Business and life lessons learnt from attending masterminds and events

If you are hesitant about attending events or masterminds, then let me share with you some of the business and life lessons I have learnt from attending masterminds and events. 2015 was the year were my business moved to the next level. The first event I attended was in March 2015, a couple of months after that, my business was booming. I won’t be specific with the event’s details or locations as that is not relevant to this post. What matters is what I got out of each event -and what you too can get- if you make the decision to attend these events.

Before I continue, I would like to add that the number of strategies and skills I’ve learnt plus the value I have gotten and the fantastic people I have met is SO big that I could easily spend a few years of my life describing them all here :P. Each of them have been equally important. For the purpose of this post I will only be mentioning the aspects of the events that touched me the most and which have remained with me up until now.

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    Can you guess whereabouts is this?

    Visiting your dream place: This may not sound very business-related, but in a few words: ‘If you are in your happy place, you can happily do business‘. The comfort of your hammock atmosphere around you sets such a mood that doing business gets really smooth even if you have to deal with a glitch that  has turned into your worst capture page nightmareBy attending a mastermind/event that is hosted at one of your dream destinations, you have the opportunity to go around and discover it after the event. I visited this special place for the first time and had an amazing time there. First at an exclusive resort – all included- and then by renting our own gorgeous house. This exotic location is magical and I can say that it is my favourite getaway destination in the world. The time I spent there was of spiritual healing, recharging, forgiving and letting go. So If I was able to visit one of my dream destination while doing business,  you can too! After all, you never will never know the effect a certain place place will have on you unless you get there and discover it.

    If you are in your happy place you can happily do business ameli antoinette
  2. Meeting like-minded people: By attending events and masterminds, you also meet amazing humble, smart and fun people. I’m talking about the kind of people that you have just met but it feels like you’ve known them for a lifetime. Strangers that become your friends and family. People who inspires you, motivates you, helps you break free from your own paradigms and makes you realize that ‘heck yeah!, I can totally do this!‘ because these people have already walked the path you are walking and can help you overcome struggle, or give you some epic tips to avoid getting them on your way. Now, depending of the type of event you attend, you can also have breakthroughs. The lessons I’ve learnt have allowed me to have many breakthroughs during this time, and these happened at random conversations with some of the best kick-ass entrepreneurs, at the time I’m sure they didn’t even know the influence and power of their words in my life. Well, months later I have decided to share these lessons with you.

Lesson #1 – ‘Forgive Yourself’

I would say that a very important person who helped me have a major breakthrough during this phase of my life was Brent Payne, CEO of VIM. If you know my story, you know that I was a workaholic, career-focused Medical Doctor working crazy hours and then one day, snap! my mom passed away. It hit me, I let precious moments with mom slip through my fingers. In order to get a better understanding of this breakthrough, watch the video below… This is a very VERY personal video –Thank you sis Regina for capturing this golden moment <3 –  and I find it a bit difficult to share it here but I know that if you are on a similar situation the one I was in and you too have someone very important in your life like you children, your dad, your partner, or whoever means the world to you with whom you want to spend valuable time with, this video will help you. So here I am sharing my vulnerability and strengths with you.

For about two years I felt guilty for being at work most of the time rather than with my mom. That guilt was stopping me from achieving my maximum potential as a business owner and it wasn’t until that moment with Brent, when  I had an unexpected breakthrough in front of about 100 people. Suddenly, it felt like a whole load was taken out of my back. Today, I know for sure that this moment was crucial. Before closing this lesson I have to share with you an application that I’ve used, that has also helped me with my own personal development and my business productivity. This application is called VIM, a user-friendly and highly effective application co-created by Brent. Brent, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3.

Lesson #2: ‘Let go’

I spent a decent amount of time talking to one of the most successful online entrepreneurs: David Wood. Having the chance to talk to him one-on-one at one of our parties, at the 16’000 sqft mansion we were staying, was another EPIC moment I got from attending events. We didn’t spoke about landing pages, conversion rates or business strategies. We spoke about life. This conversation allowed me to see beyond the ‘man on the screen’. David Wood is one of the most humble, kind-hearted, kick-ass and smart-ass people I’ve ever met and this is what I can share with you from our conversation: “You need to let go. You need to let go. JUST Let go“.  Yes, it is a simple phrase yet a powerful one that can also help you. Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back, no matter what happened in the past. Your time is too precious to live in regret or wonder. Just let go and focus on the present moment. David Wood, thank you.


