Business and life lessons learnt from attending masterminds and events

If you are hesitant about attending events or masterminds, then let me share with you some of the business and life lessons I have learnt from attending masterminds and events. 2015 was the year were my business moved to the next level. The first event I attended was in March 2015, a couple of months after that, my business was booming. I won’t be specific with the event’s details or locations as that is not relevant to this post. What matters is what I got out of each event -and what you too can get- if you make the decision to attend these events.

Before I continue, I would like to add that the number of strategies and skills I’ve learnt plus the value I have gotten and the fantastic people I have met is SO big that I could easily spend a few years of my life describing them all here :P. Each of them have been equally important. For the purpose of this post I will only be mentioning the aspects of the events that touched me the most and which have remained with me up until now.

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    Can you guess whereabouts is this?

    Visiting your dream place: This may not sound very business-related, but in a few words: ‘If you are in your happy place, you can happily do business‘. The comfort of your hammock atmosphere around you sets such a mood that doing business gets really smooth even if you have to deal with a glitch that  has turned into your worst capture page nightmareBy attending a mastermind/event that is hosted at one of your dream destinations, you have the opportunity to go around and discover it after the event. I visited this special place for the first time and had an amazing time there. First at an exclusive resort – all included- and then by renting our own gorgeous house. This exotic location is magical and I can say that it is my favourite getaway destination in the world. The time I spent there was of spiritual healing, recharging, forgiving and letting go. So If I was able to visit one of my dream destination while doing business,  you can too! After all, you never will never know the effect a certain place place will have on you unless you get there and discover it.

    If you are in your happy place you can happily do business ameli antoinette
  2. Meeting like-minded people: By attending events and masterminds, you also meet amazing humble, smart and fun people. I’m talking about the kind of people that you have just met but it feels like you’ve known them for a lifetime. Strangers that become your friends and family. People who inspires you, motivates you, helps you break free from your own paradigms and makes you realize that ‘heck yeah!, I can totally do this!‘ because these people have already walked the path you are walking and can help you overcome struggle, or give you some epic tips to avoid getting them on your way. Now, depending of the type of event you attend, you can also have breakthroughs. The lessons I’ve learnt have allowed me to have many breakthroughs during this time, and these happened at random conversations with some of the best kick-ass entrepreneurs, at the time I’m sure they didn’t even know the influence and power of their words in my life. Well, months later I have decided to share these lessons with you.

Lesson #1 – ‘Forgive Yourself’

I would say that a very important person who helped me have a major breakthrough during this phase of my life was Brent Payne, CEO of VIM. If you know my story, you know that I was a workaholic, career-focused Medical Doctor working crazy hours and then one day, snap! my mom passed away. It hit me, I let precious moments with mom slip through my fingers. In order to get a better understanding of this breakthrough, watch the video below… This is a very VERY personal video –Thank you sis Regina for capturing this golden moment <3 –  and I find it a bit difficult to share it here but I know that if you are on a similar situation the one I was in and you too have someone very important in your life like you children, your dad, your partner, or whoever means the world to you with whom you want to spend valuable time with, this video will help you. So here I am sharing my vulnerability and strengths with you.

For about two years I felt guilty for being at work most of the time rather than with my mom. That guilt was stopping me from achieving my maximum potential as a business owner and it wasn’t until that moment with Brent, when  I had an unexpected breakthrough in front of about 100 people. Suddenly, it felt like a whole load was taken out of my back. Today, I know for sure that this moment was crucial. Before closing this lesson I have to share with you an application that I’ve used, that has also helped me with my own personal development and my business productivity. This application is called VIM, a user-friendly and highly effective application co-created by Brent. Brent, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3.

Lesson #2: ‘Let go’

I spent a decent amount of time talking to one of the most successful online entrepreneurs: David Wood. Having the chance to talk to him one-on-one at one of our parties, at the 16’000 sqft mansion we were staying, was another EPIC moment I got from attending events. We didn’t spoke about landing pages, conversion rates or business strategies. We spoke about life. This conversation allowed me to see beyond the ‘man on the screen’. David Wood is one of the most humble, kind-hearted, kick-ass and smart-ass people I’ve ever met and this is what I can share with you from our conversation: “You need to let go. You need to let go. JUST Let go“.  Yes, it is a simple phrase yet a powerful one that can also help you. Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back, no matter what happened in the past. Your time is too precious to live in regret or wonder. Just let go and focus on the present moment. David Wood, thank you.


