,
    a strategy, this doesn’t mean that once you develop your
    plan of action it will stay like that forever, no! You need
    to be flexible, and it is for sure that along the way some
    things will change, so leave room for improvement.believe and have faith goal setting wealthypreneurs
  4. BELIEVE & HAVE FAITH. Once you have a clear
    mental image of what your goals are,  the plan of action
    you are going to follow and you know why you are going
    to pursue this goals, you MUST have absolute total faith
    and trust that you WILL Do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
    not saying “all you need is believe, trust & pixie dust”
    but just know that YOU MUST Believe in Yourself, in Your
    goals, in that no matter what happens, you will succeed!.Think outside the box wealthypreneurs be creative goal setting
  5. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. I am sure that you have
    probably heard about the SMART goals. A lot of people
    talk about them. I like them, is a good foundation but I do
    not agree with them at all. WHY? This is Why…
    I don’t agree with the “Realistic” side of having Smart goals
    because when you think “realistically” you are limiting
    yourself and the endless possibilities in the universe.
    Because when you think “real” you are basing your future
    on past experiences and if you base your future based on
    the past you’re simply going to get anywhere.
    Just be creative when setting your goals, there are no limits.
    Be BOLD and create exciting, compelling goals.Keep a daily review journal goal setting wealthypreneurs
    Yes… keep a journal from moment zero, from
    the very very beginning. Do you remember that
    I  previously said everything starts with an idea?
    Well, a journal is going to be one of your most
    powerful tools to brainstorm and write more ideas
    down, your progress, what is working or not.
    Start by writing your goals there, map  out your
    plan of action.
    It doesn’t matter if it looks messy, it doesn’t matter
    if you write here and there, as long as YOU
    UNDERSTAND IT and you know
    what is there it is fine :)!
    Also, REVIEW YOUR GOALS DAILYHave a flexible approach be flexible goal setting wealthypreneurs anthony robbins tony
  7. BE FLEXIBLE, Be Adaptable. As Charles Darwin
    said: “It’s not the strongest of the species that
    survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that
    is most adaptable to CHANGE“. Things are always
    changing and a strategy what works today may not
    be working tomorrow. So be flexible, and ALWAYS
    leave room for improvement..
    Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in
    your approach” (Anthony Robbins).Be consistent goal setting wealthypreneurs anthony robbins robert kiyosaki
  8. BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is KEY. Nothing
    was ever achieved by merely luck or overnight and with
    no efforts. Every success requires an amount of effort
    and almost unreasonable consistency.
    It is the little steps what create the journey. It is those
    millions of water drops that shape the sea.
    You must also know that there are going to be moments
    when things will probably seem confusing or not as great
    as you want them to be. Understand that it is part of the
    game and no matter what you MUST remain CONSISTENT.
    This is why it is VITAL and INDISPENSABLE to know and
    understand your WHY. Your WHY is what is going to fire
    you up and give you the strength and motivation to continue.
    Finally remember what we’ve been talking about over the
    last days: Whatever you focus on CONSISTENTLY, you will
    experience in your life.

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun Wealthypreneurs Albert Einstein


Before ending this post, I would like an exercise for you,

  • 1. go grab a pen and paper
  • 2. Take 15 minutes to write down there all of the things
    you want to achieve. If it makes it easier take 5 minutes to
    write your personal goals, financial goals and business/career goals.
  • Once you finish doing that, take an extra 3 minutes to add
    a set  time for each goal like, the ones you want to achieve
    within the next 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years.

Remember, You are capable of achieving anything you want 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂

Creating Lifetime Results Through Neuro-Associative Conditioning

Creating Lifetime Results Through Neuro-Associative Conditioning. (NAC) 

Yesterday we mentioned the power of  Neuro-Associations
and how they shape your decisions.

By now I am sure that the concepts of pain and pleasure  and how
they are key on the way we associate things are both clear in your mind.

