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I am a former Medical Doctor who decided to make a radical career change. I had everything I always wanted -and what we have been taught to want-. A successful -yet demanding- career, a great job, and an apparent ‘great love’. At 24, my life was exactly what I had planned when I was 12. Although I didn’t have time to enjoy time out of the operating theater or the hospital,  everything was going accordingly to the norm. I thought I was happy but there was something else ‘missing’ inside me and I couldn’t figure out what exactly what that was.

At the top of my career, my mother got ill and passed away very quickly, so fast that it took me a while to even understand that everything that just happened was real. And then slowly, my whole world started to fall apart.

It took me all of that pain to STOP and assess what I was really doing with my life. Was that the meaning of life? Get sucked by your career, become a robot and work work work with little to no-time for yourself or your family just because that’s what we have been told to do? Working for money? for a status? for collecting more degrees and diplomas that at the end of our lives have no meaning at all. Things HAD-TO change.

And that’s what I did! :). Believe me at first it wasn’t an easy ride and I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I went through a roller coaster of emotions and challenges that made my journey very unique. But if you ask me now if I would do it all again? MY answer would be heck Yes! I definitely would!

Follow your intuition, as no one but yourself knows exactly what it is BEST for you!

Over the last years I have been mentored, built long-lasting friendships  and partied at exotic locations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. At the same time I now mentor and share what I know with those who are ready and determined to take the leap and make a successful career change to become entrepreneurs and create a business and a lifestyle they love!

But because not everything is business here, I decided to subdivide this site on 3 main different sections to make your navigation a lot easier, you can find more about each section and read the articles related to them once you click on each tittle.

Ameli Antoinette Omnia Revolution
Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs
Ameli Antoinette Travelling Bliss

I would also like you to understand that before trying to create a wonderful life, you need to create a wonderful YOU, and I am here to help you out with that!


Once you learn to master yourself, you can master anything!

Stop dreaming and start building your beautiful reality.

Now, I have to be very honest with you and tell you right away that success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires you to have at least

  1. 100% determination & commitment to succeed.
  2. The right mindset,,
  3. The right tools.

Number 1 is the MOST Important of all, If you are 100% Determined and Committed to Succeed, then I will equip you with numbers 2 & 3.

You are powerful beyond  measure and I believe in You.


Ameli Antoinette Wealthypreneurs Omnia Revolution Travelling Bliss

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