Lesson #3 – ‘Give and Forgive’

Chatting with my Unstoppable Momma – Rhonda Swan is like listening to a life and business encyclopaedia while getting shots of energy, fun and life. She is totally badass! Always spot on, energetic, full of life and business focused with a MASSIVE heart of gold. She knows what she wants and she gets it! –If you know her, you know what I’m talking about, If you don’t (yet) then trust me, you better do– Rhonda has also been (still is!) a very important role model in my life, from her I have learnt many many powerful lessons. Two  of those are:

  • Unstopapble Momma lesson #1 – Life:  “In order to give, you need to forgive. Give and forgive” Forgive what happened in the past, let it go, it was part of a process, embrace it and set it free. (this connects directly with the previous lesson). Then, give give give, love, give, help. Forgiving and giving is your best medicine.
  • Unstoppable Momma lesson#2  – Business:  “Structure gives you freedom” By that time, I’ve had heard the classic “organize your day, plan your day ahead, set you DMO (Daily Method of Operation)” but when we were talking, listening to her it was like all the dots connected and suddenly it all made sense. “Structure gives you freedom”, by organizing your day and dedicating a specific amount of time to certain business tasks, you get more time to chill out, go out, have fun or do other things you also love!. Rhonda, my Unstoppable Momma, is a co-founder of the Freedom-Preneur Movement. A movement that has set the foundation of my entrepreneurial life and where I’ve learnt most of the business skills I have now. If you want to meet her, then I suggest you go ahead and visit our Freedom-Preneur Movement now, especially if you are not sure where to start in your business or you are an aspiring entrepreneur struggling online. Rhonda, thanks Momma :)!

Lesson # 4 – ‘It’s not about you, it’s about the people’

This phrase was KEY to my business so thank you Paulo B., a kind-hearted, humble, genuine person and friend. The main message of this phrase applies to you if you are in business or in sales. Forget about the sale, it is not about you making a sale for the sake of it, it is about the people you are talking to and how you can help them with what you have. The sales are only a result of your help. Of course, it is vital that you genuinely BELIEVE in your offer and that you act with integrity.

it's not about you it's about the people Ameli Antoinette paulo barroso

Lesson #5 – ‘Sell to help’

Before Joannie’s presentation at the mastermind, I was against selling and struggled with it because I hated when people pitched an opportunity at me. Being the person I am, I can’t even pretend to do the same to others. But after hearing her presentation on selling, my perspective about selling totally – and I mean TOTALLY – changed. If you believe in your product, if it resonates with you, if you KNOW that your product is of value and it genuinely helps people. Then you have the obligation to offer your product to them because you have something that is going to help them and if you don’t help them with what you have, they will miss out on an opportunity that can change or improve their lives. Or even worse, someone else will sell them something that won’t be as good as what you have for them. So if you have the power to help them, DO IT. It is your obligation to make them realize the benefit of it. With this I don’t mean ‘being pushy’ NOT-AT-ALL. Real selling is about helping your client realize by themselves the value or the product or offer you have. In other words, you have a specific solution for someone with a specific problem. If that person is ready, they will take the next step and acquire your product and if is not, that’s ok!.

Nowadays, when people asks me ‘how do you sell?’ Well, I really don’t. Instead, I genuinely share what I do and/or what I know. The sale comes by default. I don’t worry about ugly sales pitch or recommended things to say. I just speak from my heart, from my own experience, from the powerful change that this product or offer has caused in my life and business and how it can help improve their lives too. As the saying goes, the master appears when the student is ready and when they are ready, they take action.


Lesson # 6 – ‘You are a Leader’

Last but not least, I actually heard this phrase when I started my transition from employee to entrepreneur from two of the people whom I appreciate and love to bits, Mike & Regina.

If you have no business background, getting started in business can be effin’ scary, that was me back then. I could barely understand the definition of an autoresponder and the function of it seemed like some type of alien language that I was never going to decipher. After a couple of days of badass 1-on-1 training, everything started to make sense. My point here is… YOU ARE A LEADER. If there is something that you don’t know (yet) and don’t understand (yet) it is OK. Leadership starts with small simple actions within yourself go out there, ask, figure it out and find the solution.

The foundation of leadership starts with leading yourself to the fulfillment of your goals. If you can lead yourself, you can lead others to the fulfillment of their own goals. So leading yourself does make you a leader, as your actions will get people following you and it will also inspire them to take action.