If not, please I encourage you to review my previous post first,
they are under the category #Unstoppable Transformation,
alternatively you can just >> click here<<

Now,  I want to be clear with one thing: No matter what the
problem is, You are only going to CHANGE or create a lifetime
result ONLY if You DECIDE to do so. It is only then when your
emotions, what you feel, and your behaviour starts working in
our favour to create us the LIFETIME RESULTS we want.

So, as promised yesterday, today we are going to learn…

HOW TO USE  Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) step-by-step.

There are 3 fundamental key-steps in the science of  Neuro-Associative
Conditioning (NAC), these are:

  1. Get Leverage on yourself.– This means that are at a point
    where you KNOW that something MUST change, that YOU
    MUST change IT and that YOU CAN change IT Right Now.
    And you get to the point where you feel that not changing
    would be terribly painful. and changing will give you pleasure.
  2. Interupts your limiting pattern of association. Every
    behaviour, belief, action, decision is linked or associated to
    either pain or pleasure. In this case, if it’s associated in a
    way that limits instead of helping you get closer to your goals.
    Do whatever it is necessary, whatever it takes to BAM!
    interrupt that association… In other words, Create a
    Pattern Interrupt, do something unexpected in order
    to create new results.
  3. Condition yourself to a new empowering association.
    Create a new association that empowers you.
    For example: What would the consequences of taking
    action meaan to you? What would be pleasure you’d gain?
    What consequences would you get withing the next 3,5 years,
    and howwould that change your life? How woiuld you feel
    emotionally, mentally, phisycally by knowing that you
    have achieved and succeeded in your goals?

Remember, repetition is KEY here and if you want to be successful,
You need to condition yourself for success each and every day,
by repetition until it is consistent, normal and part of your day to day.

Now, I know that, compared to my previous blogposts,  this is
a very brief one and very straight forwards. So, if you want to
understand this better or get some examples, I suggest visiting
the previous blogposts, go through the examples I Walk you
through, and use them, modify them, adapt them to suit your
own personal needs or experience.

See you on my next post :)!


The Power of Neuro-Associations: Shaping Your Decisions

The Power of Neuro-Associations : Shaping your decisions

Hey there, welcome back , It’s great to “see you” here again :)!
Before I go onto explaining what are neuro-associations and how
they shape your decisions, I’ll refresh your mind with what we
have been covering over the last 3 days:

  1. How to Get to the edge and live with passion.
  2. The 3 pillars to living an Extraordinary Life
  3. The only ways that you can make a change in your life
    is to use your personal power to take action.
  4. What stops most people from taking action is fear of pain
    whether that pain is fear of failure, rejection, disappointment.
    We actually spoke in detail how PAIN and pleasure are the
    controlling forces of our lives

So TODAY, we are going to talk about the neurological association

(neuro-association) and how humans (you,we,us –unless of course
you are an alien
:P)  create pre-programmed responses that may be
sabotaging your success

Any association of pain within your neurological system stops you
from taking on new challenges. If you associate pleasure with eating
chocolate or ice-cream then you will do it, but what do you think it
happens if you associate the feeling of being trapped with marriage????
How long do you think your marriage will last?

If you’ve always wanted to own a business and you haven’t done it
yet,is because you neuro-associate too much pain to it. So if you
want to start a new business, you have to change those neuro-associations.

For example, what would having a new business would mean to you?
What would it mena to your life? What would you get that you don’t
have now? What will you gain?

It is not about what it would mean intellectually but what would it
mean to you mentally? emotionally? what good positive feelings
would you get? How great would you feel when you talk about it?

There has to be PLEASURE in starting a business and PAIN in not doing so.


What are those key neuro-associations?
How can we change the conditioned response to our
environment, so we can feel differently about eating
food when you are stressed? Or to stop thinking that
exercise is linked with pain.  And they are only going
to change once you change the conditioning feelings
about it. These pre-programmed links direct your life!
They direct your motivation, what you do and what you don’t do.

