The Importance of Exercising and its influence in your business

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In today’s video, I am talking about the importance of exercising and how exercise can influence Your Business…

Let’s watch it now….
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Some of the General benefits of Exercising are:

1. Exercise makes You Happy

When we exercise, a series of biochemical processes boost. In this process it’s included the secretion of hormones called Endorphins. Endorphins are known as the “Happiness hormons” for it’s physiological analgesic effect in making us feel relaxed  and…. Happy :)!


2. Regular Exercise helps you prevent chronic diseases.

Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, it lowers blood pressure, increases the levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein, commonly known as the “good cholesterol”and so, exercise protects against a wide range of health conditions/problems including the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and certain types of cancer. 

How does it happen?? Well, exercising includes a huge synchrony from our beautiful body, like keeping blood flowing smoothly through our body, exercising our heart, dicreasesing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.   


3. Exercise controls Weight

Regualr exercise helps prevent weight gain, or help mantain weight loss.
Well, let’s make it simple… We all are  ENERGY, right?
In this case, The physical manifestation of our energy is in our cells, in the Mass of our body. Ideally, our body mass must be in balance. Not too much, not too little… We all know that nothing in excess is benefitial, right??

Let’s say that when we have too much energy –ergo body mass– Our energy stops flowing as it should do and it gets stuck. Our bodies are like recipients so.. what happens when this energy keeps coming and getting stuck??… IT OVERFLOWS. Which we can traduce in different ways, including slower motion patterns and severe difficulties. The more we accumulte, the worse it can be.
On the other hand, when we have too little “energy – ergo skinny body mass- The demand of our body is bigger than the supply. And if you don’t get enough resources to your body, what happens?
Your “body resources” minimize which in extreme causes can cause several diseases as well.

What does exercise do here?
It keeps everything flowing properly and at the right pace :).
Exercise burn calories. And the more intense you exercise the more you burn.
BUT you want to burn calories smartly and gradually. Which means engage in regular activites like going out for a fast walk/run for 20 -30 min a day and increase the activity along time.

4. Exercise Boost your energy levels.

Regular physical activity improves your muscle strength and boost your endurance.  When we exercise, we breath faster and our heart beats faster so our delivery rate of oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells & tissues Increases. Helping our system work more efficiently.
In this process, we have a rock star, and organelle called mitochondria, which lives in most of the cells of our body and is the one in charge of providing chemical energy to our cells. Regular exercise improves the function of this beautiful organelle 🙂

5. Exercise Boost Your Immune System 😉

Yes!. Regular Exercise promotes good circulation, allowing the cells and substances of our immune system to move freely throughout our body and do their job efficiently. 

So… How does exercise improves my business??

We have seen the benefits of exercising in our body. Exercise makes you happier, stronger and provides more oxygen to your brain. With these in balance you are more likely to have fresh ideas, think properly, have better management skills and therefore benefit directly the way you manage your business. 
A real successful business grows is a reflection of the people/persons who manage it and work in it. So Before worrying about making things look great in your business, work in yourself first and the rest will come naturally.

Last but not the least…

As well as exercising regularly, it is important to keep a healthy nutrition and a healthy mindset.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
(Healthy mind in a Healthy body)
~ Juvenal

Muuch Love!,



What are Vitamins good for?? and Where do I find them??

What are vitamins good for? 

To answer this question, first of all I would like to ask you something…

Do You know what is a vitamin??
Yeah Ameli… vitamins are those “things” we need to have energy and have a strong body.

Uhmm…. well… not exactly but… close.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential for our body metabolism.

Why are they essential?
Because they provide the nutrition our cells need for normal and optimal growth and as our body doesn’t not produce them in enough quantities, we need to get them, mostly, from food.

In general, Vitamins are subdivided in 2 groups:

  • Fat- soluble vitamins and,
  • Water-soluble vitamins

What is the difference between fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins??

As the name speaks for itself.
Fat-soluble vitamins dissolved in fat are stored in the fat tissues of our bodies and also, in our liver. They are easier to store and can stay in our bodies for longer periods than water=soluble vitamins. some of them stay for months!.
In this group we have Vitamins A, D, E, K.

On the other side, Water-soluble vitamins, need to be dissolved in water before our bodies can absorb them. For this same reason they do not get stored in the body for long and get expelled out faster through urine.
In this group we have Vitamin C & Complex B vitamins 

Now, lets talk a bit more about the properties of each Vitamin and where you can find them.

