SEO tutorial: 3 killer strategies for majestic SEO with Blogging and Vlogging

SEO tutorial: 3 killer strategies for majestic SEO with blogging and Vlogging – Wealthypreneurs Free TrainingThere

If you’ve been looking for some SEO tips and tricks, look no more! because you have just arrived to the right place!

I hosted a hangout with the Krazy K.I.T. where I taught the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). During the hangout I went over the 3 killer strategies for majestic seo with blogging and vlogging I started with some seo basics and then we dig onto more elaborated seo settings.

The main SEO basic points we went over were:

  1. Deciding your content and to structure your Keywords in relation to it.
  2. How to find your keywords and what tools to use.
  3. How to organize your Keywords along your post.

As for Vlogging (Video Blogging):

  1. Relevance and association of keywords when vlogging
  2. SEO process for Vlogging, etc…

I also gave some extra golden nuggets that you’ll find along the video 🙂

So whether you are new or you’ve been in this for a while, make sure to first: grab a pen and paper and watch the complete hangout.


To watch the hangout on youtube, just click here.

So what do you think about this quick SEO tutorial and the 3 killer strategies for majestic SEO with blogging and Vlogging?

Also, if you have any questions, make sure to post it on the comments below or just send me a message.

By the way if you’re looking to get started with your blog, or want to use the exact blogging platform I use for my business and get some exclusive training then go ahead and grab the best blogging platform in the market here.

See you soon!,


How to use youtube cards in your videos

Do you know what are the youtube cards?

In this video trainning I am going to show you how to use the youtube cards in your videos to make them more interactive, appealing and increase traffic to your site.

This is how your cards will look:


Make your videos interactive with youtube cards



YouTube Cards SPECIFICS:

As shown in the video, when you click on the blue “Add Card” button, a window with some options will pop Up.

Let me explain you what does each of these options mean:


  1. The First Box is for your Site TITTLE (whether is a blogpost, an offer, a product).
  2. the Second Box is for your CTA (Call To Action)
  3. The Third Box is for your TEASER Text, that is the text that it will show up while your video is playing. For Example, check the picture above. On the right corner of my video a text pops up and says: “Visit our website 🙂!”. – did you have a tadaaa moment?. YES, that is the teaser text ;).


YouTube Cards TIPS:

  1. If you use multiple cards, make sure they is a good distance that separates them them in your timeline. Space them out.
  2. Do not repeat links in your cards (it looks spammy and way less sexy).
  3. Make sure your cards are RELEVANT and CONGRUENT to the content of your Video.
  4. CARDS are only activated to youtube channels in GOOD STANDING (so stop uploading to your channel videos that do not belong to you).
  5. YES, your cards also work on livestream (wohooo)


What do you think about this youtube feature? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below :)!

Love & Light,


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Choosing Your Website Color Combination: The Psychology Of Color In Marketing And Branding.

Colors are part of our day-to-day and they have a great effect in our behavior. Even when our human perception of color is a subjective process. The physiology of color perception is a fascinating, complex -and not understand at all- process.

To make it simpler, when WE see a specific colour,  after it has been processed by our nervous system, some signals are also sent to different systems throughout our body. For example, one of this systems is our endocrine system, specifically, our thyroid gland which release different hormones that alongside other hormones can cause fluctuations in our emotions, mood according to a color.

In terms of YOUR website, you have a twentieth of a second before your visitor decides if they like our website or not. And the influence of your web design color has a huge impact in your user experience. Your website color combination  creates the vibe, mood and feel you are trying to portray to your user. In branding and marketing terms, according to Neil Patel, color determines 85% of the reason to purchase a product.

Aditionally, Satyendra Singh, on his Impact of color on marketing”  article mentioned that within the first 90 seconds, customers are already making their initial assessment whether with the people or products to decide if they will buy it or not and 62 – 90% of this decision is based ONLY on colors.

With this being said, I would like to add that there is no SPECIFIC color alone that works for all audiences but instead, the magic comes from having the right combination of colors according to our product and our target market.  When you use the adequate web design color combination, it can help you differentiate from your competitors and also influence your customers feelings and moods -positively or negatively-

Now, each color can cause different physiological and psychological effects on different persons but, as for statistics. This is something that color psychology studies. So first of all …


What is color psychology?

Color psychology is a branch of behavioral psychology that studies the effect of color in human behavior. It is a highly complex science that depends on multiple factors, from the environment to the perception of the subject.


How to use color psychology to increase website conversions?

To get to this point, first we need to understand the anatomy of website colors.

Every single website has a:

  1. Background Color: This is the color that predomines in your website and its used to set the mood & feel of your site.

  2. Base Color: This color is the complement of your background color, it breaks up the monotony but it is not too flashy. It just helps your website look in “armony”

  3. Accent Color: This is the MOST important color in your website. This is the color that creates a bold contrast with your background and base color, giving to your site YOUR personality. This is for example, the color you will use for your CTA. It is like the delicious cherry at the top of your warm lava chocolate cake. yum!

