So I’ve decided to be sharing my mission and vision with you. I have to admit that it took me a while to figure out my mission and vision.

No, actually, it took me a while to put my mission and vision into words so I could come up with a short phrase that is easy to understand… You know the Rule: Keep it Short and Sweet.

If you’re one of those whose got as much patience ad sylvester has with tweety, then here is the video for you to watch it

I’ve had a vision ever since I was 5 or 6, some people called it dreams, but my childhood dreams became my vision. As I grew up, I knew that my dreams, my vision was closely tied to my vision. Sometimes life puts into our way experiences that we think – I mean, we swear we won’t be able to overcome them!- It’s like chilling out at the beach on a beautiful summer morning, when all of a sudden you feel that the earth shakes -actually you don’t because you’re floating on the calming sea-water- but then you feel the current is taking you away from the shore and suddenly this MASSIVE, HUGE, IMMENSE WAVE (let’s call it a TSUNAMI) starts forming right in front of your beautiful bambi eyes.

When that happens you’ve got 2 options, The fearful-freak-out side of you wants to run away scooby-doo style hoping to find the highest point at the top of the closest mountain (yeah,right).

Whereas the other side, the rebellious one, wants to quickly find a board, jump on it and paddle towards that massive wave and SURF IT! Determined to break a Guinness record while it keeps telling you “We’ve got this baby!“(yeee-haw).

But then, you realize that instead of standing up staring at the tsunami thinking of what was best to do. You should have just take action first! because now…

Oh – no…

Oh – no…

Because now, you are underwater history.



So now that you’ve got an insight of what happens in my mind within 2 seconds of having to take tough decisions at a rush moment. Let’s get back to my… reality check and lessons learnt.

After being devoured and thrashed a thousand times from that -better yet, those– couple of tsunamis*. I saw my life playing as a movie while drowning (this bit is literally true).

*This tsunamis were called:

  • The “Passing Away”: My beloved and sweet Mom passing away very quickly during a crucial moment in my life when I only had time to be strong, move on and get my work done.
  • The “It’s time To Say Good-Bye”: A very bad and toxic split of a long relationship with the man whom -back then- I totally believed was the one I would spend the rest of my life with.
  • The “Career Change & Naysayers Carols”: After having pretty much zero time to be with my mom, I re-assesed my life and decided to make a career change. I always had the entrepreneurial bug within me. I wanted to have my own business so I decided it was time to Start my own business. Of course, I had no idea what to do and how to do it; my family and most of the people around me, but 3 people, were singing their nay-saying Carols , telling me I was NUTS for leaving my Medical career, my status and my home country (Yes I made a big move from Peru to NZ)
  • The “Oh Baby I’m Your 25 Crisis, nice to meet you”: I was 25 and my life was a total mess, everything was upside down, what I’ve had planned ever since I was 12 dissappeared in a blink of an eye, I was all alone. What the Heck was I going to Do??? Yes, believe it or not I was on my 24’s-25’s when ALL OF THIS BOMBS EXPLODED pretty much within a period of 3 months.


BUT Somehow, I managed to survive, I choked, I lost my memory but then when I woke up I was actually upside down hanging from a rock. Bruised, with some ribs broken and very confused I made my way back again. This is only a bit of what I have learnt…


  1. Life is not easy, but it’s not difficult either. It is our perception at the precise moment what defines what life really is. And it’s our Actions at that moment what determine what will happen to us in the future. In other words, where we are TODAY is somehow a result of a series of actions we have taken in the past.
  2. Life is not a colorful world, but it ain’t all black and white, baby.  Actually, the monochromatic tones will jump into it every now and then. It is only up to you to choose the right color combinations and create your own canvas, your own masterpiece.
  3. Your mind and your time are your biggest assets. In my opinion, material things are worthless if you don’t have the time, the freedom to enjoy it and the right people around you to share it with. So your TIME and your MIND are your biggest assets. Spend them wisely, invest them wisely. If you do you’ll have the freedom and the ability to generate the abundance that will complement the life you love. For you and the ones around you:)


So… what does THIS has to do with sharing my mission and vision with you?

It may seem more like I’m rambling, but the truth is. What I have just said above has everything to do with me managing my own business, loving my life and communicating my core with YOU

Some of my decisions took me through the tough road, some of them were lessons I HAD-TO learn, lessons that I needed to learn so I could become a better person to Serve You. To give you the value -I hope You need- to take charge of YOUR OWN LIFE!

My mission is to help you take inspired action so you take charge of your own life. Making a balance between your mind and your soul, to create a lifestyle and a business that you absolutely love.

If there is ONE thing I am ABSOLUTELY certain is that YOU create your own reality. And there is no one more responsible for anything that happens in your life but YOURSELF.

But that is something we’ll discuss on my next video, on my next post where I will give you the Tips and Advice to consider before Quitting your Job, so whether you want to start a new business, make a career change, travel the world, go on food tours then, stay tuned for my next post!

Advice #1 is: Embrace Your Situation :).

That’s all for today folks!

See you tomorrow!

Create an EPIC Life


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