Vitamin A

Most of people associates this beautiful Vitamin with a maintining Good Vision, but Vitamin A is also essential for a radiant, healthy and glowing skin.
Vitamin A is an antioxidant and acts by inhibing the sebaceous glands activity, which helps a lot in acne cases and also, thanks to its properties to grow and repair tissues, it thickens and stimulates our dermis (the dermis is that magical layer in your skin containing numerous proteins like collagen & elastin) reducing the appearance of  expression lines and/or wrinkles.
And they also help mantain healthy mucous membranes in our mouth, nose, eyes.

Vitamin A is also subdivided into 2 groups: Carotenoids and retinoids… but that is something I will be talking about in my health website The Health Revolution: Evolve Yourself :).

Where do I find vitamin A?

You can find them in Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkins, broccoli, kale, eggs, cantaloupe melon, liver…
(To keep it simple: most of the vegetables that are Yellow/Orange are rich in Vitamin A)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the result of several chemical processes in our body and it aids the absorption of Calcium. Calcium is a mineral important for our bone & teeth health, it also helps relax our nerves…

Vitamins D is produced  by our skin 20 – 30 minutes of summer sun exposure to ultravialet B. The Sun’s ultraviolet B converts a type of cholesterol in our skin to Vitamin D3 which then travels to our liver where it is stored and distributed …
After 20 – 30 min, our skin can produce up to 10 000 UI of Vitamin D.
Another pretty good reason to go to the beach, right??

Vitamin E

Wow, this vitamin is, in my opinion one of the bests!!. Vitamin E is a super powerful antioxidant that can penetrate the layers of our skin.
Its antioxidant property means it reduces oxidative stress, boosting our cells and making them stronger and giving that radiant healthy look to our skin.

Where do I find Vitamin E?

Excellent sources of Vitamin E are Dark-meat fish. You can also find it in avocados, kiwi fruit, almonds, eggs, sunflower seeds, wholegrains, vegetable oils.
To keep it simple: LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES.

Vitamin K:

Guess what?? Vitamin K’s effect in our blood is vital as plays major role in blood clotting.
Although, it is also great for the skin and it is believed to prevent premature-skin aging by stopping the deposits of calcium into elastin fibres.

We have 2 types of Vitamin K, the type we consume in our foods and the other type is produced in our guts if we have healthy intestinal bacterias. And its absorption depends on having a healthy liver, gallbladder and digestive function.
(see why it is good to have a detox and make sure our body is beautifully harmonized?)
Vitamin K is the only fat-soluble vitamin that it is not stored in our body so you want to make sure you have your dose everyday! 

Each type of Vitamin K has wonderful properties and have an important role  in preventing cancer, diabetes and this is a subject I will dig in on my other website The Health Revolution: Evolve Yourself.

Where do I find Vitamin K?

You can find Vitamin K in avocado, kiwi fruit, PARSLEY, PARSLEY, PARSLEY, KALE, KALE, KALE.

Keeping it simple: GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES 🙂

Now let’s talk about Water-solluble Vitamins 

Vitamin C

Vitaming C is another master!. It plays a VITAL role in reducing Free-radical damage.
*FYO: Free radicals are the lonely grumpy buddies molecules with an unpaired  single electron going all over your body making a mess and upsetting your cells. Simple example: wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles.

Vitamin C also produces collagen, which helps maintain healthy & firm gums, bones, teeth, blood vessels and other tissues..

As an antioxidant vitamin C also helps reduce damage inflammation, protecting us from degenerative diseases

Finally, Vitamin C can work together with Vitamin E, helping protect your skin  from overexposure to the sun.

Where do I find Vitamin C?

You can find Vitamin C in fruits like Strawberries, berries, citrus fruits (CAMU-CAMU, Feijoa, oranges); and in vegetables like: broccoli, Kale, parsley.

FYO: Camu Camu containes the highest concentration of Vitamin C. – And it’s from Peru, yay :)!-

Vitamins from the Group B

In this group we have  Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12
(Yes…. They are a lot!!)
Basicaly B-group vitamins are essential to skin health
B1 (thiamine) is beneficial for skin and hair health.
B2 (riboflavin)
B3 (niacine) & B5(pantothenic acid) are involved in skin regeneration processes
B6 (pyridoxine)
B7 (biotin) is involved in creating happy lustrous hair.
B9 (folate) is VITAL for the development of a healthy embrion on the first 2 weeks of pregnancy. 
FYO: you would get much much better results if you have a regular intake of folate foods for the health of your future baby. Than when you are already pregnant. Risks can be too high for the healthy develop of the embryo.
& B12 (riboflavin) are important for healthy strong nails

Where do I find them??