Final words…

Now, if you are wondering where are all of the business strategies I’ve learnt at these events well my darling you have to attend one and learn it yourself!, keep reading because I’ve got good news for you – and also because this post is about to end– I haven’t put any technical business strategies here because it doesn’t matter if you know how to gain more followers to your instagram account or how to grow your facebook page or how to get more engagement on your you tube videos or find ways to automate your business, etc, etc. Honestly, there is no point in knowing all that if your business/offer/product is not in tune with your core beliefs.
Let me explain, if your business is not giving you the great results you want -especially if you see others getting great the results- and you truly are putting your best effort, most of the time is because of the limiting beliefs and paradigms in your mind acting as barriers which prevent you from achieving YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL. So take a moment to evaluate what are those limiting beliefs and reframe them to your benefit, once those beliefs are in tune with what you do, your business will be rocking!.
However, if you are in tune with your business and you want to learn the business and digital strategies I have learnt from attending events and masterminds and, you are ready to implement these strategies into your own business, I invite you to grab my ebook from here. Finally, now that you know some of the life and business lessons I have learnt from attending events and masterminds… What are you waiting for?? Go secure your ticket and maybe we will meet at an event 😉

To all of my mentors, colleagues, friends that have become family and each of you who have been and are still part of my journey. I am grateful for all of you. Thank You <3

Ameli Antoinette Freedompreneur Mentors Friends Family_mini

ps: If you haven’t figure it out already, my favourite getaway destination is Bali <3 😀

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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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Kevin Biggar – The Man who made the impossible, Possible

Ameli Antoinette Blog

Kevin Biggar will Blow Your Mind…

Kevin is one of those  few people who will totally INSPIRE YOU to unleash your inner power. He embodies the meaning of personal power to defeat any limitation we think we have.

In a few words, Kevin is the one who made the impossible Possible!

I was fortunate enough to attend one of his conferences back in December. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to attend any conferences that day, but it is one of those things that just happen. I went there with zero expectations. To be honest, I didn’t even know who was the presenter and when I finally got there and heard the name, I still didn’t know who he was because…. I don’t watch any TV or News at all).

(Kevin if you’re reading this sorry about that but, it’s the truth :P)

As I was saying… I had no expectations for what was about to happen and perhaps that was one of the best things!

At first glance, Kevin looks like a typical Kiwi (New Zealander), tall athletic, nice blue eyes with a witty, professional look but at the same time, sort of … laid back. Giving his audience a sense of  “hey! he’s a normal guy like me!”. I can relate to that!

His presentation begun and as I was listening to what he had to say, watching his videos, laughing at his crack up personality and after having my mind blown away by his C-R-A-Z-Y stories. You realize that he is not just another KiwiJust as Sir Edmund Hillary who was ‘a former Bee-Keeper from Auckland, New Zealand and also the one who -alongside Tenzing Norgay -became the first climbers to conquer the summit of Mount Everest on May, 1953Kevin Biggar is also -on his own way- a Conqueror.

Once his presentation ended, I came out of the room feeling Empowered, Inspired, and knowing for a fact that I could conquer any of the goals I had. I just needed to re-evaluate my strategies and make them more efficient.

Kevin Biggar‘s presentation had a transformational affect on me. After his presentation, I approached him and asked him if I could interview him. Fortunately enough, Kevin agreed to our interview 🙂

So now I can share his story and excellent advice with YOU. ( Yes, You =) ).

See? I care about you my darling! The thing is, I KNOW that Kevin’s impressive stories can IMPACT you as much as it did me and his effect would be even more powerful if you attend some of his workshops.

Kevin Biggar will help you become better than what you already are and he will teach you how to set goals to Successfully ACHIEVE THEM in spite of how crazy you might think they seem to be!

Kevin will inspire you to UNLEASH Your Inner Power.

Now, you’ve got a couple of options here:

  1. Keep reading to find out more about him, and/or
  2. Listen to the interview by clicking the play button just below this paragraph, and/or
  3. Do both 🙂

Ok, let’s get started 🙂

Click the Play button to listen to Kevin Biggar’s interview


So… Who is Kevin Biggar?

From a professional man with an established career , holding a physics degree and a masters, transitioning then as a self-confessed couch potato, before he was transformed into a world record beating endurance athlete in 2003 winning a huge-endurance 5000 Km Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race.

Rowing for the first time in his life alongside a team partner, who he had only met 6 weeks before the race, they not only won, they set a New world record!