Thinking positive is not enough, you have to change
those neuro-associations and  every action you take
whatever it is, as tiny as it may seem– has a
consequence and effect in your life.

For every action, there is a reaction.
For every direction you head on, there is a destiny.


There are neurological links that are associated with your
past that are controlling your present. So how do we look
back and find what these links are and how do we reprogram them?

Well, this is what you can do:

  1. To create a new neuro-association all you have to do is
    link a new emotion with that current neurological
    association that you do not like (exercise, writing,  dieting etc)
    and then
  2. All you have to do is get yourself to feel a positive, happy,
    once you are in that state link it to something you thought
    it was painful. Link it to it over and over again, repeat it .
    By repeating it you will get it.

For example. I do not enjoy routines. I am just not a person of
routines. Why? Because most of my life Ive always been following
a routine, I always wanted it all perfect, and for that I neede to learn
how to make things perfect, my way. I was an avid learner, so
every summer my mom would  subscribe me to advanced classes for
the year I was going to take. Then I loved Sports, so right after my
monday – saturday lessons, I’d go to the club, do some gymnastics,
train for my swimming competitions and do some tae-kwon do.
I was always busy, and mi life at my short 9 years old was very very
well structured. I had my own routine.

I think that is another reason why I loved being a doctor, because
everything had to be perfect for my patients, and I was ALWAYS BUSY,
to a point that I literally had no life. I replace my fun times in the pool,
at the gym, by strangely enjoying the stress of the ER and loving every
single surgery.

BUT THEN, at my 18’s I started travelling the world, and my perception
totally changed. All of a sudden, I noticed that I did not neede to have
an extremely structured routine. I felt like a bird out od a cage whitout
even knowing I was living on a cage. It was by this time that I was on my
second year of Med School. And for the following years, there was no summer
or holiday that I wouldn’t grab my backpack and strart travelling,
searching for adventures, discovering new places and meeting new

ALL of a Sudden returning back to Lima (Peru) turned into a pain
because I wanted to keep travelling. My love for medicine was there,
but …. I wanted to keep traveling!

Do you see the pattern there? I associated “routine” to be trapped in a room.
I am 27 now, and after leaving my career as a Medical Doctor,
my life totally changed. All of that structure I was used to was gone,
I didn’t need to wake up and leave home before the sunrise, etc etc….
and to be honest, at first, it was nice and I enjoyed it but,
it took me a while to get used to it. Time passed, I came across
developing and owning my own online business,  and
I knew that I had to get back into action to get things DONE.

But somehow I would find ways to procrastinate, sometimes
I wouldn’t even notice it, and when I did I would just tell to myself
that I am not a person of routines anymore because they made me
feel trapped……

But then, I also knew that all of the highly successful business
professionals have routines, healthy successful routines, or
“successful rituals”which comes down to discipline, having
the discipline to developing healthy habits.

THEN one day, I realize that yet again, I was following
a routine, a routine with a negative pattern of procrastination.
Day by day, I was causing me more pain by not taking action,
I was having a negative routine that was leading me to failure.
And I wanted to succeed.

Guess what?? That was a SHIFT. A TOTAL SHIFT. 

So my opinion on routines  automatically changed and I started
associating routines with success. Which in fact makes total sense
when I trained for my swimming competitions and follow my routines
I’d  always win, When I attended my courses and study I would get
great great and honours.  NOW I associated my new routine
to having the ability to creating the life I love, it was the shortcut
I needed to create a life of Freedom. I want success and that success
makes me feel good and routines are part of that success,
so I should feel great about carrying out some kind of a routine :).

Another example is dieting. Recently I started a diet,  and one aspect
to losing weight is eating less calories and eating less calorie dense food.
I’ve always eat healthy, and I would prefer my delicious fruits and salads
rather than a piece of steak. I would different times on the day and I
had them at breakfast, midday, lunch, med-afternoon, dinner and
sometimes a bit before going to bed. So yeah, I ate like 6 times aday
and it was all fruits, veggies and heaps of water /green tea.