B1 – wholegrains,sesame seeds, nuts, legumes, savoury yeast, pork
B2 –  arparragus, bananas, cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt, meat, eggs, fish, green beans.
B3 – asparragus, turkey, chicken, eggs, tuna, salmon, liver, heart, avos, dates, tomatoes, cbroccoli, carrots, nuts, mushrooms, wholegrains, pecans, almonds, savoury yeast, legumes.
B5 – is widespread in a whole range of foods. Good sources are eggs, meats, whole grains, broccoli, avocados…
B6 – bananas, whole grains, fresh milk
B7 – salmon, sardines, chicken, pork, liver, avocado, mushrooms, cawliflower, bananas, nuts, egg yolk, whole grains, legumes

Important! Food processes methods destroy biotin.

B9 – sunflower seeds, legumes, leafy vegetables, liver, savoury yeastoh and also… some beers as well as some fruits!

Something important to know is that This group of vitamins are delicate and easily destroyed, specially by alcohol, cooking and I would say they are almost non existant in processed food (freezed foods, canned foods)


If you have noticed, in a single fruit/vegetable/meat we can find several vitamins!. So from now, I hope you use this information to start cobining your food smartly which combined with continuous physical activity (exercise) will boost your Health!. 

I would love to know what do you think about this post and if you have any questions or ideas about related subjects. let me know :)!. Remember, being and staying healthy is, mostly, in Your Hands!

Much Love,


The Dirty truth about Vitamins and Minerals!

What the health nutrition store is not telling you about multivitamins & supplements

The dirty truth about multivitamins and the supplements you take

Most people who are trying to live a healthy life style and stay fit consider a multivitamin to be an important part of their nutritional program.

In fact, Americans and Canadians spend more money on multivitamins than people in any other areas, yet they are not by far the healthiest nations.

While I have always considered multivitamins to be an important part of a diet, I have always believed that it is better to get your vitamins from natural sources such as food! However a really important report published by Yuri Elkaim has really  opened my eyes regarding multivitamins.  Yuri’s report, The Truth about Multivitamins has some key points from that need to be considered. I am willing to bet that you will be shocked by some of the findings within this report.

In this article I want to educate You and let you know what is wrong with the multivitamins and minerals that you buy from your local supplement store. I will also tell you how to choose the best multivitamins and how they compare to whole foods.


Do you understand what you are swallowing?

It is a common misconception that vitamins and minerals are sourced from food but in actual fact most of the multivitamins on the market are synthetic and the ingredients may actually shock you.

Take a look at these examples:

Vitamin D – in synthetic vitamins is made from irradiated cattle brains and cattle fat. Yes, that’s irradiated as in zapped with radiation.
Vitamin C – is made from hydrogenated sugar processed with acetone. If acetone sounds familiar, it is what women use to remove nail polish off their finger nails.
Vitamin A – or beta-carotene is sourced from petroleum esters, refined oils and methanol.
Vitamin B – Most of which come from coal tar derivatives and hydrochloric acid.

A 2008 study by the FDA found that many of the leading multivitamins contain up the “acceptable limit” of lead in them, yes that is lead the heavy metal.

Shockingly 90% of all vitamins and minerals are synthetic.

90% of vitamins are synthetic

Most people are consuming vitamins and minerals because they are concerned about their wellbeing. It is not only the dangerous stuff in them that you should be concerned about, but also what is not in them!


What the label does not tell you!

natural  by fda and whoOne would think that the word ‘Natural’, as seen on the multivitamin bottle, means that the ingredients are sourced from whole foods.


If you think that you are wrong! The word ‘Natural’ means that the ingredients can be found in nature, including such things a petroleum, coal etc.

Added to this the nutritional information on the label is not necessarily true. Recently consumer Lab tested 38 of the leading brands of multivitamins, with only 25 of them passing the test. The other 13 where found to have less then the nutrients claimed, or broken down so slowly that they were passed through the intestinal tract before any of the nutrients could be adsorbed.


There are good vitamins but you have to be careful 

As Yuri Elkaim explains in his report, you have to shop around carefully if you want to buy multivitamins. You need to lookout for brands that are sourced from %100 food or made from whole food groups. This is one of the only ways that you will ensure that you are getting multivitamins are made from Grapefruit or cherries and not from petroleum based products or acetone.
One thing to bear in mind is that it is a huge effort to get all the whole food multivitamins crammed into one capsule and due to the fact that food contains relatively small amounts of vitamins and minerals, when compared to it more evil synthetic counterpart. So you should not be surprised if you are expected to take between 4 – 8 capsules a day to get all the required nutrients.