Kevin Biggar New Zealand Kiwi Ameli Antoinette Interview Wealthypreneurs

The pair then went on to achieve a much tougher challenge in 2007 – as the first ever kiwi team to complete an unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole – a 52 day, 1,200km journey on foot, each towing a 160 kilogram sled in temperatures as freezing as -40 degrees Celsius.

Kevin has written two books about his exploits, the award winning ‘Oarsome Adventures of a Fat Boy Rower’ and ‘Escape to the Pole’.

Alongside Jamie Fitzgerald, his rowing team partner,  they co host a TV Series ‘Intrepid NZ’ – recreating the adventures of pioneering NZ explorers.

oarsome adventures of a fatboy rower_kevin biggar ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs  Escape to the Pole Kevin Biggar Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs  Intrepid_NZ_DVD_Kevin-Bigar-Ameli-Antoinette-Wealthypreneurs

Kevin will entertain you with his adventures, and share with us what he has learnt about facing challenges from rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and Trekking to from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Check out a brief summary of my Interview with Kevin Biggar

Kevin, At what point did you decide to do something different? What was your why?

Kevin: I was going  through a quarter life crisis. I just turned 33 years old. I started to think about what I had and hadn’t achieve and what I was ever going to achieve. For the first time, it didn’t feel like I had all the time in the world to do everything and if I wanted to do something that I wanted to do, NOW was the time.

Would you mind sharing the story about your mum and your decision to take part of the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race?

Mom decided that the only way we would get a result (an agreement) was to ask to her favourite TV show and they will decided if I should go or not. Since then I’ve met all of them and I’ve individually thank all the members.

I see your 5’000 Km trans-Atlantic rowing race as the race across the ocean of life.
At some point in our lives, there we are in front of this vast ocean of life not knowing WHAT to do or HOW to do things. Some people follow the regular path society imposes whereas others like, Us the entrepreneurs, choose to do something different, something that others may call “crazy” or   “unreasonable”. In your case, you had no previous experience rowing but you TOOK ACTION…. HOW did you map out your plan of action?

Kevin Biggar: Just to clarify, I had no experience rowing when I had the Idea of getting to row, but that was 2 years before the race. So by the time it started out I was very strong.

I think that one of the most important things when you step out to do things you don’t normally do is to find somebody who is doing what you think you are gonna do. For me was a really powerful moment when I met somebody else who had row across the ocean. I met a guy called Rob Hamill , he was a kiwi guy who had won the first Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race and when I met him I saw he  was just a normal person. If he was a normal person and he could row across the ocean then I am a normal person too so I should be able to row across the ocean too and suddenly it doesn’t seem like something extraordinary, but like something that if you plan a method you can achieve.

Whatever people is going to do or think of doing, there is always a little sub-culture, a little sub-tribe of who is doing those things. And once you meet them it suddenly becomes more straightforward of how realistic it is to take on this challenges.

Holy cow! if that shmuck could achieve things from sitting on his mom’s couch, well think of how much I can do from where I am starting now. (Kevin Biggar)

If you really want to take on something brave. It’s not about having no fear, it is not about being really tough. It’s just about having a simple method and breaking down the tasks into little steps and  building up the momentum on taking on the tasks.

The first  thing to do is to meet people who have done similar things to what you want to achieve and start talking to them and getting a plan.

Now I teach people on my workshops that if you want to take on anything, then it is just a question of learning the skills and backing yourself up.

It’s all about the mindset…

Kevin Biggar: I don’t think it’s all about the mindset. I think that to take on any big challenge, it’s all just about having a process where you set little milestones early on. You meet the right people and you gradually get drawn into it. If you set up a system where you make the process towards what you want to achieve more fun. There is a little bit of discipline and willpower involved, but I don’t think a system to success should  be based on been hugely staunch.

Anyone can achieve a huge amount!

The only reason why they don’t try is that they believe they are lacking a certain mysterious ‘X-factor’ that successful people have but in fact it’s not quite how it works. All they are missing are the skills that can be learnt. Like ‘how to keep persistent’ or ‘how to deal with cravings, etc.  These are things that can be taught and I teach this things myself on my workshops.

What were the biggest challenges that you encounter?

Kevin Biggar: The biggest challenge that I encountered was getting to the ‘start’ line. Also, possibly in both cases another challenge was raising the money and finding the sponsorship. That was the hardest part and that’s when you are knocking on a lot of doors, getting rejected day after day. You are putting in your own money to keep things at float and at any time you could quit and it wouldn’t be a big deal. But when you are in the race, or when you are walking up to the south pole it is much harder to quit. (…) Kevin then explains some of the challenges he and his partner Jamie faced during their rowing race and while trekking Antarctica.