(to learn more about it, check this article)

Choosing this 3 colors for our website is mostly a matter of portraying our personality in it, which also creates our BRAND’s colors.

So, how do you know Which Colors should you choose??

Well, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main characteristic of the product you are offering?
  • What is the problem that your product solves and which color suits it?
  • Which colors are your competitors using?
  • Are there any cultural differences in the colors you are planning to use?

Understanding YOUR product and your audience will help you categorize it within one or 2 of the next following “brand personalities”

dimensions of brand personality


 Once you have this ready, take a  look at the following brands and their colors.





To create the ideal color combination for your website that will go along with your product and your brand. Let’s take a look to the common perception and the meaning of colors. With this interpretations, you will be able to create your ideal website color combination .


RED: The color of Mars, often associated with blood, war, fire, powerful energies, courage and vigor, alert, danger, Power & strength as well as passion, love and desire. Red can mean love and passion in the occidental world, whereas in chinese cultures is the colour of good fortune.


BLUE: Blue often means trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, understanding, order. Light blue is interpreted as a symbol of peace, calmness  and serenity while Dark blue can represent confidence, authority tradition.


PURPLE: Purple represents royalty, luxury and nobility. On the opposite side it can also mean decadence and pomposity.  So make sure you combine it with the apporpriate colors.


PINK: Pink often represents youthfulness, hope.


BLACK: When black is used correctly, it represents value,  luxury, elegance, sophistication, power, authority, glamour and exclusivity. Being black a product of the absorption of all other colors, black also gives a sense of power, discretion and jurisdiction.


YELLOW: Yellow is mostly known for being the colour of happiness and joy, it also represents energy. On the other hand, dull yellow can mean disease, egoism, decay, betrayal and madness. Yellow is the first color our eye processes, that’s why it is also used in “caution!” signs.


GREEN: Green is the colour of nature, it represents good health, relaxation, productivity. This is the most calming color for our eye. This is one of the reasons that makes green a great CTA color, especially if you used in combination with the “isolation effect” which states that you remember things better and easier when they STAND OUT.

Remember that we also talked about the ACCENT COLOR? In this case, the isolation effect happens when a specific item (let’s say your CTA button) is the only one of its type (in terms of a particular color) For example, when having a white, gray and black as your background and base colors.

***There is also a science behind the structure of your CTA or the creation of your capture page that I will explain ahead over the next posts. This is only to give you a brief idea. ***


ORANGE: Orange is a tricky color that can be used as a “fun” color that represents efficency, activity, togetherness. But if used wrong, it can be also interpreted as affordable or “cheap”. In a question posted by Forbes “Does Orange mean Cheap?” in the “Effect of Color on Sales of Commercial Products”. The concluding answer was YES.


WHITE: whether  white is or it isn’t a color, it represents purity,  innocence and clarity.


Color Theory wealthypreneurs

Color Wheel brand personality



Finally… Let’s take a look to the color preferences by gender

explained neatly in this great infographic by Kissmetrics




Remember… According to statistics, Neil Patel refers to the next color choice for each gender…



WOMEN like BLUE, PURPLE & GREEN, and dislike Brown, Orange and Gray.

MEN like BLUE, GREEN & BLACK and dislike Brown, Orange and Purple.


Now that you understand the psychology of color in marketing and branding, which website color combination are you going to choose??

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Quick2launchEntrepreneurHelpscout and if you want to gain some in-depth knowledge about color psychology visit Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, they are amazing!

7 critical hacks to create a responsive website

Using-LaptopAs mentioned previously, it only takes 1/20th of a second to a visitor to decide if they like your website and 94% of this first impression is determined by your website design and it’s responsiveness.

In 3 words, you need a responsive web design.

To refresh your mind with what we mentioned in this post. A  fully responsive website is a website that adapts itself to the many different resolutions, browser types and devices, whether your visitor is visiting you from their desktop at home, smartphone on the road, or their tablet at the beach.  This way your website still still look consistent and beautiful. It’s something more or less like a “one size fits all” 😉



So if you want to convert your visitors into loyal customers/subscriptors, these are some best practices for your website’s design:

  1. Less is more. Nobody likes a messy home so make sure you have a simple, clean & visually appealing web design that makes user functionality easy (easy navigation along your site). The fonts might be clear and easy to read (tip: never ever ever use Times New Roman online).

 elements of a website design wealthypreneurs

  1. A compelling headline, this is more like your brand that points out your main objective, your vision and what you will be doing for your customer.


