Ameli Antoinette – My Story in a nutshell

At 25 I decided to make a career change.
At 27, I decided to quit my job and start my own business.

On both occasions I didn’t know what to do.
I was lost but I knew I was not going to work for anyone else EVER again.
Long story short, I was determined to make something work out.

So I kept going -sort of guessing what to do-
It took me a while but after hitting rock bottom, I found a way.

Want to know what happened? or my story?
Watch the video to learn a bit about myself and come back tomorrow
to discover my vision and WHY I  am SO focused on keep helping other people
become entrepreneurs and live life their own way, under their own rules!

As I usually say, you’ve got the right and the obligation to life life YOUR WAY!

And if you‘ve been asking yourself if you should quit your job, change your career  or start a business then…
come back tomorrow to get the advice I wish someone gave me when I made that decision!

See you tomorrow!


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pps: If you want to know my story into a bit more detail, then check out this post 🙂

~Amelí Antoinette.

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