Making an analogy between someone who has decided to make a career change and start  new business with you at your Rowing race across the Atlantic or,  with your trek across the South Pole in Antarctica. You didn’t start it just for the sake of doing something different, You did it to WIN. Was that your major goal?

Yes, in the south pole, our major goal was to trek  unsupported and unresupplied. We put all of our own food and fuel from the start. Yes, we did it to WIN.

The key thing for people starting their own businesses it is having a mentor. Someone who  knows what are the odds if something pops out.(…) Someone to ask you what your business plan is, what your marketing plan is right at the very start before you invest lots of time and money.(…) There is a lot to be said by someone who is just a couple of years further on the road than you and see what they’ve learnt from the systems that they’ve put in place. I am big fan of getting in a group of people who is doing similar things.

Once you were in your race and things got tough. How did you get the motivation to keep going?

There’s a motivation in keeping your environment set up in such a way that it helps you. When  you are on a boat and all you  can do is row and if you don’t get up to do your shift then your team mate doesn’t get in to sleep. Then, it’s not so hard to get up. We didn’t have any other options. (…)Your life becomes simple and that’s what I do now in terms of motivation.(…) I met  with someone who is in a complete different business than me and all we do is we hold each other accountable for the goals that we set or we are going to set (…)That is massively motivating for me because I don’t want to let this guy down.

Do you think you can compare your situation in the ocean as a life-threatening situation?

No, I felt safe… I felt safe up until the moment when I nearly died (laughs). I talked about that in the speech (…). Trekking to the south pole I felt more like we were gonna die. It was really easy for a little thing to snowball and  go wrong (…)

That reminds me of this  quote “When you want to succeed as hard as you want to breath, then you will succeed”

Kevin Biggar: Well that is exactly the kind of advice that I think is bad advice. I have rules of advice, I call them my laws of bullshit.

  1. If you hear something and the opposite is also true, then you know you are getting bad advice. (refer to audio for great examples)
  2. If the advice sounds correct but it requires me to be superhuman then that’s not good advice either. (refer to audio for great examples)


A Great tip that helped you keep yourself motivated…

Getting some coaches and a business mentor. The people who I took great attention of in the build-up  was my coach called Jon Ackland from Performance Lab and if anyone is thinking of doing an ultra-marathon adventure or some sort of extreme outdoor adventure then he would be a fantastic person to speak to because he understands performance and the athletic world. To get an hour with Jon is to get some very powerful lessons.

What are your favorite entrepreneurial books?


(Chip & Dan Heath)


(K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. McMillan & Al Switzler)


(Michael E. Berger)

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes are High The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About it


What do you think is the one thing that prevents most entrepreneurs from taking action & What advice can you give them?

Fear of the consequences, fear of what can get wrong. That is certainly what almost stopped me from taking part of the transatlantic rowing race. (…) The key thing is to make certain that there is a safety net underneath you so make sure  that you are not risking everything – unless you are  the sort of person that can find that particularly motivation or you are particularly young-. If you are 21 then you could go broke, but if you are 35 with 2 kids then that is not so appealing.

It’s about looking at the risks wide-eyed and making sure you’ve got the wort case scenario sorted. So if the worst case happens then you should be able to survive it. (…)and definitely HAVING A PLAN, even if you change the plan later, it is much better to start off with a plan and then change the plan as a result of the information you learn. I’m guilty myself of living day to day in the business and not thinking about where I want to be in a year’s time and working backwards from there.


If you are looking to make a career change, to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, these are the main points I’ve gotten from Kevin Biggar’s advice.

      1. Surround yourself with people who have done similar things to what you want to achieve.
      2. Get yourself a Mentor  or a Coach, someone who has been where you are at and it is exactly where you want to be.
      3. Learn the skills and methods necessary to succeed in your area of choice.
      4. Have a PLAN of Action from the beginning, know where you are going to and be flexible to change/adapt that plan according to circumstances that serve your purpose.

With these 4 things in place, You can achieve whatever you want to achieve. Remember, It is not about trying hard but about trying Smart.