But when I move to New Zealand, and discovered other cultures foods.
I was just AMAZED. I have become a lover of indian food and also a
fan of rice (whereas in Peru I would probably eat it a couple of times a year)
I wasn’t used to have normal dinner like most of people normally do
and my partner would just have a huge piece of steak and eat heaps
because he’s a body builder…. Anyway, I got to a point where I could
eat as much as him. Like a whole pizza for myself only!

Then I noticed I was getting unfit, and I still remember the one day I had
for breakfast a sandwich like this: Cheese, chorizo on top with a fried egg
on top of the chorizo, covered by some more cheese melting down.
It looked delicious! But it was sooooo much fat that it got me sick,
my digestive sensitive is quite sensitive to fat, and for example I cannot
eat any tipe of hamburguers because they really make me sick.
Some chicken hamburguers are not too toxic. But still.
Anyway that day, I was full for the whole day, I Was feeling sick,
nauseous, burpy, with indigestion. I know this sounds like I was sick,
and NO I don’t have gallbladder stones. Actually my gallbladder looks
beautifully clean. IT’s just that my body cannot tolerate eating too much fat
– I think it’s because most of my life I’ve eaten healthy fresh veggies & fruits-

Ok, getting back to my point now, as you can naturally guess
more carbs, more steak, more chocolate indulgence and  kiwi
goodies. I started to gain weight and my jeans shrinked! LOL

The one night I was sitting in bed with my partner next
to me while watching a movie and I started getting some
It was hard to fight the urge to get up and go to the kitchen.
At one point I looked over to him and said:
“I am going to make something to eat”.

He is a VERY GOOD accountability partner and quickly
asked me why. After telling him that  I was hungry he
mentioned a single sentence that feels like it has changed
me forever.  He said:

 “Hunger is simply an indication that you are
achieving your goal so being hungry is good sign!’

WOW, I am achieving my goal and my body is telling me,
my body is congratulating me for getting closer to my goal!
ow awesome is that! So far from being starving, my body
is simply telling me that it is changing and it is happy :)!.

Now I have a new neurological response to feeling hungry
while dieting and this is actually associated with a feeling of
ACHIEVEMENT which is greatly powerful in achieving your goals!.

2) What emotions do you associate with the following?

  • Giving  ( Do not give so much of yourself that you do not take the time to enjoy receiving).
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Police
  • Debt

You are always creating associations in your mind. When a
particular song comes on the radio it will take you back to that
amazing date you had, or that terrible place you use to work at.

Your brain is creating these neurological links ALL THE TIME.
These strong feelings can be linked to what is happening around you
at that moment.

For example, Imagine that one day when you were a child and
you were sick, you mum made you eat something which main
ingredient is cabbage and you did not feel like eating. But you
know, you have to eat to recover  the energy you lose while your
body is trying to battle the disease. So you eat,  but YOU HAD
to eat it. All of a sudden, you wind up vomiting.

You associate “cabbage” with feeling sick and vomiting,
the years pass, you have probably forgotten about that event
but somewhere in your subconscious mind it has been SAVED
and whenever you see cabbage , you don’t know why, but
you just can’t stand it.

That is a simple example of a negative neuro-association.

Now if you realize that vomiting had nothing to do with the poor
cabbage but with just the the natural process of a disease, and that
it is unreasonable to link cabbage with vomiting because the cabagge
had nothing to do with it. Then your patterns start to change!

Al of a sudden you can start linking cabbage with a new experience,
a delicious plate that gives you energy, new flavours, joy, satisfaction.

Does this sounds familiar to you? or do you know someone
who’s been through something similar?

Another example:

What happens when you see the blue and red flashing lights in your
review mirror, how do you feel about that??? Have you ever gotten a
speeding ticket? Do you get those emotions when you see those
flashing lights even when you know you have done nothing wrong?
This is another indication of neurological programming.