What is the ultimate solution?

From what you have read the obvious solution is to get as many of your vitamins and minerals form whole foods as you possibly can. This is not only safer and healthier for you but these natural vitamins are absorbed much better by your body then synthetic substances.

For instance, our livers have a specific transport made just for vitamin E, which is sourced from natural food. But, the liver transport system does not work for synthetic vitamin E because it needs to be processed differently in order for it to be broken down, so our bodies cannot do anything with it.

In a recent study comparing the Vitamin C found in foods versus the ascorbic acid (just one part if vitamin C but all you will find in most supplements), 80mg of vitamin C found in fruit was more effective and contained more antioxidants than 1520mg from a supplement! You can get plenty of vitamin A or beta-carotene from eating carrots. Almonds have a ton of vitamin E, Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin C. You can get a days supply of the vitamin B vitamins from leafy greens.

So getting enough of every vitamin and mineral through diet alone will be difficult for most people. However, you should be looking at eating a wide range of foods and colours to ensure that you are getting a good spread of vitamins and minerals. Ensure that you find a supplement from whole foods that will be efficiently utilised by your body.

Now you are more educated to question what it is that you are putting in your body. Added to this you now know why synthetic supplements cannot be absorbed by your body. (Due to it not being sourced from whole food, which is what our body processes) The shocking reality that 90% of all vitamins and minerals consumed is synthetic! Enough said!

Whole Foods, the Ultimate Solution

Follow our posts for more great information!.

Tomorrow Ameli will be going in depth with the natural resources for Vitamins.
Stay tunned :)!!!

All the Best,

Leith & Ameli.

What’s the Difference between Gelato and Ice cream? + BONUS: Delicious Healthy Recipe

Ice cream or Gelato? Gelato or Ice cream?
Quelle est la différence?

Gelato means Ice cream in Italian, but in english it doesn’t really is the same thing. See you’ve got the idea… both are cold, look similar, taste delicious and it doesn’t matter the time of the year. If you are an ice cream & gelato lover, you would eat them even at -28 C, sitting on the hanging chair outside looking at the deers and mooses crossing around in a beautiful clear night.

The Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

The difference comes down to 4 elemental factors:

  • Fat,
  • Sugar,
  • Air and
  • Serving Temperature.

GELATO = Less Fat + Little to No Air –> Rich Intense Flavour & Dense texture.


Ice cream uses more cream, making them high in fats, fat content that iss generally about 10%.
Gelato uses more milk than cream, so it doesn’t have as much fat as ice cream.
Once the milk or the cream is emulsified with the base, it gets in between the water molecules so it makes it harder for the water to freeze and form ice.
On the other hand, the less content of fat, the better our senses can taste rich flavours. As the fat in the ice cream creates a coat in our tongues which combined with the cold temperature reduce our ability to enjoy rich flavours.


We all know that when we mix sugar with water it forms a dense syrup that  lowers the freezing point than plain water. So the higher concentration of sugar, the lower the freezing point becomes.


The air is introduced during the churning process.
 Ice cream is churned at a higher speed to whip in more air, increasing its volume to a 25 to 90% more – depending on the quality-  making it Fluffier, creamier and with high requirements of sugar otherwise it would be tasteless.  
Gelato is churned at a much lower speed, whipping in  less air into the mixture. Which gives gelato a denser texture and a rich tasteful flavour :).


Ice cream is best served at a higher temperature than gelato, about -12 degrees C.  Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, about 3 degrees C. If it’s served too cool it would be too hard and it would lose its silkier and softer texture. Because it has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream, the main flavour ingredient really shines through.  
If you store ice cream at the same warm temperature as Gelato, it would melt down really fast.

And… What about the eggs??
Well, Ice cream uses egg-yolks while Gelato may not use them or only uses  a few.

what about sorbets??

Well, this ones are my favourites :D. Sorbets are like a cool version from  mother nature giving us fruit :D. YES, Sorbets are mainly FRUITS :). Sorbets or Sorbetto have a light or rich texture -depending on the fruit-, they use less water and are made of FRESH fruit. (please don’t used boiled fruit or it will taste like jam)

Now that you know what is the difference between Gelato and Ice cream… Which one do you love and which one do you prefer?. I personally like them all, and depending on the weather and my mood I’ll go for one or another 🙂

As an extra bonus, I am going to share with you now a quick, simple and healthy recipe to make your favourite chocolate icecream. I’m not using eggs, regular milk  or regular sugar – but you can add them if you want to- aaaand the best of all, you don’t need an icecream machine for this. Ready?
Here we go!