If you want to know more about Kevin Biggar, get in touch with him, get his awesome books or TV Series, or if you are interested to attend one of his workshops, please visit his website at

Now I’ll leave you some videos of Kevin 🙂 but first, what piece of advice resonated more with you? make sure to leave your answer in the comments below and share this interview with those you know can also get valuable tips for their startups and lives from this Interview with Kevin Biggar

To your Success,
Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs Omnia Revolution Travelling Bliss


Kevin Biggar Workshop Ameli Antoinette

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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

Ameli Antoinette Blog

How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?

The video below is an extract from the movie “Up in the air” from 2009.

Many of you may relate with Bob, I do – in a way–  although I am not on my 50’s, I paid attention to my  ‘wake up call’ and quit my career to start following my dreams…

So far it’s been 12 exciting months down the road… but first let ne ask YOU a question: Are you considering making a career change? Are you asking yourself if you should quit your job? Have you just been laid off? Have you just been redundant? Have you just been fired from your job? and now you don’t know what to do?

I know it is scary, specially if you’ve been in your career/profession/job for years. Somehow that office, that room, that place has become your ‘home’, a place you somehow hate but at the same time can’t live without, you’ve developed this love-hate relationship with your job because…. what can i do without it?

What can I do without my job??

What can I do if all I know is how to be a doctor…. a lawyer… an engineer… an architect… a designer… a chemist… a sales rep… a banker… a secretary… a personal assistant… a corporate woman/man… a flight attendant… a lecturer… a teacher… a chef… a plumber… a builder… a painter… etc… etc…etc…

If that’s what you think. That’s ok, I get it…. BUT the truth is YOU ARE WRONG!

See, that’s what I used to believe of myself when I quit my career as a doctor. I thought that all I knew was how to be a doctor. But I was wrong. It took me a fair bit to understand that I was waaaay more than just my career’s tittle.

In fact, your career’s tittle is only a portion of Who you really are.

So if you have just been laid off  your job or fired from your job, if you are considering quitting your job or if you have already quit your job. Then consider this your wake up call. 

So what is next?

Now it’s your time for Yourself, it is time to go deep inside you and Understanding who You really are… What is your life purpose? What are your dreams and aspirations?

See I believe that your life is much more than a regular 9 to 5 job, your life is much more than your degree or your career, your life is much more than your status. Your life is about what you make of it, of how you live it, how you inspire others, how you enjoy the simple things in life.

I believe we are all destined to live a life of joy and fulfillment and I believe that we all have the power to do it. You have the power to create a business and a lifestyle you love. All you need is the decision and commitment to do it and a mentor who will walk you through the transition.

I was there, exactly where you are right now, feeling lost and confused, back then I already made the decision that I was not going to work for anyone else, that I was going to become my own boss and run my own business. It took me a while to sort things out, at first I didn’t know what I was doing and how to do things in a simpler but effective way, until I find my mentor who showed me the way and was there waiting for me after I responded with a “Yes”to my wake up call.

I now mentor people like you, who want a new beginning and are determined to build a business around the things they love. I don’t this with everyone, but only with some because the truth is although 90% of people who is sick and tired of their job say that they want to make a change or that they want to start their own business, only 10% is willing to commit to their dreams, put the effort and keep persistent to create successful results.

If that sounds like you, then you can access my facebook community where I offer free advice and tips to change your career and create a business and a lifestyle you love. If you are determined to take a step forward, then send me a message and we can discuss your dreams and goals.

Remember, don’t let anyone pay you to give up on your dreams!

This is your life and it is time to live it YOUR way!

To your success,

~Ameli Antoinette.


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About  Me - Ameli Antoinette

About Me - Ameli Antoinette

Hola! In 2013 I quit my medical career to create my own business. Now I love keeping a business & lifestyle balance while travelling or spending heaps of time with my loved ones. Curious? Click here to read my story

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Your Christmas Call…

Your Christmas Call…

This video really touched me.

Your Christmas Call Amelí Antoinette



Today I’m not sharing about business strategies or tips and tricks before quitting your job. Today is about the people around you, the people you love.

I’ve said it before and I will always do: Life is much more than just a business or a high end career/job. Life is about spending valuable time doing what you love and/or next to the people that You love.

Please, please, please do not wait until your mom, dad, granny or your most loved relative passes away to realize the time you wasted, or to regret the time you “could have spend” next to him/her.

There is not such thing as “If only I…” or “could have”.Instead focus on what you CAN do today and DO IT!
You have a gift, and that gift is TODAY.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life. Go for a coffee with that special one, take ‘m out to their favourite place, cook them their favourite meal, read them their favourite book. Make the most of every second with them, enjoy, give joy, appreciate it, be grateful.