Lesson #3 – ‘Give and Forgive’

Chatting with my Unstoppable Momma – Rhonda Swan is like listening to a life and business encyclopaedia while getting shots of energy, fun and life. She is totally badass! Always spot on, energetic, full of life and business focused with a MASSIVE heart of gold. She knows what she wants and she gets it! –If you know her, you know what I’m talking about, If you don’t (yet) then trust me, you better do– Rhonda has also been (still is!) a very important role model in my life, from her I have learnt many many powerful lessons. Two  of those are:

  • Unstopapble Momma lesson #1 – Life:  “In order to give, you need to forgive. Give and forgive” Forgive what happened in the past, let it go, it was part of a process, embrace it and set it free. (this connects directly with the previous lesson). Then, give give give, love, give, help. Forgiving and giving is your best medicine.
  • Unstoppable Momma lesson#2  – Business:  “Structure gives you freedom” By that time, I’ve had heard the classic “organize your day, plan your day ahead, set you DMO (Daily Method of Operation)” but when we were talking, listening to her it was like all the dots connected and suddenly it all made sense. “Structure gives you freedom”, by organizing your day and dedicating a specific amount of time to certain business tasks, you get more time to chill out, go out, have fun or do other things you also love!. Rhonda, my Unstoppable Momma, is a co-founder of the Freedom-Preneur Movement. A movement that has set the foundation of my entrepreneurial life and where I’ve learnt most of the business skills I have now. If you want to meet her, then I suggest you go ahead and visit our Freedom-Preneur Movement now, especially if you are not sure where to start in your business or you are an aspiring entrepreneur struggling online. Rhonda, thanks Momma :)!

Lesson # 4 – ‘It’s not about you, it’s about the people’

This phrase was KEY to my business so thank you Paulo B., a kind-hearted, humble, genuine person and friend. The main message of this phrase applies to you if you are in business or in sales. Forget about the sale, it is not about you making a sale for the sake of it, it is about the people you are talking to and how you can help them with what you have. The sales are only a result of your help. Of course, it is vital that you genuinely BELIEVE in your offer and that you act with integrity.

it's not about you it's about the people Ameli Antoinette paulo barroso

Lesson #5 – ‘Sell to help’

Before Joannie’s presentation at the mastermind, I was against selling and struggled with it because I hated when people pitched an opportunity at me. Being the person I am, I can’t even pretend to do the same to others. But after hearing her presentation on selling, my perspective about selling totally – and I mean TOTALLY – changed. If you believe in your product, if it resonates with you, if you KNOW that your product is of value and it genuinely helps people. Then you have the obligation to offer your product to them because you have something that is going to help them and if you don’t help them with what you have, they will miss out on an opportunity that can change or improve their lives. Or even worse, someone else will sell them something that won’t be as good as what you have for them. So if you have the power to help them, DO IT. It is your obligation to make them realize the benefit of it. With this I don’t mean ‘being pushy’ NOT-AT-ALL. Real selling is about helping your client realize by themselves the value or the product or offer you have. In other words, you have a specific solution for someone with a specific problem. If that person is ready, they will take the next step and acquire your product and if is not, that’s ok!.

Nowadays, when people asks me ‘how do you sell?’ Well, I really don’t. Instead, I genuinely share what I do and/or what I know. The sale comes by default. I don’t worry about ugly sales pitch or recommended things to say. I just speak from my heart, from my own experience, from the powerful change that this product or offer has caused in my life and business and how it can help improve their lives too. As the saying goes, the master appears when the student is ready and when they are ready, they take action.


Lesson # 6 – ‘You are a Leader’

Last but not least, I actually heard this phrase when I started my transition from employee to entrepreneur from two of the people whom I appreciate and love to bits, Mike & Regina.

If you have no business background, getting started in business can be effin’ scary, that was me back then. I could barely understand the definition of an autoresponder and the function of it seemed like some type of alien language that I was never going to decipher. After a couple of days of badass 1-on-1 training, everything started to make sense. My point here is… YOU ARE A LEADER. If there is something that you don’t know (yet) and don’t understand (yet) it is OK. Leadership starts with small simple actions within yourself go out there, ask, figure it out and find the solution.

The foundation of leadership starts with leading yourself to the fulfillment of your goals. If you can lead yourself, you can lead others to the fulfillment of their own goals. So leading yourself does make you a leader, as your actions will get people following you and it will also inspire them to take action.


Final words…

Now, if you are wondering where are all of the business strategies I’ve learnt at these events well my darling you have to attend one and learn it yourself!, keep reading because I’ve got good news for you – and also because this post is about to end– I haven’t put any technical business strategies here because it doesn’t matter if you know how to gain more followers to your instagram account or how to grow your facebook page or how to get more engagement on your you tube videos or find ways to automate your business, etc, etc. Honestly, there is no point in knowing all that if your business/offer/product is not in tune with your core beliefs.
Let me explain, if your business is not giving you the great results you want -especially if you see others getting great the results- and you truly are putting your best effort, most of the time is because of the limiting beliefs and paradigms in your mind acting as barriers which prevent you from achieving YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL. So take a moment to evaluate what are those limiting beliefs and reframe them to your benefit, once those beliefs are in tune with what you do, your business will be rocking!.
However, if you are in tune with your business and you want to learn the business and digital strategies I have learnt from attending events and masterminds and, you are ready to implement these strategies into your own business, I invite you to grab my ebook from here. Finally, now that you know some of the life and business lessons I have learnt from attending events and masterminds… What are you waiting for?? Go secure your ticket and maybe we will meet at an event 😉

To all of my mentors, colleagues, friends that have become family and each of you who have been and are still part of my journey. I am grateful for all of you. Thank You <3

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ps: If you haven’t figure it out already, my favourite getaway destination is Bali <3 😀

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