We need:
4 Ripe Bananas
3 Tbsp of Raw Honey – or molasses-
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder -or cacao powder-
1/4 cup of cacao chips

* Optional: 1/4 cup of natural yoghurt or coconut milk


  1. Slice your ripped bananas and freeze them for at least 4 hrs.
  2. Once they are ready, blend with the rest of the ingredients until smooth.
  3. Whisk in the cacao chips and fold in with a spatula.
  4. Place in an air tight container and freeze for 2 hours.
  5. It’s time to Enjoooy :)!

Delicious Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe


Who doesn’t Love Pizza?? I DO! but I also love eating healthy and if it’s eating healthy on a budget, even better!.  This is what I call, eating Smart 😀

Well well, before I go out on context with other subjects that I’m fascinated about!. I will share with you the recipe of this delicious low carb pizza crust!.  I am a Food Lover, so I was looking for different recipes, but I also love doing things My way so I used a bit from here and there to wind up with this delicious pizza!. 

I personally don’t like when pizzas come with the thick bread base,  i thnk it makes them chewy and it can ruin the magic of a perfect pizza, so I elaborated in this thin pizza crust Recipe, it’s  very very easy to make and if you have a juice extractor it will be even faster than what it already is. 

“Oh no, Ameli… I don’t have a juice extractor!” ….
Well, no worries at all!, ’cause I’ve made a video to show you the exact way on make this pizza without one  :)!

I’m not using flour at all, so it’s not like the classic flatbread pizza recipe you can find out there. I am actually using amazing ingredients instead of flour. Trust me, this is a really EASY pizza recipe and it is Waaaaay better than the conventional ones! (In All Sense).  So whether you are on a diet,  you are vegetarian, vegan or you just wanna learn how to eat smart! this is the perfect option for you. Are You Ready???… Here We Go :D!

Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe

The pizza ingredients we are going to use are:

For the BASE

550 gr of Broccoli (That’s about 1 – 1 1/2 broccoli’s)
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon of Olive oil
1/2 Cup of oats (ideally ground oats) – but in the video I used the normal ones.
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of Oregan
1 teaspoon of garlic
1/4 Cup of grated cheese (Optional)


*Be yourself here and choose your favourite toppings :)! – The Only condition, is to be healthy!

6 tablespoons of Tomato Paste (3 of each per base of pizza crust)1 cup of Grated Cheese (1/2 a cup per pizza crust base)   – Optional –
Green Olives
1/2 a Capsicum
Precooked seasoned chicken/turkey, Fish, etc   – Optional-
1 sliced tomato
Basil leaves



 Preheat oven to  200 C

With no Juice extractor :

  • Cut the broccoli into pieces and blend it, USE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR BROCCOLI, including the Stalks (just cut off the rough parts if necessary)
  • Put broccoli crumbs into a tea towel and squeeze as much liquid as possible.


With a juice extractor:

  • Same as above, except that you put the broccoli straight into your Juice extractor.
  • Tip: Put a clean bag in the large pulp container so once you’re done you just transfer the broccoli pulp to your bowl.

NOW, What You Need to DO is WATCH The Video below and Follow the simple steps  I will show you to make this delicious low carb pizza!.  :)!
To give you a hint, you have to start with somehing like this….

  1. Place the broccoli crumbs  into a large bowl. Add the eggs, olive oil, oats, salt & oregan. Mix Well.
  2. Line an…..

Oh gosh, I LOVE making this healthy recipes! and my mind is always trying to look for the best options,  this is my job and my passion :).   A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined being doing what I’m doing now, I am a Medical Doctor and I used to work 120 – 150 hrs a week,  7 days a week, doing overnight shifts every 2 days besides the 12 hr morning shifts .

 I had no time for my family, friends and the people I loved. Even though I really enjoyed practising  and my favourite times were in the surgeries I didn’t have a life and the worst of all, I didn’t have a healthy lifestyle!. I was always busy and a sandwich, and a bottle of water (or coke!) were my lunch!.  Does that sounds familiar to YOU?  So, how could I talk to my patients about being healthy if I wasn’t being healthy?

If You are having a super busy time at work too and have no time for your family, friends and the people you love then you can definitely understand me!,
I just want to share to you how I got where I am Today.