Life…. life is so precious my dear, make the most of it, be grateful for every breath you take, for the opportunity you have at every second to simply….. do what you love and be next to those you love.

If you are far, then grab the phone and give that special one a call. If you’re not that far then go visit! and if that person is on the same house then… what are you waiting for??? Just go right now and tell them how much you love them.

And if, like me, that person is now part of other dimension then, forgive yourself, think of them and send them your love and your appreciation for everything that especial person did for you. Close your eyes and imagine he/she is there with you, right now. Because, you know what? She/He IS with you, loving you, guiding you and taking care of you.

Forgive, and give love.

Make the most of this December and prepare yourself for a fantastic 2016. You’ve got the power! You can do it! It is Your time to create a lifestyle and a business you love. Do it for yourself and for the life you KNOW you and those around you deserve.

I Believe in You.

With Love,

~Amelí Antoinette

Should I quit my Job? Tips and Advice #2  – What is your Why? Finding your core motivations

What is your why? Why are you looking to quit your job? Why do you want to start your own business? What is your why, business owners?

By this time we have already spoken about embracing your current situation, accepting the present and moving onto your future by breaking the chains of your life-consuming  job saying “goodbye job. Today I leave you in the past” and starting your own business.

The next step now is understanding Your Why, your core motivations.

Some of you might have heard or read this question before and you probably know what your why is, or perhaps you may not even know what I actually mean when I ask you “what is your why?”.

what is your why your purpose ameli antoinette the most important days in your life mark twain

So let’s Start with Why

Why is a simple but yet, powerful word. I used to be the “why” little girl with an endless curiosity that questioned everything and everyone around me.

In fact, the word Why has had a powerful effect  on each stage of my life, from helping me understand things and people better, to helping me make decisions -sometimes big decisions- to also causing conflicts that made me wonder the true nature of human beings. For example, when I was 14, on my last year of high school, it was suggested (more mandatory than suggested but anyway) that we do the confirmation before we ended school. So I attended the “confirmation weekly meetings” at my school’s catholic church.

At a certain point we would read the bible,  there were so many things coming out of that book and so many things said (according to their own interpretation that it just did not resonated with my own beliefs, I could not comprehend WHY they were saying what they were saying, so I would ask questions out of genuine curiosity because I truthfully wanted to understand their Why)  This landed me being told that the devil was within me because I was asking too many why’s and I was sent to pray 12 ave maria’s & “holy father’s prayer.

Maybe someone wiser would have been able to handle my questions smartly but anyway this has been a huge introduction so let’s keep things rolling…

When I ask you “what is your why?” what is the first thing that you think about? Is it maybe something like Why do I do what I do? Why am I here on this planet? Why do I want to quit my job? Why do I really want to start my own business?  Why did I create my company? Why do I wake up every morning? Why do I do what I do?


WHY  do I ask so many questions??

Because I am convinced that understanding Your Why is VITAL, crucial,  mandatory not only in your business, but in your life.

For example, Simon Sinek with his best seller Start with Why, verbalizes the principles of understanding you why, and provides you with examples of big companies that understand their why and are now SUCCEEDING in business (i.e.: apple). On the other hand, Anthony Robbins himself is the ‘Why man’. He is passionate about understanding the human behavior and Why we do what we do?,  if you have read any of his books or listened to any of his audios like “Get To The Edge and Live with Passion” you will perfectly understand what I mean.

Before starting or getting into business, one first must understand at heart what matters to people as human beings.


Because people are not business. Business is people and… people don’t follow what you do but WHY you do it.

Having a strong why, is like having a strong foundation for what it is that you want to build. Also because if you don’t have a strong reason WHY you are doing something, then why should you keep doing it?

Your why becomes your passion and when your enthusiasm is evident, people want a ticket to your happy train.  Understand your Why and you would have harnessed your passion.

Your Why is going to be your armour and your spade, making you invincible  when the time comes to face challenges.  Only when you find and understand your why you will find the courage to take risks, to take massive action and get ahead. On the other side, it is really easy to quit something when you don’t know why you are doing it.

As Frederick Nietzsche said:

what is your why he who has a why can endure anyhow ameli antoinette wealthypreneurs nietzsche

If something doesn’t matter, if something doesn’t have a powerful why, or that vision and essence within it. People will not be motivated to follow it. Remember, people operate on motivation.


How do I find my why?