These associations can totally dis-empower us because we believe
that this feeling of emotion is the reality but in fact it might have
no bearing on our actual reality at all, it was simply an emotional
neurological link that was created due to an experience.

In my next blog post I am going to explain how you can change
these neurological associations. Just like Pavlov’s conditioning
the dogs. Whenever Pavlov rang a bell his dogs associated the
sound with food and Pavlov trained his dogs to make that
association and as Pavlov trained his dogs we can train our
neurological associations.

So, your assignment for today is:

  • Write down 3 associations that make your life more positive
    and 3 associations that are limiting your life

My positive associations

– Cigarettes take my breath away and I hate feeling ill.
– I am smart and have a good memory, that’s how I
became a doctor
– Vegetables & fruits are full of healthy vitamins, minerals,
fiber and make me feel INCREDIBLE.

My negative associations
– eating food makes me feel good.
– I am not good at making jokes or being funny
(I always laugh at my own laughs even before I’ve finish them LOL)

Now that you have read my post, what are some of YOUR
positive and negative associations?

Make sure to read my next blog about how to change
neurological association to improve your life.

Oh by the way, another word for neuro-associations is…
Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)-I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this :)!

See you tomorrow!,
Au revoir


Are you controlling your life or is life controlling you?

Thats right… Are you controlling your life or is your life controlling you?

I’m going to start this post by asking You
What is that motivation that steers you to do certain things?
or perhaps that stops you from doing certain things

See, yesterday we spoke about the 4 Crucial Steps to take
back your personal power
, and  if you haven’t read it or
checked  the video yet, then I suggest you stop reading
RIGHT NOW and go ahead watch the video I posted
on facebook  >>click here to watch the video<<

Did you watch the video??

The reason why I am emphasizing on you watching the video
is because you need the previous information in order to understand
correctly what I am saying now. I’m not saying you are silly or
something like that but it just goes like this:

Would you understand to multiply, without knowing how to sum??
would you go run a marathon without doing any training?
would you invest any money on the stock market, without
understanding how does the stock market work?

No, because you obviously want to understand how things
work first before making a big decision. Right?

Well, the same principle applies here.
By reading this posts and watching my videos, you are filling
your mind with VALUABLE information. You are INVESTING
in yourself, but you want to do it in the correct way and that is
by starting from… The Beginning 🙂

So once again, here’s my video and post from yesterday
for you to take a look … 🙂
>> Ok Ameli, take me to yesterday’s video and post  <<


Alright, let’s carry on … Now that you know what is your
personal power and how you can take it back with 4 crucial steps
let’s go a bit deeper…


Let’s face it, there is a lot of people in the world that wants to be successful
(whatever success means to you) people who wants to make a lot of money,
or make money online, people who wants to get that promotion or, ask that
special person to go out on a date, or maybe just go on a diet to lose some kilos.

Now that You know what it needs to be done in order to achieve your goals,
it seems easy, right? I mean it’s all about 1. knowing what you want and having
a clear vision of your outcome, 2. Taking the necessary Action towards achieving
your outcome, 3. Paying attention to your actions so you know if what you are
doing  is taking you closer or further from your goal and 4. Being Flexible enough
to modify and improve those actions so ultimately you get closer and closer to
achieving your outcome!.


Know what you want, take action, know what is working out and
keep changing
until you have achieve the results you want.

Simple, Simple, simple!

But then if it is so simple why is it that a lot of people just can’t follow
through and stick to their goals? What is preventing them from taking action??


The answer is: FEAR, fear of failure, fear to being rejected,
fear of “being different”, fear of getting out of the norm,
or even fear of SUCCESS…

To make it clearer,

Our decisions and the way we do things are driven by:

  1. PAIN

These are the two controlling forces that are preventing you from
taking action. And you must have this clear in your mind:

EVERYTHING we do in life is based on our need to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

For example,

  • Let’s say that Jen is a very busy woman, she knows she’s been out
    of touch with her family and friends for a while. She knows that a simple
    call will solve it. But, one thing leads to the other and she gets caught up
    with work, emails, telephone calls, the gym, work, etc etc…
    She gets CAUGHT UP.