  1. Your touch, your BRAND presence. Let’s make this clear, your website/blog is your open virtual home. So add your touch, reflect your personality in it, be authentic it and ADD YOUR face or your main product (depending on what you are offering), like a video introducing yourself & talking to your audience. You can either have it in your home page, at your ‘About Me/Us’ tab or even better, different videos all along your site make a huge improvement!.

 developing your brand wealthypreneurs

  1. Be Sexy!, have a sexy & compelling call to action so your customers would feel attracted to give you their valuable information (e-mails)


  1. Have an opt-in form, make sure is visible and easy to be found so your visitors can subscribe to your list and receive your updates. – Like the one at the end of this post ;)! –
  1. Prove it or leave it,.. always include third party information or social proof.
  1. The Menu Magic, as mentioned before… less is more. Limit your Menu at the top of your site to a maximum of 7 links. Remember, the more options your provide the more confused your customer will be, the longer he/she would take to decide.


All of these factors will give to visitor a great website experience :)!

But hey!, by learning how to create a responsive website and applying these tips to have a responsive website design you are definitely on the right track to create the ultimate user experience and help convert your visitors into customers :). BUT, this is only a variable in the equation. REMEMBER that you also need Valuable Content to offer and always always ALWAYS remember to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now check this infographic and let’s learn a bit more 🙂

Do you get it know?? Then start transforming your website, make it your home, give it your touch and create the ultimate experience for your visitors :). And remember that a responsive website is what you and your business want.

See you on my next post :).



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Tools for checking your website loading time

On the previous post we spoke about the importance of having a decently fast website loading time at your website/blog. And its effect in the results of our business.

Now, I am going to give you some tools where you can measure the speed of your website, and see if you need to optimize it or not.

Notice that, as mentioned before, the website loading time depends on various factors ( Server’s configuration, HTML structure, use of external resources like Images, JavaScript,CSS). And also, the main user factors as their device, their browser (chrome, explorer, firefox, opera, safari), their location, etc, etc.


We also spoke about the factors that depend of YOU, and your website/blog configuration.
According to statistics, these are the values you want to have in mind when comparing the speed of your actual website loading time.

Your website average loading time is:

  • Fast when the average loading time is below 9.82 seconds
    You don’t really need to improve.
  • Average when it loads between 9.82 seconds and 13.84 seconds.
    Improve as you wish
  • Slow when the average loading time is between 13.84 seconds and 17.98 seconds.
    Consider improving and making changes.
  • Very Slow when the average loading time is above 17.98 seconds.
    Definitely make DRASTIC changes and technical improvements to your website as you are losing over 60% of your visitors, reducing your chance of sales conversions.


Where do I measure my website loading page??

These are the tools I have been using to analyze my website.
* I should mention that on the previous version of this site ( I had a beautiful flash video that I used to fall in love everytime I checked my site. But after after understanding how things work -and exactly as I taught you on the previous post- I changed it for a photo background. I didn’t run a check before the change but this website definitely loads faster.

Ok, Back to where we were, the results that I got are:







*TIP: when loading a test –and to avoid bias– make sure you have the same configuration , like the location. (I live in Auckland, New Zealand but I used New york as my standard reference) & the browser (I set it to Chrome) . Capice??


As you can see, I have no major issues with my website/blog and  that is because my current Kalatu blogging platform performs above average. It definitely makes my life easier and blogging has become an absolute pleasure now 🙂 So if you want to run your business smoothly, get yours too and start blogging.
That’s all here folks!. Now that the website loading time subject is complete we’re moving forward to the in the next post. I’m so excited! woohooo 🙂

Send you lots of virtual love at a very fast average loading time on your way!,
#Ugh… I’m such a Geek 😛


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ps2: Make sure you check out my next post!: How to make a responsive website by learning the 7 critical hacks to create a responsive web design. 

Creating A Responsive Website PART 1 – Website Loading Time

Did you know that from the moment someone visits your website, you only have 1/20th of a second to capture their attention and they’d decide if they like your page. In fact, 94% of the first impression is based on the website’s design and style.

To make it simpler, the factors you MUST take in count when developing a website for your business are:

  1. Your website loading time: It MUST load fast.
  2. Your website responsiveness: It MUST be responsive, which means it adapts to look neat at any resolution and from any device whether it’s from your laptop, your desktop, your smartphone and your tablet. IF for any reason your website is not responsive and it creates a mess when loading from a different device, you are instantly losing over 60% of your visitors.
  3. Your Website Design.


Today, we’re going to talk about your website loading time

Your website or blog loading time can have a dramatic impact on your website ranking and conversions, as it has been a Google ranking factor since april 2010.