As an entrepreneur and business owner your why MUST be something you totally believe in, something you are passionate about, something you love, something that inspires you or something you are willing to fight for, no matter what. Something that when you talk about, someone else can see the passion and the fire in your eyes. Something that gives you a sense of drive and purpose.

So please, ask yourself again “what is my why?” “Why do I want to start my own business?”.  Write your little own story and then ask yourself again “Why?” and answer it with “Because…”. Do this over and over again until you get to your main reason. Your core.  Your inspiration. Your heart. That moment when something hits you and your heart is pumping hard or tears start rolling down your face or you just can’t stop laughing. Just get there, get to your core and find your answers.

Yes, understanding your why is a journey within yourself. So you just need to let things flow, forget about being self-aware, just let it flow and take your time. Stop only when you know you have gotten to your core.

Trust me, You’ll know when you’ve gotten to your real why. You will feel it.

Now I’m going to do a short example with my own story. Replace my story with yours and then carry on with the exercise :)….

Here we go.

A brief summary of my story:

I inspire, motivate, and mentor people to take inspired action to become entrepreneurs  and create a business and a lifestyle they love. I mentor entrepreneurs to strategically manage their businesses  so they can have the time-freedom and the abundance to create a life they love next to their love ones.

  • Why?
    Because I have experienced the pain of working on a job that consumed my life and it didn’t give me the chance to spend valuable time with the most important person in the world, my mum.
  • Why?
    Because I’ve learnt through the loss of my mom -and my own self- that there are more important things in life than just a fancy job, a status and a great salary. So I use the skills I’ve gained and my experience as my platform.
  • Why?
    Because I care about people, their situations, their jobs and their professions and how they can improve their lives  and I wish everyone to be happy, what really matters to me is them and their lives even If I don’t know them. If I can do something to help them better their lives I am happy and at peace with myself.
  • Why?
    Because I was there once. I was scared, I wanted to do something different but I didn’t know what to do. I thought I only know so much and that my Doctor’s skills were limiting the possibilities of starting another career, let alone starting my own business. I felt lost and confused but I was too scared to ask and I wished someone guided me during those uncertain moments. So I am that person now, the older sister, the mentor, the soul spoken woman that walks them to create the business of their lives.
  • Why?
    Because I know EVERYONE has the skills and what is needed within themselves to create a business and a lifestyle they love, this is a world of endless possibilities that we all have access to, and I Believe anyone can do it if they have the right guidance.
  • Why?
    Because I come from that place where I was surrounded by the most beautiful love and care, where the perception of obstacles were seem as challenges to have fun with. Where, even when the doctors said I would be blind, deaf and with cognitive problems. I had a woman who walked me through all of the challenges imagined with the upmost strength. A woman who challenged the status quo and society when times were mean to single mothers. A woman who ran her own business and sat strong and lovingly in front of her patients only a couple of days before passing away, a woman who touched and changed many lives, a woman that with the power of her love and belief made me who I am now.
  • Why?
    Because it was with my mother that I learnt to believe in others and that there isn’t anything more powerful than genuine courageous love to help, to serve.
  • Why?
    Because to me this is more than just business, this is about the people and the lives I know I can impact to make a difference and help make this world a better place.
  • Why?
    Because that is where my heart is. It makes me feel happy and blessed. This is my purpose.

** If you’re asking yourself  “What is my purpose in life?”  Then read this Quick guide to finding your purpose in life in 5 minutes.**

If you continue without having this question answered  on at least 6 different levels  down, a couple of things can happen; either you find yourself hating what you’re doing or your life or, you will just quit when things get tough, or you will continue to pursue the next big deal.  There are more examples but in synthesis those are my examples.


Not sure what you are passionate about?

Asking why and understanding it will unveil the real you. It is the purpose behind everything you do. If you’re looking at some clues as to your whys then look over your old journals, your facebook statuses, fb posts, tweets, older blogs. Pay attention to conversation with your friends or family, to what you watch on TV, to the podcasts or radio stations you listen to, to the books you read.

Remember that box full of pictures and articles about the places you want to visit before you die?, or the notes from years ago where you wrote your dreams and potential business ideas. Poll your relatives, family and childhood and closest friends how you were when you were a child. Examine the challenges you have overcome and how you overcome them.


Because the better you know and understand yourself, the better and more successful you will be in business.

and well… why not?

You owe it to yourself to start doing what you really want to do, to start living the life you want to live, to create both a business and a lifestyle you love so get on your way! Start by understanding your why and your core motivations.

Love & Light,


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~ Maya Angelou

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