Another example:

  • Jon, he is a guy who is overwheight, he knows he has to go on a diet
    and eat healthier. He loves chocolate, big cheesy hamburgers and coke.
    That’s his deal, he’s got no time to cook, so McDonalds, BK, Pizza Hut,
    KFC –you name it–  will work out.
    He know  he has to eat healthier, and it would be easier if he organizes
    some healthy food and drinks some water instead of soda but then again
    there’s too much work, staying late  at the office, answering
    emails, phonecalls, getting stuck in traffic and.. Jon gets CAUGHT UP.

And my final example,

  • Have you ever left something up until the very  end or somehow have you
    found ways to push away whatever you know you HAVE TO do immediately,
    but then you manage ways to distract with other things?
    Yes,  I am talking about PROCRASTINATION.But then again you just push things for so long that you get to a point
    where you say “What the heck??”!”I better get this sh* done before
    they get worse!  And in a blink of an eye you do whatever it is
    necessary (TAKE ACTION) to get things DONE.
    This is procrastination reversing itself.

I mean, have you ever been there??

Now, can you relate to any of these examples in any-way?
Or  do you know someone that  you can relate to?
Yes? No? Just be honest with yourself.
In fact, I’ll be honest with you: I have, a lot of times.

Do you see what do the people in these examples have in common?

YES, They get CAUGHT UP.
They allow circumstances to drive  and manage their lives
instead of them managing their own life by controlling how
they respond to circumstances around them.  They have lost
their  personal power and they NEED to take it back!

So WHY do we procrastinate?

Simple, because we have the wrong impression and/or
perspective, and we think that by not taking action we
will experience less pain than by taking action.

We have the wrong idea in our minds!

Subconsciously what you are really thinking is that the
idea of taking action now is going to be more painful
than actually getting things done and dusted.

Have you EVER feel like that??
Just think about it!

And WHY does this happen?? Because you haven’t learn
to control these two forces: Your motivating forces of pain and pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, it is in our human nature, it’s part of our
survival mechanism to avoid pain. And your brain is just going
to fight like crazy to prevent you from doing something that is
going to lead you to pain. BUT (yes, there’s always a but) it
is here when you need to shift your perception.

This is when you need to PAY ATTENTION to WHAT YOU
LINK the ideas of PAIN AND PLEASURE to.

Now you have clear that it is part of our nature to do things
that cause us less pain and more pleasure. But then if there
are 2 different circumstances that are going to cause pain and
you have to choose one, naturally, you are going to go for the
one that is less painful. Are you?

In conclusion:



Now that you know about these 2 principles of PAIN & PLEASURE
You need to create self-awareness and CONTROL what
you  link these 2 principles to.

CHANGE what you link pain and what you link pleasure to.

Let me give you a simple example:

  • It’s that time of the year when you need to file your taxes,
    You have known for a whole year that the time will come
    again  and you knew that if you had things ready it would
    be easier to file your taxes. But you didn’t, you got caught up
    with other stuff in your life like…
    “Oh m I’m too tired now, I’ll do it tomorrow, I still have some time anyway” or,
    “Ugh, I don’t like doing that stuff…. I’ll do it some time” bla bla blaAt the end of the day, the time has passed and have you started
    receiving notifications that if you do not file your taxes
    within the next week you’ll be in deep deep trouble, you’ll
    have to pay some fines, and things will just get worse…It is at this point when you decide to TAKE ACTION & GET THINGS DONE

But, it could have been WAY easier!

Do you see what happened here?

You though that getting things done, actually filling a simple
form online was “painful”,  you thought in the “present” moment,
with short term results. But eventually, procrastinating
about it and “leaving things for later” had even worse
consequences that caused you a lot more “PAIN” and it
was only then when you decided to get things done.

BUT, what if you have thought the other way around?