It wasn’t until my beloved mum passed away that I knew I NEEDED to make a change!.  Due to my job there were months I didn’t even see her and on her last months I wasn’t able to spend enough time with her because I was too busy working. My world crashed when she was gone and it was then when I decided I was not going to do the same thing ever again to any of the people I loved. 

I decided that from that day on I was going to spend time with my loved ones. The idea of having children and not being able to see them and raise them up as my Mum did with me was unacceptable. She was ALWAYS there for me so I can’t do less for my future children.  But at the same time I wanted to keep helping people!. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I DECIDED I was going to make it. It took me a while to figure out the exact way, I moved out of my country and tried setting up a business but I failed because I didn’t have the right information, I went through a hard period of ups and  downs and I felt terribly lost….

Until one day, I met a lovely Couple (my partner’s friends) who months later would become my mentors,  they inspired me and showed me the light I was looking for!  Soon I was introduced to an amazing group of people who went through the same road as me. They welcomed me and showed me The right way to do what I LOVE while being with the people I LOVE. Now, I help and educate other people from home. I don’t have to respond to last minute calls, I don’t miss any social meetings. I respond to my own schedule and I AM FREE to choose what I do with my time, I have a Healthy Life and I help other people change their lives too:). If you want to know how I did it, then click HERE and stop wasting more time towards your dreams!!

If you think I’m successful with my new lifestyle just because I’m a Doctor. You are Wrong! I had no previous training or knowledge about how to make a living from the internet or how to run a business online. I  did what they taught me to do  and I followed a very simple system –Anyone can do it –  that has help me create the lifestyle that I want. This system will help You create the lifestyle you wish to lead.

If you want to know how you can change your life and you’re interested about this system,  then take a look at this video by clicking HERE.

Much Love,

Understanding Sacred Geometry Symbols and more

well, once again my beautiful post is gone!. People, if you are gonna write any post please make sure you do it on word first, or be ready to loose it while typing on the keyboard….. I think screens should show somekind of “Red Bell” on screen everytime I come straight to the blog to write -that would be a great reminder!-. It is just UNsafe for the sake of my posts, my eyes and my brain haha.

It is almost midnight so by this time there is almost no synapses in my brain and half of me is like in the #ZombieMode begging to go to bed.

Today I wanted to talk about Sacred Geometry… See the picture below

sacred geometry - the flower of life

I was probably 14 or 15 when I draw this exact draw without even knowing what It was, I did always loved to do geometrical and perfectly armonic drawings, with the right measurements and fitting.See, I’m a bit of a perfectionist so like to check even the smallest detail. Anyway, I remember that while doing that, it was like I was in somekind of state and  a lot of ideas  about life and people and society came to my mind.  

Let’s be a bit more specific…. to me, while drawing this I saw it from another perspective. Like I was looking at a tree in the middle circle by being 5 meters above it and seeing how its branches connect with other trees branches around it. Somehow, I felt like we all are trees and our branches connect with other people branches at certain point of our lives. It might be relevant for us and “normal”for the other person or viceversa but it certainly is a very important moment in ones life.

See, you might not know the huge example. inspiration, motivation you can be to another person or…. on the other hand, the reason to “not to be like…”. Do you get what I mean??… What I am trying to say here is: Always, ALWAYS Give the Best of Yourself, at any times, in any places. Because you don’t know if what you are doing now can make a huge difference on someone else’s life, no matter how old they are. See the graphic? It can be just another moment in your life….. but It can be “touch the centre” of another person’s life, and viceversa – See the graphic with an open mind to understand it better :)-.

It wasn’t until 2 or 3 years ago that I actually realized this draw wasn’t just a product of my imagination and it is a Marvellous one and it is called the Flower of Life. I actually saw this flower of life, in one of my mum’s courses (Sacred geometry course) and I was shocked when she told me more about it… so many things come out from this draw. It doesn’t matter in which religion you are, it makes sense to all of them. Because at the end, to my point of view, we are all connected, regardless the religion a person follows and even he/she doesn’t. 

We are all connected_sacred geometry

Anyways, I was doing some research today and I found This fascinating Video. Whereas I suggest you to watch it from minute 49 when it talks about the DNA and our Health. I recommend you to open your mind, think outside the box and watch the entire video. This is a MUST Watch for everyone and those who are ready will understand it :). It is absolutely interesting, interactive and fun to watch 🙂

So… go get some healthy goodies and Enjoy the video! 


Did you watch it? What do you think about it? Please share it if you find it interesting and lets spread the love around the world! :). 

Much Love,

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