To make it a bit more understandable, Google analytics uses these -and many more- metrics to measure your website,

  • Average page loading time: This is the mean time (in seconds) that it takes a website/page to load. From the moment you click on a page link to load completely in your browser.The Average page load time consists on 2 components:

    1. The Network and Server time,

    2. The Browser time.

  • Other metrics include: Average redirection time, average domain lookup time, average server connection time, average sever response time, average page download time. To learn more about this metrics you can visit this google analytics site.

page loading time for google analytics_wealthypreneurs

In fact, according to research  a delay of 1 second in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. But wait…. 7% doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, let’s talk Numbers :)…

Let’s say that if an e-commerce site is making about $ 100K per day, a 1 second page delay can result in a $2.5 Million lost in sales annually.

Now it’s getting interesting! Isn’t it?? Ok, I’ll give you 2 more cherries 🙂

47% of your visitors expect your website to load within 2 seconds, while if there is a loading delay of more than 3 seconds, 40% of your visitors will be more likely to abandon your site.

2.5 Million lost  annually for 1 second delay_wealthypreneurs

SO….. now that we know the consequences of a slow loading time, How can we solve this issue? Well, as you’ve been reading this far, here are your tips my darling :)!

How to Optimize your website loading time

website loading time wealthypreneurs

  1. Make sure you are using a great hosting server:
    You want to host your site on a server that works efficiently and where the support is there as soon as you contact them. Like in the platform I’m using and exactly where you are reading right now 🙂


  2. Remove unwanted plugins: 
    I know, things can seem quite exciting when you see a plugin that you like, and then another one… and another one, and you wind up with 20 different plugins in your homepage. Well, having TOO MANY plugins can actually harm the performance of your site, as it goes: The less is the better. Keep it simple.

    For example:

    Disable unwanted/unnecessary plugins:

    Use a single plugin that does the work of a whole bunch of plugins.

    I had a normal wordpress site once, it was such a hassle!. I had a lot of plugins, it was being hcked several times daily, it took me ages to make it look properly and even then I wasn’t happy.

    Now, with this new Kalatu blogging platform I’m using, I haven’t encountered a single problem at all. The plugins are perfect and simple to use. Not to mention that everything is on it place and it is easily customizable even for a 12 year old kid with no experience.


  3. Optimize your image size:
    I’ve only recently started to consider this factor, having a huge image file size can dramatically increase the loading time of your website.  There are different tools to compress your images without affecting the quality. Within this tools, I’ve been using:

    1. For JPG/JPEG:, or

    2. For PNG: tinypng


  4. Limit the usage of Flash files: I love flash! It makes everything look nice, pretty, shiny, animated and happy. But it also slows down your website loading time quite a bit, plus, flash-files can not be read by the bots (unconvenient for SEO purposes)


  5. Protect your website against viruses: YES, you’ve read correctly VIRUSES. Viruses are not only in your laptop/desktop or phone. Websites can have them too and they can be encoded within your website as a virus or malware causing a reduction in your website loading time.


    Slow Speed

    super turbo high speed wealthypreneurs

    Maximum Speed

    And this factor takes me to….


  6. Invest in a decent/responsive theme!: Owning a blog or a website is like owning a house in the online world. YOUR BLOG is your house with open doors to your audience and guests where you provide them of a great service, valuable information and help.


    How serious are you about having your house –yes, the place where you are living right now -tidy and clean? or, would you be happy by having any rats/mice running around yours and your guests plates while enjoying a meal??

    girl-idea-icon-wealthypreneursWell that is exactly what a virus is!.



    When you host your blog in a free server and you use a free theme, those free themes are not only poorly encoded but they also come with heaps of malicious codes that allow others to hack your blog –Hey!, I’ve been there before!– 


    And even sometimes when paying for a theme, you would STILL get malicious codes and in consequence your site hacked! Not useful at all isn’t it??.


    This why I use the  Kalatu blogging platform and it’s responsive themes. They are designed for marketers and for people who is determined to take blogging seriously. Like you and me 😉. Making your site secure, responsive and with fast loading times.


  7. Do not use too many posts on your homepage: The recommended number of posts to display in your homepage is 7 to 10. At all times avoid displaying all of your unlimited posts as this will definitely increase your website loading time. IT’s a no-no!


These are to me, some of the most important factors to reduce your website loading time and increase your Google ranking chances. See, there is no magic here. It is just an association of calculated processes that create the magic in your website/blog 🙂


Start working on your website loading times now! and if you really want to simplify all of the hassle and waste of money of going through those steps one by one and paying different services to get it fixed/improved. Make your life easier and improve your business productivity by setting up your site with the Kalatu blogging platform where everything is pretty much already done for you. You only add the colours, your content and of course… the love :).


That’s all for today :)!.
In the next blog post , we’ll talking about how to make a responsive website and we’ll go through the 7 critical hacks to create a responsive website responsive web design.



ps: If this post helped you, you enjoy it or you just love my tanned skin & happy face,  then share this post and its value with the rest of the world :)! Love Ya! xxx

References: 6s Marketing, BloggerTipsTricks, Kiss-metrics.

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