Like, “Ok yes, I need to file my taxes, I’ll fill out the form
quickly, It is all clear and understandable anyway so then I’ll
have free time to do the things I really enjoy, doing things NOW
is going to save  me from worries, from having to pay fines and
going through unnecesary stress”.

Final Example,

  • If you are going through some financial struggle, things
    seem to work out for a while, everything is going great!
    But then all of a sudden, something happens and you start
    sabotaging yourself, just when you were having some  momentum.

WHY did this happen?

Because somewhere in your mind, you have the wrong idea
the money is bad, or as the media wants to make us think:
rich people takes advantage of poor people, and you are a lovely
person, you don’t want to take advantage of anyone,
You just want to help, inspire and serve other people or,
rich people doesn’t have time to be with their family so you just
decide to be poor to be with your family because you love them
and you care about them.

First of, ok the main reason why you are self-sabotaging yourself
is because you Love your family and you want to protect them,
you want to spend time with them. And that is beautiful!

But then again, do you see how you are causing more pain to
yourself and your family by not taking action? By stopping you
from succeeding and by denying your family and the people
you love the right to live the life all of you deserve?

Do you see how painful it is not having enough money to buy
some food for your family? Having to work endless hours at
minimum wage only for survival? Limiting yourself and your
family by making them go through more pain? A pain that they
DO NOT deserve at all…. When instead, if you could make
more money, like running your own online business and doing
whatever it takes to take action, you’d have the power to change
their lives.

You’d be providing them the joy to eat healthier, to spend more
family time together. Because if you decide to take action
and for example, you decide to build your own online business,
your legacy, not only you will have the money to take them on
holidays and save for your children’s health or for university,
but you will also have the time-freedom to BE WITH THEM
AT ALL TIMES, to make them happy, to live that life of
fulfillment that YOU and your family deserve..

Did you see what happened here? You CHANGED the FOCUS
to a POSITIVE OUTCOME, to Gaining more PLEASURE by
avoiding the real pain.

So ALL you need to do is SHIFT YOUR PERCEPTION  and
direct your FOCUS onto how not doing something is going
to be MORE PAINFUL than having to do so.

In other words: ASSOCIATE not taking action to being more painful
than actually doing it. Don’t wait until you’re out of time and
there’s so much pressure that you have to do something.
Save yourself from painful situations and just take ACTION!

USE this pain and pleasure principles to control situations
around you instead of having them controlling your life.

These principles work in ANY area of your life, whether it is
your personal life or your business life, whether if you are
finding it difficult to keep a relationship or struggling financially.

If you are sabotaging yourself someway  or another is because
deep deep deep into you, you are linking pain and pleasure to the wrong ideas.

HOW do you link pain and pleasure to the right ideas??

Well, First of all CONGRATULATIONS, because if you are
asking yourself that , it means that you are now AWARE of it
and that my friend is the biggest and most importnat step.

Now, what is next?
#2 is Asking yourself WHAT is it going to mean TAKING
ACTION? What results are you going to get? What pains
and pleasures are you gonna get from it?

#3 Ask your self what is it going to mean not taking action?
What is it going to be the results in your life? What pains
and pleasures are you going to get? What extra pain are you
going to gain by not taking action?

#4 What would taking action mean to you emotionally, physically,
mentally, Spiritually? What pleasure are you going to gain?How are
you going to feel?  Happy, Proud, More Confident, Stronger, Recognized, Admired…


So decide to take control of your life now, choose what you FOCUS on,
and your behavior will steer in that direction, all by learning to
control pain and pleasure and what you choose to follow through.

What would you lose if you do not take action?
Are you preventing yourself from living an extraordinary life?

Do what is right for your life my friend, You deserve to live an
extraordinary life, you deserve a life of fulfillment so
shift your focus,decide to TAKE ACTION NOW, stop letting your
life controlling you and start controlling your life.

The World is YOUR OYSTER.

See you tomorrow on my next post,

Love & Light,


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